BBQ Bytes for Food Management
From Restaurant Hospitality
Wing Kings

Sports. Wings. Beer. It's more than the slogan of Restaurant Hospitality's 2007 Chain of The Year. It might also be the mantra of a large segment of the dining public...

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Cattlemen’s is Authentic Regional BBQ

Only Cattlemen’s offers 8 regional flavors that capture the essence of America’s BBQ meccas, including Carolina Tangy Gold. Carolina Tangy Gold has sweet and tangy mustard with the smoky boldness of BBQ. Click here to find many exciting recipes for Carolina Tangy Gold!

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Build Your Blog With Buzz Words

Anything goes in the blogosphere these days, where an estimated 50,000,000 blogs worldwide-you read that right-spew forth a torrent of online opinion 24 hours a day...

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More Meals per Gallon with Cattlemen’s

Cattlemen’s BBQ sauces are bold, thick, and rich, with no starches or fillers, so you extend each gallon by up to 20%. Create new and exciting flavors by adding everyday back of house ingredients for just pennies per serving. Increase your profits by serving more meals per gallon.

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Honey BBQ Roasted Corn

Recipe and photo from J.R. Simplot Company.

Ingredients: 12 oz. butter, softened...

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Cattlemen’s Builds Your Business

Cattlemen’s provides unmatched support though customized marketing materials, promotion kits, culinary support, and rebates. It is the only BBQ brand participating in Foodservice Rewards and NACUFS ValuPlus program. Create customized merchandising materials though

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