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 December 21, 2011

Border States sells solar package for St. Paul convention center
New bill imposes funding limitations to enforce incandescent lamp standards
Cree grants licenses for LED technology
GE says LEDs will increase market share
Good read on solar
Google goes green again
GE to sell EV charges at
Dimmable CFLs
LED track luminaire
Green Events
Check out this month's issue


Check out this month's issue

Use Greener Wire & Cable
DOW ECOLIBRIUM™ bio-based plasticizers from Dow Electrical & Telecommunications are phthalate-free and RoHS compliant. In wire and cable jacketing they provide the same performance, feel and flexibility as the materials used now, while meeting strict regulatory requirements for flame resistance and safer end-of-life disposal.

®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

Border States sells solar package for St. Paul convention center
The Saint Paul RiverCentre convention center in St. Paul, Minn., recently unveiled an 82kW solar photovoltaic installation project on its parking ramp, thanks to federal stimulus grant dollars from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Border States Electric (BSE), Fargo, N.D., supplied the complete solar package, which included solar panels, racking system and solar inverters to Hunt Electric Corp., St. Paul, Minn., the contractor for the project.

"We see solar as part of our strategic portfolio to meet our customers’ needs on renewable projects, and we can supply the products needed for all phases of a solar energy project," said Blake Sexton, BSE’s V.P. of business development.


Halco Lighting Technologies®
ProLED® 1383 & GBF Elevator Lamps

Halco's ProLED® 1383 and GBF lamps are the latest in elevator lighting technology - offering low maintenance and high incentives, including energy and cost savings! These lamps allow end users to purchase, install and dispose of fewer lamps, while using 87% less energy at the same time. ProLED elevator lamps will save you up-to 133 lamp changes simply by switching from incandescent and are backed with a 5-year warranty. Click here.

New bill imposes funding limitations to enforce incandescent lamp standards
Congress attached a provision to a budget bill that would restrict DOE funding to enforce the 2012 lamp efficiency standards, according to this Bloomberg report.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Rosslyn, Va., does not support the bill. A NEMA press release said, "NEMA remains committed to and supportive of the lighting standards established in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007). A rider related to light bulbs on the FY 2012 Omnibus funding bill does not repeal or adjust the standards themselves or their effective timeline. NEMA did not support the inclusion of this rider, which imposes funding limitations on the Department of Energy (DOE) to enforce the light bulb standards for FY2012. Details

Cree grants licenses for LED technology
Cree Inc., Durham, N.C., has granted five LED lighting manufacturers licenses to select Cree patents through its recently launched remote phosphor licensing program. By making fundamental remote phosphor patents available through license, the company says it's further enabling LED lighting adoption, as this technology facilitates the development of LED lights combining remote phosphor optical elements with blue LEDs.

In a press statement announcing the licensing agreements, George Brandes, Cree director of intellectual property licensing, said, “Cree is committed to the development of innovative, energy-efficient LED lighting technology and this program provides access to important technology developed by Cree. The remote phosphor licensing program is designed to provide rights under the relevant Cree patents that our LED customers need to develop and commercialize leading-edge LED luminaires and bulbs, accelerating the LED lighting revolution.” Details

GE says LEDs will increase market share
This Bloomberg report says MaryRose Sylvester, head of GE's Lighting unit, believes LEDs will account for up to 80% of the lighting market by 2020. The article also said GE has doubled its R&D on LED technology over the past five years.

Good read on solar
This article in MIT’s Technology Review provides some intriguing insight into the state of solar manufacturing in China, and how the country makes 50 million solar panels per year – approximately half the world’s total supply – and is home to four of the five largest solar manufacturers on the planet. While the drop in prices for PV components and the questions on government-sponsored financial incentives around the globe have rocked the solar market, this article says Chinese PV manufacturers are weathering the storm and striving to set new PV panel efficiency records and to develop low-cost manufacturing methods. The Technology Review is a good source of info on all sorts of new technological developments. Check it out.

Google goes green again
Google announced this week that has invested $94 million in four solar photovoltaic (PV) projects with a generating capacity of 88MW and the potential to supply electricity to 13,000 homes being built by Recurrent Energy near Sacramento, Calif. This investment brings the company’s portfolio of clean energy investments to more than $915 million.

In a blog posting announcing the deal Google said, “We’re investing alongside global investment firm KKR and Recurrent Energy, a leading solar developer. Google will provide a $94 million equity investment and SunTap Energy, a new venture formed today by KKR to invest in solar projects in the U.S., will provide the remaining equity. We’re joining KKR on their first renewable energy investment in the U.S. We believe investing in the renewable energy sector makes business sense and hope clean energy projects continue to attract new sources of capital to help the world move toward a more sustainable energy future.” Details

GE to sell EV charges at
GE Energy has reached an agreement with to sell its award WattStation Wall Mount electric vehicle (EV) charger directly to U.S. consumers through the online retailer’s popular website for $1,099. You can check out how the company is using Amazon to market these products by clicking here. “As demand and interest in the GE WattStation continues to grow, we’re excited to give our customers an easy way to purchase the charger,” said Sergio Corbo, chief marketing officer for GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business. “We believe the product is well-suited to an online purchasing experience.”

The GE WattStation Wall Mount delivers a full-cycle charge to a 24 kWh battery in only four to eight hours, whereas plugging an EV into a standard electrical outlet would require 12 to18 hours to provide the same level of charge. In addition, unlike other EV chargers available to consumers, the GE WattStation comes equipped with built-in fuses to provide overload protection in the event of a fault occurrence. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, the EV charger is NEMA 3R rated to resist rain, sleet and even ice. The unit measures only 24 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 6 inches deep. A flexible cord conveniently wraps around the unit to keep it organized and off the ground.

Dimmable CFLs
Halco’s dimmable GU24 CFLs remove the limitation of the switch-only operation of GU24 equipped fixtures by operating with many commonly installed dimmers. These dimmable CFLs are designed to operate in higher temperature environments typically found in IC-type recessed fixtures with GU24 bases. These warm white lamps have excellent color rendering with a CRI of 82 and produce up to 1,600 initial lumens. Backed by a two-year warranty, they have a long life of 10,000 hours and are available in 13W, 18W and 23W. Halco Lighting

LED track luminaire
The new 15W LED Hornet is a true replacement for a 50W MR16 halogen fixture in lumen output and center beam candlepower (CBCT) and has the capability to replace track heads currently being used on existing low-voltage track systems. A 15W LED provides light output equivalent to a 50W halogen lamp while using one-third the power. Life at 70% of initial lumen output is rated at 50,000 hours, which is more than 10-15 times longer than halogen and provides lower operating and maintenance costs with a great energy savings. Amerlux

Green Events
May 9-11, 2012
LightFair 2012 Las Vegas, Lightfair International;(404)220-2218;,

June 3-6, 2012
WindPower 2012 Atlanta, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA); 202-383-2500,,

Sept. 10-13, 2012
SolarPower 2012 Orlando, Solar Energy Industries Association); (202) 682-0556,,



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