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May 6, 2010 A Penton Media Publication Vol. VIII No. 9

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What's Wrong Here?

Code Q&A

Code Quiz

Comments Sought on Proposed TIA

South Carolina Codes Update


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    Code Challenge
    What's Wrong Here?
    By Brian J. McPartland
    Think you know how this installation violates the NEC? Visit EC&M's Web site to see the answer.

    Hint: 'Tis the wrong season

    Code Q&A
    By Mike Holt
    Q. Can you please go over the basic rules for feeder taps?

    Visit EC&M's Web site to see the answer.

    Code Quiz
    By Steven Owen
    Fill in the blank with the correct answer.
    When installing service equipment for services rated more than 35kV (phase-to-phase), where conductors enter a building, the conductors shall terminate in _________.

    1. metal-clad junction and pull boxes or heavy-duty metal auxiliary gutters
    2. busways or high-voltage switches
    3. a metal-enclosed switchgear compartment or a vault meeting certain requirements of Art. 450
    4. There is no correct answer. It is not permitted to install conductors in a building that operate at more than 35kV.

    Visit EC&M's Web site for the answer and explanation.

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    Code News Update
    Comments Sought on Proposed TIA
    A Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) has been proposed to the NFPA.

    NFPA 70 - 2008 Edition, National Electrical Code
    TIA Log No. 990
    Reference: 90.2(B)(5)(b)
    Submitter: Neil LaBrake, National Grid

    Revise the text of 90.2(B)(5) to read as follows:
    "Installations under the exclusive control of an electric utility where such installations
    a. Consist of service drops or service laterals, and associated metering, or
    b. Are on property owned or leased by the electric utility for the purpose of communications, metering, generation, control, transformation, transmission, or distribution of electric energy, or
    c. Are located in legally established easements or rights-of-way, or
    d. Are located by other written agreements either designated by or recognized by public service commissions, utility commissions, or other regulatory agencies having jurisdiction for such installations. These written agreements shall be limited to installations for the purpose of communications, metering, generation, control, transformation, transmission, or distribution of electric energy where legally established easements or rights-of-way cannot be obtained. These installations shall be limited to federal lands, Native American reservations through the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, military bases, lands controlled by port authorities and state agencies and departments, and lands owned by railroads."

    To review the submitter's "Substantiation" and "Emergency Nature" supporting text for this proposed TIA, click here.

    This TIA has been published for public review and comment. Comments should be filed with the Secretary, Standards Council by June 18, 2010. No form is required, but your comments should be submitted on company letterhead. Please identify the TIA number when submitting your comments.

    South Carolina Codes Update
    On March 22, 2010, the South Carolina Building Codes Council (SCBCC) formerly adopted a half dozen construction-related building codes. The new codes carry a mandatory enforcement by all jurisdictions in the state and take effect on Jan. 1, 2011. The mandatory codes include:

    • 2009 International Building Code, with modifications
    • 2009 International Residential Code, with modifications
    • 2009 International Fire Code, with modifications
    • 2009 International Plumbing Code, unmodified
    • 2009 International Mechanical Code, unmodified
    • 2009 Fuel Gas Code, with modifications
    No appendixes for any of the codes listed above were adopted by the SCBCC and cannot be adopted or used locally.

    The notice also made mention of the use of permissive codes used by local jurisdictions, which must first be adopted by ordinance before enforcement can begin. The permissive codes that may be adopted are the:

    • 2009 International Property Maintenance Code
    • 2009 International Existing Building Code
    • 2009 International Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities

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