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March 1, 2012


NX CAM Test Drive – Free full version of NX CAM
Get a firsthand look! NX CAM delivers a complete and proven solution for machine tool programming that enables companies to maximize the throughput of their most advanced machine tools. As a fully integrated solution set, NX CAM software includes full assembly modeling of the machining environment and advanced feature-base automation capabilities as well as machine tool simulation and post processing.
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Small Systems Help to Keep Big Jets Flying
A producer of precision hydraulic systems has a big part in multiple aircraft programs, and makes critical investments in grinding technology (ID/ OD), internal honing, lapping and other processing systems, to do it. Read the full story here

Versatile MTM Offers Large-Component Capacity
Mazak calls its Integrex j-400 a “technologically innovative” machine that performs multi-tasking machining for large and complex components. It is capable of four-axis simultaneous machining with five-axis tool tip positioning, which promotes productivity, accuracy, and flexibility. Read the full story here

Keep Spindles Free From Damage, Running True
When automatically loading a tool holder, any misalignment of the ATC gripper to the spindle may cause damage to the spindle taper. A misaligned, clamped tool holder will lead to increased run-out, shortening the life of the machine tool, cutting tool, and tool holder. Read the full story here

Tips for Proper Machine Alignment
An important part of keeping equipment running smoothly is regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure it is properly aligned. Misalignment can increase the risk of costly, unplanned downtime, and damage seals and couplings, leading to lubrication problems: correcting shaft or belt misalignment is the only way to forestall future seal failure and associated loss of lubricant. Read the full story here

Gearmaking Group Expands, Adds Engineering Expertise
The Syracuse-based gear-grinding network Gear Motions Inc. is adding design and development specialties for gear trains and power transmission, via a joint venture with. KBE+ Inc., a consulting group. Read the full story here

Gene Haas Foundation Stakes Skills Contest
The Gene Haas Foundation has made a $27,000 grant to the SME Education Foundation to fund the development of a new SkillsUSA Machining Championship Award Program. “We are looking for employees with specific skill sets, and very often a rare combination of skill sets,” explained Peter Zierhut, representing the Foundation. “Students competing at the SkillsUSA Championship this summer will be using our advanced manufacturing equipment, be monitored and judged by engineers, learn from their peers, and meet future employers. The industry needs to spend more time directing young people while they’re still in school where we can make a difference.” Read the full story here

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Outlook for American Manufacturing is Positive
The outlook for U.S. manufacturing remains positive, and manufacturing issues are starting to take center stage on a national level. In this free American Machinist guide, learn about opportunities for innovation and R&D, building a smarter workforce capable of working on today's factory floor, and how technology and Congress are having a major impact on U.S. industry.

Who is the King of Metalworking?
Have you ever liked a metalworking product so much you wanted to crown it king? Online voting is now open for the King Awards Competition. Choose your favorite metalworking product ranging as well as over 70 products in 10 other categories to decide who has the best new industrial products in 2012. Click here to start the voting process and enter for your chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!
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