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Two New NEC Adoptions

What's Wrong Here?

Code Q&A

Code Quiz

Understanding and Applying the 2005 NEC

NEC Sessions Scheduled for 2006 NFPA World Safety Conference & Exposition

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    Code News Update
    Two New NEC Adoptions
    The city of Dallas and the state of Georgia recently adopted the 2005 National Electrical Code as their basic wiring standard with amendments.

    The city of Dallas amendments, which were recommended by the North Central Texas Council of Governments, include:

    • a new exception to 230.71(A), which allows for more than six disconnects to be grouped at one location.
    • a new exception to 300.11, which provides limited support of raceways and cables by ceiling grid support wire.
    • a change to 310.15(B)(6), which (according to the council) provides a more reasonable margin of safety for dwelling service and feeder conductor allowable ampacities.
    • a change to 500.8(A)(1), which eliminates some text deemed redundant with the definition of "identified" in Chapter 1.

    The state of Georgia amendments, which were recommended by the Georgia State Codes Advisory Committee, include:

    • a change to 210.8(B), which requires GFCI protection for receptacles located within 6 feet of a sink or basin, excluding those listed in Section 517.21.
    • a change in the wording of 210.12(B).
    Both adoptions had an effective date of January 1, 2006.

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    Performance Goals

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    Code Challenge
    What's Wrong Here?
    By Joe Tedesco
    Think you know how this installation violates the NEC? Visit EC&M's Web site to see the answer.

    Hint: Use your nose to help sniff out this violation.

    Code Q&A
    By Mike Holt
    Q. Is it good practice to bond the lightning protection system to the building grounding electrode system?

    Visit EC&M's Web site to see the answer.

    Code Quiz
    By Steven Owen
    Q. With respect to a solar photovoltaic system, a disconnecting means is required to disconnect all current-carrying conductors of a photovoltaic power source from all other conductors in a building or other structure. A switch or circuit breaker shall not be installed in a grounded conductor unless ___________. Is a bolted or terminal disconnecting means (lug) acceptable as a disconnecting means for the grounded conductor?

    A) you decide it's okay / No

    B) allowed by special permission of the Authority Having Jurisdiction / No

    C) the switch or circuit breaker is part of a ground-fault detection system required by 690.5 -- and that switch or circuit breaker is automatically opened and indicated as a normal function of the device in responding to ground faults / Yes

    D) all conductors, including the grounded conductor, are simultaneously opened by a circuit breaker / No

    Visit EC&M's Web site for the answer and explanation.

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    Education and Training
    Understanding and Applying the 2005 NEC
    The Electric West Exposition & Conference, March 1-3, 2006 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will be offering over 50 conference courses and professional advancement courses on a wide variety of electrical topics. Session NEC01, Understanding and Applying the 2005 NEC, will be taught by noted NEC expert and EC&M Code consultant Mike Holt of Mike Holt Enterprises, Inc. This course will help you understand the concepts necessary to design, install, inspect, measure, and troubleshoot electrical systems, as well clear up confusing and seemingly conflicting or controversial NEC rules. CEU credits are available upon successful completion of this course. For more information and to register visit www.electricshow.com.

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    Shows and Events
    NEC Sessions Scheduled for 2006 NFPA World Safety Conference & Exposition
    The 12 sessions that make up the necforum™ are designed to help you consider new electrical design issues, analyze maintenance programs, review best practices in the electrical contracting arena, learn effective inspection techniques, and implement practical safety programs. If these topics interest you then make plans to fly to Orlando in early June and take part in this year's event, which will be held from June 2-8, 2006. Visit the NFPA World Safety Web site for additional details.

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