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 >> Logan Hawkes

 >> Crop information: Corn & soybeans

 >> Growers in northern states told to "wait and see"

 >> USDA to donate agricultural commodities for Iraq

 >> Alabama, Florida report more rust

 >> News from the Top of the Hill

 >> Poll shows limiting farm payments has strong support

 >> What irratates your banker?

 >> Super solar pump


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Logan Hawkes
08/17/05    Crop News Weekly
No - your eyes aren't playing tricks. This is the same ol' Crop News Weekly that you receive each week in your mailbox. But, unless you're color blind, you have no doubt noticed the obvious face lift. We think you'll enjoy our updated design.

In the top of the news this week, new crop reports coming out indicate a greater corn yield than first estimated. The latest soybean report indicates beans are down only slightly from the July crop production estimate. On the subject of soybean rust, growers in the northern delta states are being urged to "wait and see" before initiating fungicide applications. Meanwhile, with new finds of Asian soybean rust and favorable disease weather in the south, soybean specialists are calling for intensified scouting efforts for rust spores. Elsewhere in the news, voters in three farm states (Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota) overwhelmingly support limiting direct federal payments to single farms to no more than $250,000 according to a recent poll. Finally this week, the latest legislative update - in spite of the current congressional recess.

You'll find these stories and a lot more in this issue of Crop News Weekly. Happy reading.


The rise of resistant weeds is no longer debatable -- it's a fact. Resistant weeds are already reducing yields and increasing costs for growers in at least 10 states. And it's forcing growers everywhere to make a choice: Fight now or pay later.

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Crop information: Corn & soybeans
The USDA Crop Report issued on August 12 came in with a larger than expected crop production estimate for the 2005 corn crop in the U.S., but a much lower total production estimate than the record corn production in 2004. The USDA Soybean Report on August 12 was down only slightly from the July crop production estimate. USDA now projects the 2005 U.S. soybean crop at 2.791 billion bushels, which compares to a record total U.S. soybean production of 3.141 billion bushels in 2004. - by Kent Thiesse, The Corn & Soybean Digest

Growers in northern states told to "wait and see"
In Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and other northern states Extension specialists are telling their soybean growers to take a "wait and see" approach before spraying fungicides for soybean rust. University of Tennessee Extension specialist Beth Long reports there have been no soybean rust infections or rust pustules found within the state. She says, "Tennessee producers should be very watchful and report any leaf lesions that might be soybean rust to their local county agent or first detector person and be ready to spray for rust should infected plants be discovered in Tennessee or close in adjoining states. To monitor soybean rust updates in Tennessee a hotline has been set up at: 865-974-2392 - from Rust Tracks, Farm Industry News


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USDA to donate agricultural commodities for Iraq
The USDA today announced that it will donate 21,250 metric tons of corn and 8,750 tons of soybean meal to the U.S. Grains Council, a private organization, for use in Iraq. "Agriculture is vital to the Iraqi economy and this donation will help to revitalize their agriculture sector as an engine of economic growth," says Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns. "We are very pleased that USDA's food for progress program will help to improve the quality of life available to the Iraqi people." The U.S. Grains Council will sell the corn and soybean meal and use the proceeds to help revitalize the Iraqi poultry industry. - from The Corn & Soybean Digest

Alabama, Florida report more rust
With new finds of Asian soybean rust and favorable disease weather, soybean specialists are calling for intensified scouting efforts for rust spores in the southeastern U.S. over the next 5 to 7 days. The most recent cases were reported Tuesday, August 9 with a rust find confirmed in Lee County, Florida on the southwest coast and an August 8 announcement confirming rust in a sentinel plot at the R5 growth stage in Escambia County, Alabama. - from Rust Tracks, Farm Industry News

News from the Top of the Hill
08/12/05    National Hog Farmer
Arbitration and Livestock Contracts - Senators Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have introduced legislation that would allow for arbitration clauses as part of livestock and poultry contracts to be voided if either party chooses to exercise that option. Similar legislation was considered during the 2002 farm bill debate.

President Signs Energy Bill - President Bush signed into law the energy bill this week. At the signing ceremony in New Mexico, Bush noted the tax incentives for producers of ethanol and biodiesel. "The bill includes a flexible, cost-effective, renewable fuel standard that will double the amount of ethanol and biodiesel in our fuel supply over the next seven years. Using ethanol and biodiesel will leave our air cleaner. And every time we use a home-grown fuel, particularly these, we're going to be helping our farmers, and at the same time, be less dependent on foreign sources of energy," he stated.

Philippines Lifts Ban on U.S. Beef - USDA announced that the Philippines would reopen its market for U.S. beef and beef products. The agreement will allow the U.S. to export boneless beef from cattle 30 months of age or younger. The Philippines market is worth approximately $2.5 million.

Day Named AMS Administrator - Lloyd C. Day has been named administrator of USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). Day has been serving as special assistant to the administrator of USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (FSA). Prior to USDA, Day was deputy secretary of international trade and investment with the California Trade and Commerce Agency.

Don Butler Named to NPPC Board - Don Butler has been appointed to the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) board of Directors. Butler serves as the director of government relations and public affairs for Murphy-Brown LLC. He also operates a 7,000 head wean-to-feeder pig operation. - by Scott Shearer


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Poll shows limiting farm payments has strong support
Voters in three farm states (Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota) overwhelmingly support limiting direct federal payments to single farms to no more than $250,000 in a poll released by the Kellogg Foundation today. Voters in these states supported payment limitations by more than a two-to-one margin. "This polling data demonstrates what we have believed for some time, that effective payment limitations on federal farm programs are not only the best policy alternative, they are overwhelmingly popular in farm states, among farmers and across political lines," says Chuck Hassebrook, executive director, Center for Rural Affairs. - from The Corn & Soybean Digest

What irratates your banker?
"The Road Warrior of Agriculture writes..." At the recent Kansas-Nebraska Agricultural Banking School, we asked bankers what irritates them in dealing with their borrowers. (Review) The following is a list of items that were most predominantly mentioned. - from Dave Kohl, The Corn & Soybean Digest

Super solar pump
ONE OF the star products at this past year's Tulare, CA, farm show was a solar-powered irrigation system. The high level of farmer interest is a telling sign of the times. In the recent past, row-crop farmers would have paid little attention to a solar-powered pump. Energy expenses were manageable, and the best a sunlight-driven motor could do was drive a motor of only 5 or 10 hp. WorldWater & Power Corporation's AquaMax system, however, can use the sun to power pumps and motors of up to 600 hp -- a radical shattering of the old solar "ceiling." With the price of energy skyrocketing, the company's claim of having the "right idea at the right time" would seem to be accurate. - from Farm Industry News


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