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September 28, 2011

CCHCorporate Tax Accounting Challenges?
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This Week's Features

Just Who (or What) Benefits the Most From Tax Breaks?

While corporate America can avail itself of a range of tax expenditures, so can tax-paying individuals and households. Business Finance

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Recordkeeping for Cell Phones Gets a Bit Easier

The hours you spend preparing your firm's taxes may drop, albeit slightly, courtesy of the latest guidance to come from the IRS. Business Finance

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download_nowFormer Bic Group CFO Blythe McGarvie Answers Your Toughest Leadership Questions

Blythe McGarvie, a former BIC Group CFO and author of Shaking the Globe: Courageous Decision-Making in a Changing World, is ready to answer your questions about the topics that link the global financial world: capital and risk, talent issues, shareholder interests, entrepreneurs, company values, and decision making. Send in your questions here.

Study: R&D Tax Credit Creates Jobs, Boosts GDP

The existing credit is estimated to increase annual private-research spending by $10 billion in the short-term and by $22 billion in the long-term. IndustryWeek

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Are Changes Coming to Retirement Plan Tax Treatment?

Proposed changes could affect the highest and lowest income groups by reducing overall retirement savings for individuals by up to 24.2 percent. Business Finance

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Corporations Couldn't Wait to 'Check the Box' on Huge Tax Break

A simple rule meant to cut paperwork for U.S. companies has grown into one of the biggest multinational tax breaks around, costing the United States and other governments billions of dollars in lost taxes each year. ProPublica

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How to Solve the Corporate Income Tax Puzzle

Do major multinational companies pay income tax, or don't they? There's an easy way to find out, yet no one has ever asked for it.

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Tax Credits + Incentives = A Lean Balance Sheet

If managing total cost is an essential goal of lean logistics, then the nearly 3,000 U.S. federal, state and local tax credits and incentives are a great place to start. Material Handling & Logistics

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IRS to Begin Fingerprinting Tax Preparers

The Internal Revenue Service plans to start fingerprinting thousands of tax preparers as part of its oversight program and run the fingerprints through an FBI database. Accounting Today

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Ex-Google Exec: 'Mr. President, Raise My Taxes'

Former Google executive Doug Edwards lobbed the question at Obama during an event hosted by LinkedIn. IndustryWeek

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