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October 19, 2010 A Penton Media Publication Vol. VI No. 20

You and CMMS, Part 5

Electrical Troubleshooting Quiz

Some Repairs Matter More Than Others,
Part 2

NEC in the Facility


Code Change Conferences Are Coming


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    You and CMMS, Part 5
    What kind of equipment data and history do you have in your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)? Have you just entered data to fill in the blanks, or have you thought about the kind of information you can use to:
    • Order the correct replacement parts?
    • See which drawings, manuals, spec sheets, and other documents are associated with that equipment?
    • Track, trend, and predict replacements of parts based on actual condition assessed during scheduled PMs?
    • Export failure causes to Excel for Pareto analysis and followup on the most costly causes?
    • Answer other questions that allow you to shorten repair windows?

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    Electrical Troubleshooting Quiz
    This past summer, complaints about the air conditioning were fairly abundant, and the electric bill was high. You just had a meeting with your boss and the plant controller. The controller did some homework prior to the meeting and presented the following facts:
    • The electric rate was the same as last summer.
    • The monthly electrical usage was significantly higher versus the same months last year.
    • The weather data might justify a little more cooling but definitely cannot account for this much difference.
    • The HVAC maintenance contractor’s reports show no coolant loss.
    Your boss and the controller want you to look at the HVAC system and elsewhere to identify the source of the excess power usage. What are some things you need to do?

    Visit EC&M's website to see the answer.

    Some Repairs Matter More Than Others,
    Part 2

    Equipment that makes the most money per hour and/or has the tightest delivery schedule must be fixed first. But what happens when you must choose between money per hour and a delivery deadline? How can you balance revenue against scheduling when prioritizing resources to simultaneous downtime situations?

    Maintenance people generally cannot win when making such decisions. A common solution is to divide up resources so that techs are running back and forth between the two situations. That makes both downtime problems last longer. Focus the right people on the more critical problem first.

    To read more on this story, visit EC&M's website.

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    NEC in the Facility
    Article 80 is in Annex H, and it addresses five major functions:
    1. Electrical inspections.
    2. Electrical fire investigations.
    3. Review of electrical construction plans.
    4. Design, modification, construction, and maintenance of electrical equipment.
    5. Electrical equipment at special events.
    Let’s look at electrical inspections more closely. A common misperception is “electrical inspection” means you get a permit for a construction project and, if the installation passes the city inspector's inspection, the matter is closed. One reason for this misperception is the idea that the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) is always the city inspector. The AHJ is anyone designated by the governing body.

    To read more on this story, visit EC&M's website.

    In our last issue, we identified the category ratings of electrical test instruments in ascending order of transient voltage withstand capability as CAT I, CAT II, CAT III, and CAT IV. You can find CAT definitions in IEC 61010-1. In an industrial environment, you should be using either CAT III or CAT IV.

    Although you can safely use CAT II instruments on most 120V and 240V branch circuits in a building, the reality is that if you have a DMM hanging from your belt that's the one you're going to use. Carry a CAT III instrument so you can work on anything you're likely to encounter below the CAT IV level (you'll need CAT IV test equipment to work on utility service equipment).

    In addition to the CAT rating, check the instrument's voltage and current rating before using.

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    Show & Events
    Code Change Conferences Are Coming
    The 2011 NEC is coming. Will you be ready for the changes? By attending one of EC&M's Code Change Conferences, presented by NEC expert Mike Holt and sponsored by EC&M University, you'll learn everything you need to know about major NEC changes that will impact your work, whether you're an electrician, electrical engineer, electrical designer, plant/facility electrical maintenance person, or electrical inspector. Check out the following conferences for a location and time that's right for you.
    • Chicago November 1-2, Hyatt Regency Rosemont
    • Seattle November 8-9, Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center
    • Philadelphia November 29-30, Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue
    • Boston December 7-8, Venue to be determined
    • Orlando December 13-14, Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport

    If you're a registered professional engineer and attend one of the 2011 NEC Code Change Conferences, you'll be granted professional development hours (PDHs), a requirement for re-licensing. The program is also certified as an approved provider of Code Update training by those states requiring continuing education hours for re-licensing of journeymen, master electricians, and electrical contractors.

    Register now to attend one of the these events. For more details on the conferences and a full program, visit EC&M's website.

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