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Healthy Customers, Healthy Profits November 10, 2010

Healthy Customers, Healthy Profits

When Darden Restaurants debuted Seasons 52 several years ago, it did not want anyone to think of the brand as a health restaurant. Read More >>


The restaurant industry is home to plenty of visionaries, but few of them ever made the kind of instant impact Steve Schussler did with Rainforest Cafe. Read More >>

Mac ‘em happy with essential nutrients!

Frozen single-serve pouches of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese are now a good source of calcium.*
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*See nutritional information for sodium content.

He Likes It! Mikey Likes It! Even When He Grows Up!

Many restaurant development consultants counsel clients to open the second unit of any startup chain in a market geographically removed from the original. Read More >>

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KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese is one of kids’ favorite foods. And kids are more likely to order it when it’s branded KRAFT.* Click here for more information about the cheesy goodness of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese.

*Synovate, 12/08

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Go from freezer to bowl in 3 minutes or less with frozen single-serve pouches of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese. Click here to learn more about the super cheesy (and super easy) KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese.


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