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Resource and Training Update

Live Webcast:
Effective Loudness Management and Compliance for Media Providers

Sponsored by Harris
Presented by: Jay Yeary, Director of Audio and Studio Engineering, Turner Broadcasting
December 13th @ 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST

Are you CALM about controlling your facility’s audio loudness? New regulations require broadcasters and content producers to carefully manage audio levels according to a complex set of standards and guidelines. It’s no longer adequate to simply watch levels via VU or peak meters and “keep it out of the red.”

Fortunately, new tools are available to help make audio control an automated and hands-off process.

This audio-focus webcast will examine new real-time loudness monitor and correction technology. These solutions help engineers regulate the perceived loudness of multiple audio channels across any content to prevent viewer complaints. If you work with audio, the techniques learned in this webcast will make your job easier and your audio cleaner. Read More + Register Now

Attendance is Free


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Building Broadcast and Production Media-Oriented Architectures

Wednesday, December 7

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  • White Paper: Making a Robust Media Archive

    Sponsored by: Quantum

    Quantum is taking data integrity checking to the next level with the introduction of Extended Data Life Management (EDLM), which is ideal for professional media and entertainment environments. EDLM is a feature in the Scalar i6000’s iLayer management software which enables users to create a policy that sets how often tapes should be scanned to ensure data integrity, what type of scan to perform, and what actions are to be taken for flagged tapes.


    White Paper: Fiber Optics In ENG/SNG Application, System Integration & Field Deployment Tips for Broadcast Professionals

    Sponsored by: Telecast Fiber Systems, Inc.

    This white paper will assist non-engineering broadcast professionals in making critical decisions during the transition to 100% HDTV programming. Not since the transition to color nearly a half century ago has the television broadcast infrastructure experienced such a dramatic shift in technology. Because of the vastly increased bandwidth requirements of HDTV signals, fiber optic technology is certain to play an expanding role in program production at all levels – ENG and SNG included. This white paper is written for broadcast professionals who are involved in electronic news gathering (ENG) or satellite news gathering (SNG) in any capacity. This includes executives and management at the network and station group level, as well as station managers, news directors, field producers and on-air reporters at the local station. Most engineering personnel will likely be familiar (or at least should be) with the basic technical content; however, this white paper may be of value to them as a refresher, and as an update on new developments in fiber optic applications for broadcast.


    White Paper: Native Digital Video Transport for Content Production and Broadcast Industries

    Sponsored by: Ciena

    Broadcasters and film and television producers face the common challenge of transporting HD video content reliably and cost-effectively. Whether they need to transfer video between production studios or from an external venue to the production studios, the key considerations include signal integrity, cost and operational simplicity. The need to preserve the original signal quality is often addressed through the use of tapes and disks to exchange information back and forth between various post-production locations. While efficient in maintaining signal quality, it is a rather tedious, costly and time-consuming process. Read this white paper to learn about a highly reliable, scalable and flexible optical platform that addresses the specific requirements of native digital video transport.


    White Paper: Extended Data Life Management: Protecting Data over Long Periods of Time

    Sponsored by: Quantum

    Data retention periods for most corporate data are longer than four years, with many companies keeping their data forever. As archived data ages, it is accessed less frequently; and Disaster Recovery data is stored for years and may never be accessed. Once data is no longer accessed, the media integrity statistics are no longer collected, so storage administrators don’t know if their data in long-term storage can be restored. A new mechanism is needed to ensure that the data can be restored or retrieved when needed. Quantum developed the Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) feature in the Scalar i6000 tape libraries to address this need.