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In The News
Beef industry caters to chefs Source: Cattlemen's Beef Board
State beef councils from the Midwest had a major presence at the recent Central Region American Culinary Federation Conference near Chicago, IL. Several hundred chefs, culinary educators and industry partners attended the convention to obtain the latest information on new food products and flavor pairings.To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Our Perspective
To A.I. or not to A.I ? That is the Question By Jason Ahola, University of Idaho
Nearly 40% of beef producers who don’t use AI indicated that labor and time were the most common reasons for not using AI, according to USDA survey data. The use of AI alone (with no clean-up bulls) to get all of your cows bred during the breeding season is probably unrealistic on most commercial cow/calf operations, since it requires a long period of heat detection (upwards of 45 to 60 days). Instead, many cow/calf producers synchronize estrus and AI their cows once prior to turning out clean-up bulls. And, there are many options available to implement this system of “AI + natural service” on cow/calf operations.To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Cowman Commentary
E is for Extraordinary By Kindra Gordon
“It only takes a little extra to turn the ordinary into extraordinary” – that’s a motto I think we all need to remember and seek to find ways to put the extra into our relationships, our work, and the organizations we serve.

We’ve all met those people in our lives who did go the extra mile, and haven’t we always admired and remembered them for that? Why not be one of those people? To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Marketing Insight
National survey suggests economy is impacting ag producers Source: Texas AgriLife Extension
Most producers will go through financial stress in the next three years, predict 84% of US ag professionals recently surveyed.

A total of 2,300 ag producers, ag economists, consultants, educators and lenders from all 50 states were surveyed by four Regional Risk Management Education Centers and the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota.To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Industry Outlook
Places to Save, Places to Spend By Kindra Gordon
The 2009 economy continues to be a nail-biter, and beef producers who aim to be around for another year – or hoping to be here for the next generation – know that keeping costs low is always a wise bet. So where should ranchers save and where should they spend? Montana State University Extension beef specialist John Paterson recently shared the findings of a survey conducted with ten ranches to seek their advice on future management practices given the current market situation.To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Conventional beef production found to be more environmentally friendly than organic By Alex Avery, Center for Global Food Issues, Hudson Institute
“Carbon footprint” is the latest buzz phrase among the public this winter, with particular attention being given to the environmental impact of livestock production.

Alex Avery, the director of research and education at the Hudson Institute's Center for Global Food Issues, recently completed a study comparing the environmental impact of conventional beef production compared to organic, grass-only beef production.

He says, For years, beef producers and most consumers, as well as scientists from all over the world, including the World Health Organization, recognized that growth promotants used in beef production not only improved efficiency but also were safe for both the environment and beef consumers.To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Industry Events
Montana livestock conference is April 21-22
The 2009 Montana Livestock and Nutrition Conference will be held April 21-22 in Bozeman, MT, at the Gran Tree Inn. The theme of this year’s conference is “They are Black and They’ve had their Shots…..Any Questions?”To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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Youth Spotlight
Community attitude plays role in attracting youth Source: Kathie Starkweather, Center For Rural Affairs
How do rural communities retain youth in their communities. It’s a tough question, and one without one single answer. Some pieces, but not all, are support of and introduction to entrepreneurship at an early age, encouragement to return, connection to place, and respect of and taking youth seriously. Community attitude is also important. To read the complete article, click on the headline above.

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