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October 12, 2011

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This Week's Features

Separating Fact from Fiction on FATCA

With so many misunderstandings about the tax law, firms will need to take proactive approaches to acquire the necessary resources and expertise to be in compliance. Business Finance

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Is the IRS' Voluntary Worker Classification Program a Good Deal for Employers?

The Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP) offers an opportunity for businesses to fix the improper classification of independent contractors who should be classified as employees and avoid an IRS audit at the same time. Should employers jump at the opportunity? Business Finance

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download_nowFormer Bic Group CFO Blythe McGarvie Answers Your Toughest Leadership Questions

Blythe McGarvie, a former BIC Group CFO and author of Shaking the Globe: Courageous Decision-Making in a Changing World, is ready to answer your questions about the topics that link the global financial world: capital and risk, talent issues, shareholder interests, entrepreneurs, company values, and decision making. Send in your questions here.

Financial Transaction Tax Debate Arises Again

The recent introduction in Europe of a proposal to tax derivative contracts and stock and bond transactions has stirred up the issue of a possible financial transactions tax in the United States. Business Finance

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Tax Savings Through Foreign Procurement

Setting up a foreign procurement center can result in a substantial reduction of tax costs for a U.S. multinational. But, the right structure is required. Forbes

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The IRS Is Calling With Some Good News

Over the past few years, one of the more contentious issues when the IRS audits corporate taxpayers has been whether the value of employer-provided cell phones must be included in the W-2 income of employees. Recently released guidance from the IRS can help taxpayers relax -- slightly. Business Finance

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Report: U.S. Tax Holiday Shouldn't See Repeat

A report from U.S. Sen. Carl Levin calls a tax holiday for repatriated offshore profits a failed policy that shouldn't be repeated. Bloomberg

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Employers Hit by Unemployment Tax Hikes

Companies have yet another reason not to boost hiring: rising unemployment taxes. CNNMoney

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Practitioners Raise Concerns About Fingerprinting Proposal at IRS Hearing

The IRS heard a consistent chorus at a hearing last week on proposed fees for fingerprinting of registered tax return preparers and nonsigning staff at CPA firms: The IRS' proposal is duplicative, expensive and can be done in a better way. Journal of Accountancy

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Corporate Performance Management: Keys to Accelerating Results

On Oct. 20 join Bob Paladino, a longtime implementation practitioner and guru in the corporate performance management field, as he shares his research on human capital's innovative contributions to achieving company strategy and related case studies from award-winning organizations. Learn how your organization can use five key principals of CPM to implement business strategies successfully by linking them to your budget.

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