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Mac and Cheese: Time To Go All In

The question about macaroni and cheese has always been: Is it a side dish or a main course?


Whole grains do a whole lot of good.

There’s just no denying it. Whole grains are good for you. In addition to providing necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber, they’re low in fat and cholesterol.1 Make your menu healthful with flavorful UNCLE BEN’S® whole-grain products. For inspiration, take a look at recipes such as the Chicken Curry-In-A-Hurry Snacker.

Culture Splash

If you see white fish with ricotta, yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño or Wagyu tacos dripping with spicy cilantro sauce on a menu today, most likely it’s an homage to Nobu Matsuhisa.


Consumers crave whole grains.

A recent Technomic study found that nearly half of consumers want healthier menu items, and whole grains have become a big part of the health-conscious trend. Offer the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition with a full line of whole-grain products from UNCLE BEN’S®. Get started with our special rebate offer — Buy One Case, Get One Free!

The Secret Life of Side Dishes

By using fresh, seasonal ingredients, onsite chefs find sides don’t need as much butter, oil or salt to satisfy customer cravings for bolder, fresher flavor.


Flavorful whole grains—the weight is over.

Whole grains not only provide great nutrition, they can also help with managing a healthy weight and good cardiovascular health, and even reducing the risk of diabetes.1 Great-tasting whole grain products such as UNCLE BEN’S® Long Grain and Wild Rice are perfect for both health-conscious and flavor-conscious consumers.

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