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April 5, 2012

What's Wrong Here?
Moving Violations
Code Q&A
Code Quiz

Code Violations

What's Wrong Here?

By Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant

Think you know how this installation violates the NEC?

Visit EC&M's website to see the answer.

Hint: Installer should go back to school

Moving Violations

Caught by the inspector!

Check out our newest Moving Violations video.

In this episode, Joe calls into question the execution of work on this piece of fire alarm equipment.

Code Quandaries

Code Q&A

By Mike Holt, NEC Consultant

Q. What is the minimum wire bending space requirement for conductors that enter a panel from a metal wireway?

Visit EC&M's website to see the answer.

Code Challenge

Code Quiz

By Steven Owen, National Code Seminars

Which of the following ballasts are required to have thermal protection?

  1. The ballast of a fluorescent luminaire installed indoors, including a replacement ballast for this type of luminaire
  2. A simple reactance ballast in a fluorescent luminaire with straight tubular lamps
  3. A ballast in a fluorescent exit luminaire
  4. A ballast in a fluorescent luminaire used for egress lighting, and energized only during a failure of the normal supply
  5. All of the above
Visit EC&M's website for the answer and explanation.

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