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Business Finance Weekly Update

November 1, 2011

download_nowBest Practices for Records Management

Documenting and recording the right information is a must-do for every company. Poor records management creates major compliance issues. But on the other hand, strategically managing your records can reduce hidden operating expenses. Learn about the shared assets, risks, and costs in this free Business Finance guide to records management. Click here to download.

This Week's Features

Talent Poaching and Changing the Image of the CFO

Former BIC Group CFO Blythe McGarvie takes audience questions on a range of topics, from retaining millennials, strengthening communication with employees, to why the CFO is so misunderstood today.

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The Next Frontier in Shared Services

New business imperatives are demanding the evolution of shared services organizations into integrated business services that play a more strategic role as true enablers of high performance.

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Reporting Requirements Dominating the Time of Insurance Industry CFOs

With new requirements for international, state, and local regulators, finance executives are finding the vast majority of their time tied to meeting reporting deadlines, rather than strategy or trend spotting.

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Corporate Finance

Q&A: Unlocking the Full Potential of Shared Services

Many companies are enjoying the initial benefits of shared services, but most have yet to utilize it toward overall strategic objectives, such as growth, global expansion, and competitiveness, says Deloitte's Richard Sarkissian.

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Human Resources

Health Reform Updates and Developments

With the Supreme Court poised to hear arguments on the Affordable Healthcare Act, Business Finance's Joanne Sammer explores the key issues, including what might happen if the mandate is overturned.

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Drawing Lessons from Our Ethical Failures

Despite numerous regulatory initiatives, fraudulent financial reporting practices and unethical behavior still dominate headlines. The most prominent reason lies in human nature and its overwhelming tendency to manipulate positions of authority toward personal wealth, says IMA's Hubert Glover.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

M&A (and Related) Risks in China

A record 4,251 announced M&A transactions were completed in China in the 2010 calendar year. Tero Kosonen, the managing director of MPS China (BPI Group’s China-based firm), discusses some of the challenges.

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Repeal of 3 Percent Withholding Passes House

Last week the three percent withholding rule that required the federal government, along with most state and local government entities, to withhold three percent from most of their payments to some contractors, took one more step toward extinction.

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Software and Systems

One Version of the Truth -- Master Data Management

Enterprises struggle to gain a consistent, shareable, and accurate single version of data across their enterprises -- a single version of the truth. Yet, achieving and maintaining a single, semantically consistent version of master data is a critical capability that supports many business drivers, from sales to compliance.

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Upcoming Webinars

Automate Detailed Tagging and Enhance Controls with Integrated XBRL Solutions

Join us on Nov. 2 for a timely update on the SEC's XBRL mandate and learn how the mandate milestones in 2011 and 2012 will affect your organization's processes and timelines for preparing accurate and timely XBRL in addition to quarterly and annual reports. Find out about the extended benefits and value of integrated XBRL solutions that go beyond XBRL tagging and automate existing manual and error-prone financial reporting processes and enhance controls over the 'last mile' of reporting.

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Sales and Use Tax Conference

November 30th – December 1st, 2011 (Boston, MA): Participate in a 2-day intensive discussion on different strategies and methodologies to achieving the necessary proactive combination of process re-engineering and software automation necessary to limit exposure to governmental tax audits and streamline sales. Benefit from our case study driven format that will seek to address current issues such as the taxability of digital goods, or electronically delivered software. Visit:, or email for more details.

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