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A Penton Media Property April 3, 2007 | Vol. VI No. 49
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What's News
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What's News

Six months after tragedy, Amish open new school in Pennsylvania

  • Six months after a gunman killed five students at an Amish school in Pennsylvania, the Lancaster County community has built a new one-room schoolhouse, The Intelligencer Journal reports. To read more, click here
  • As the Detroit school board tries to decide whether to close buildings in response to declining enrollment, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says he wants to establish more charter and private schools in the city.To read more, click here
  • The new high school planned for Newton, Mass., could be the most expensive ever built in the state, The Boston Globe reports. To read more, click here
  • A sorority chapter at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., that was accused of kicking out members based on their looks is suing in an effort to get reinstated a the university. To read more, click here
  • For a daily dose of education headlines, click here.

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    Award-winning Condensing Boiler

    AERCO's Modulex condensing boiler family, a Buildings magazine 2006 Editors' Choice Top Product Pick, has revolutionized the hydronic heating market. Available in six sizes from 300,000 to 1 million BTU/hr., the Modulex line features best-in-class turndown -- up to 23:1 -- to maximize seasonal efficiency. They offer single-unit installations an unprecedented level of built-in redundancy

    For more information on AERCO high-efficiency boilers call 800-526-0288 or visit


    Is longer better?

    Last week, we asked about lengthening the school day to help boost student performance. Here is some of your feedback:
    • "The answer is not longer school days," says an administrator from Michigan. "What is needed is the elimination of the entire concept of what a 'school day' consists of. There are activities that must be scheduled, but for the most part students should be able to 'log in' their time throughout the year when it is most convenient and desirable for them to do so. Think about it--students could work at school (you could limit the classes that could be taken at home over the Internet) in self-made groups. Studying with friends promotes learning. Parents and students would be more at ease, especially in the morning. In order to advance to the next higher grade level, a student can apply to take the advancement exams and if they pass, they advance to the next level. No more 'everyone advances at the same time' mentality, because we all know that is not the case. Once a child reaches a point where he or she applies to the 10th grade, they decide whether to advance in a college prep program or begin a career/technology program that prepares them for an actual job that they can perform. The ability to make this happen exists today, all we need to do is to have the guts to make it happen."

    Click here to see more reader feedback

    This week, Detroit's mayor is pushing for more charter and private schools in the city. Do you think this is a good idea?

    A. Yes. With the public school system in disarray, students in the city could benefit from a wider range of school choices.
    B. No. More charter and private schools in Detroit would further undermine the already struggling public school system and make it harder for the district to improve.
    C. Other.

    What do you think?

    E-mail your answer and any other comments HERE and we'll publish them in next week's Schoolhouse Beat.

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    Silent Knight Fire Alarm Systems

    Through its Farenhyt program, Silent Knight offers fire alarm systems with integrated voice evacuation capabilities. With enough capacity to handle a one-room structure all the way to a large, campus-like application, the IFP Series should be used for your next project! Receive more information and case studies!

    From the Magazine

    Now online from American School & University:

    Years ago, a public school district's role was confined to children from kindergarten through 12th grade. Today, the programs offered by school districts have expanded significantly: community education, early childhood, senior centers, special-education programs, early-childhood education, social services, innovative partnerships with public and private entities, and more....

    Click Here to read the entire article, "Facility Planning: New Directions"


    According to a report in The Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 15 percent of children age 6 to 19 have some degree of hearing loss in one or both ears. Put that together with modern-day noise in the classroom and it's clear that speech intelligibility is an important factor in the learning process....

    Click Here to read the entire article, "Tech Talk: Sound Advice"

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    Tired of Cookie-Cutter Schools?

    A new Web site from the American Institute of Architects provides an insider's look into how New Jersey City University and their AIA architects reclaimed an abandoned commercial laundry turning it into a vibrant new Charter High School. Watch how they worked at

    Construction Corner

    Maine district looks to build new school in Buxton

  • Maine School Administrative District No. 6 has drawn up plans for a new elementary school in Buxton, The Portland Press Herald says. To read more, click here
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, is renovating and adding onto its library, The university says. To read more, click here
  • The Fayetteville (Ark.) school district has proposed an extensive renovation of Butterfield Trail Elementary School, The Springdale Morning News says. To read more, click here
  • To view the web's most extensive portfolio of outstanding education construction projects, visit the new and improved

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    Bonds & Levies

    60 voters enough to pass $750 million bond issue

  • With 60 out of 74 voters approving, the Folsom Cordova (Calif.) Unified School District has won approval of a $750 million bond proposal, The Sacramento Bee says. To read more, click here
  • For the sixth time, votes in the West Central Valley (Iowa) district have rejected a bond proposal that would have paid for a new high school, The Des Moines Register says. To read more, click here
  • The Columbia (Mo.) district is seeking approval today of a $60 million bond proposal, The Columbia Tribune says. To read more, click here
  • The Elmbrook (Wis.) district is asking voters today to approve a $108.8 million bond package to renovate and expand its two high schools, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says. To read more, click here.
  • For more news on school bonds and referendums, visit American School & University's Daily News Headlines.

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    Stats Corner

    Higher calling

    • 675,624: Number of full-time postsecondary faculty at Title IV degree-granting institutions, fall 2005

    Source: National Center for Education Statistics, "Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2005"

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    Upcoming events:

  • April 10-13: National Catholic Education Association, 104th annual convention, Baltimore
  • April 14-17: National School Boards Association, 67th annual conference, San Francisco
  • April 14-17: American Association of Community Colleges, 87th annual convention, Tampa, Fla.
  • May 3-5: American Institute of Architects, national convention and design exposition, San Antonio
  • For more upcoming education-related events and conferences, visit our online calendar.

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