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In The News
American Agri-Women scholarship applications due June 1
American Agri-Women (AAW) provides two scholarships for farm, ranch or agribusiness women or their daughters, to pursue accredited courses in ag leadership, communications, rural sociology, medicine, or any other courses directly related to agriculture. Each scholarship is for $500, to be used for tuition. For more information, click on the headline above.

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Cowan named AHA Director of Youth Activities
The American Hereford Association (AHA) has chosen to promote within and select Amy Cowan as the new director of youth activities and foundation. Cowan has served the Association in various capacities since she graduated college in 1998. To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Cowman Commentary
D is for Dreaming Big By Kindra Gordon
How can you create your future if you don’t dream? You know those daydreams in your head where you think: someday I’m going to do this, or someday I’m going to go there. Dreaming can be a great way to envision who you might become or what you might achieve, and it’s something I think everyone – young and old – should do more of.To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Rhino Alfalfa

University Tested Varieties with Proven Performance Rhino average 103% across 34 unbiased university yield trials. We are not just comparing the tests where Rhino did well, but all the tests where Rhino was entered. Click here to see all the test data

We also have blends for as low as $132.00 per fifty pound bag.

See our compete catalog at or call 800-843-0390

Marketing Insight
Small beef operations do have customer service advantages By Kindra Gordon
So, you’ve got a small seedstock operation and a limited budget. Does that mean customers are going to ignore you and go straight to the big operators? Not necessarily.

In fact, business guru Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerilla Marketing series of books, says being a small business has its advantages – To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Nichols bulls add Pay Weight & Nichols Marketing programs…add $$ to your Calves. We offer Angus, Simmental, Salers, South Devon plus Five Nichols multi-breed Composite Lines to fit your needs.

Nichols Farms markets 800 bulls per year at five different locations.

Visit our website at or give us a call at 641-369-2829.

This Week's Tip
Getting first-calf heifers ready for the breeding season By Robert Wells, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
As calving season starts, it is also important to look ahead to the breeding season. The period from calving to rebreeding is especially important for the first-calf heifer. During this time, you are expecting her to maintain body condition, lactate, continue to grow and finally restart her estrous cycle again. At the same time, she is losing her 2-year-old teeth, which makes it harder for her to take in adequate nutrition. Here are a few tips to ensure that replacement heifers enjoy a long and productive life:
To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Fresh water on demand, 24 hours a day. From a single horse Stall Fount to fountains that water up to 500 head of cattle, Ritchie fountains are top quality. The Omni and CattleMaster families feature a new, domed valve cover designed to reduce dirt and grime accumulation in the water seal groove. All products feature stainless steel, heavy-duty polyethylene or a combination of both and a 10-year limited warranty.

For more information or a distributor near you, contact Ritchie Industries at 800-747-0222 or visit

Range & Pasture
Cool and warm season grass publications for Northern Plains now available
A new publication “Grasses for the Northern Plains, Growth Patterns, Forage Characteristics, and Wildlife Values, Volume I – Cool-season” is the result of a joint effort between the USDA NRCS and the NDSU Extension Service. Resource managers and livestock operators will find this publication valuable for designing grazing systems and implementing conservation plans. Graphs for crude protein and total digestible nutrients allow for quick comparisons with the minimum requirements of a grazing animal. To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Is the legume sainfoin for your pastures? Source: Bruce Anderson, University of Nebraska
Have you heard the claims for the legume called sainfoin? They boast: better than alfalfa, a 200 RFV from bud to bloom, easy to establish, more palatable. It sounds great, doesn’t it, but what’s the rest of the story? To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Special management needed for horse pastures
Horses are ever popular throughout the region – but it is important to know that they do graze differently than other livestock. As a result, there are some special management considerations for horse pastures. To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Weed Wise: Plan now for early weed control this spring By Kindra Gordon
What can you do to help make your pastures more productive this spring and summer? Be ready to invest in spraying weeds.

“People see that they have weeds, but they often don’t want to spend the money to spray. But spraying weeds should be looked at as an investment because it helps give better grass production and that translates to improved cattle production,” says Kurt Schentzel, an ag chemical specialist with Performance Ag Services based in Aberdeen, SD.
To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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