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March 24, 2009 A Penton Media Publication Vol. V No. 6

Maintaining for Energy Savings, Part 10

Proper Cable Testing

Electrical Troubleshooting Quiz

Bottleneck Motor Repairs, Part 6

NEC in the Facility


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    Maintaining for Energy Savings, Part 10
    Cable testing allows you to determine the degree and severity of deterioration in cable insulation. From the data, you can infer the amount of current leakage and thus energy loss. You can repair or replace the cables to save energy. However, it is unlikely operations people will agree to shut down just to lower the electric bill. So, what’s the point?

    To read more on this story, visit EC&M's Web site.

    Proper Cable Testing
    Cable testing usually is part of construction acceptance testing. Cable acceptance tests give you the "as-built" cable data. Unfortunately, few owners have the important "as-startup-tested" cable test data. Configuration changes, inadvertent physical damage, and misoperation during startup testing can stress power cables, making cable condition worse than "as-built" tests indicate.

    To read more on this story, visit EC&M's Web site.

    101 uses for the new Fluke 416D and 411D Laser Distance Meters.
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    Electrical Troubleshooting Quiz
    An operations department manager complained about an increase in her overhead allocation for electricity. She correctly pointed out that there have been no configuration changes since the last allocation assessment three years ago, and production output is the same. She asks you how the department can be using more electricity when nothing different is being done.

    Your research reveals that her department’s usage has increased 12%. For other departments, usage has changed between -2% to +5%. Power monitor logs good power factor. How can you answer her question?

    Visit EC&M's Web site to see the answer.

    Bottleneck Motor Repairs, Part 6
    It seems obvious that troubleshooting guides and repair procedures can shorten the downtime of critical equipment (including bottleneck motors). Maintenance departments typically produce such guides and procedures for this reason. Two other reasons include:

    1. ISO9001/9002/9003 certification. This is about standardization, not reducing downtime.
    2. Reducing the required skill level. This usually produces unintended negative consequences.
    This last reason relies on assumptions that are rarely true in real world conditions.

    To read more on this story, visit EC&M's Web site.

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    NEC in the Facility
    You may be able to save money in Class I, Class II, and Class III locations by using intrinsically safe apparatus.

    To read more on this story, visit EC&M's Web site.

    Security is a "front-of-mind" concern today, and it’s an integral part of your safety responsibilities.

    Visit EC&M's Web site for a review of some basic concepts.

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    Show & Events
    Enroll In EC&M University's Online Arc Flash Courses
    Need Arc Flash prevention training and continuing education, but don't have a travel budget? That's no problem. EC&M University’s e-Training Center is the answer! Just link to these live, online training courses directly from your computer. Each course will be presented in a concise and easy-to-understand manner by an industry acknowledged expert.
    • Clarifying NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584 Requirements
      April 9, 2009
    • Impact of System and Operating Conditions on Arc Flash Energy Levels
      April 21, 2009
    • High Resistance Grounding and Arc Flash Accident Prevention
      May 7, 2009
    • Mitigation of Arc Flash Hazards Using Fuses
      May 12, 2009
    • Arc Flash Testing Updates
      June 16, 2009
    • Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation Case Studies
      June 25, 2009
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