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Electronic Design TOC: The Authority on Emerging Technologies for Design Solutions
In the March 8, 2012 Issue:


How Three Companies Established Smart Grid Leadership

 Engineering Feature· Don Tuite, Analog/Power Editor

Bloom Energy, Silver Spring Networks, and Maxim have taken leading positions in the Smart Grid technology marketplace.

DC-DC Converters Aim For Efficiency

 Technology Report· Sam Davis, Contributing Editor

With the growing importance of power consumption in today's devices, dc/dc converters primarily strive for efficiency, with new technologies playing a role to achieve that goal.

Distributors Eye Conflict Minerals Rule

 Distribution Resource· Victoria Fraza Kickham, Contributing Editor

Industrial Sector Poised For Steady Growth

 Distribution Resource· Victoria Fraza Kickham, Contributing Editor

Connector Companies Latch Onto Innovation

 Distribution Resource· Victoria Fraza Kickham, Contributing Editor

LED Options Continue To Grow

 Distribution Resource· Victoria Fraza Kickham, Contributing Editor

Factor PFC Into Your Power-Supply Design

 Engineering Feature· Sam Davis, Contributing Editor


Born Of Frustration, Analog Company Celebrates 30 Years

 Editorial· Joe Desposito, Editor-in-Chief

It's Hot, Powering, And Burning CMOS Logic Circuits

 Analog Between The Bits· By Bill Laumeister

Choose Your Voltage Reference: Bandgap Or FGA?

 Power Design· By Tamara Schmitz

From Old Iron To The Need For New Iron: A Call To Action

 Power Design· By Paul Schimel, PE

Improve Your AC-DC Front End's Density, Efficiency, And Flexibility

 Power Design· By Tom Curatolo

Try A Down-Programmer For Fast Rise And Fall Times

 Power On· By Bob Zollo

Storage Standards Move Toward 12-Gbits/s Speeds

 Lab Bench· William Wong, Embedded/Systems/Software Editor

Design Solution

Measure Spread-Spectrum Clock's Effects On Switching Supply EMI

 Design Solution· Jack Braden, PE, Exar Corp.

"House Of Fire": Firebottles And Groove Tubes Versus Devices That Find Their Origins In Sand

 Design Solution· Paul Schimel, Contributing Editor


RF Envelope Tracking Yields PA Efficiency Breakthrough

 Power On· Louis E. Frenzel, Communications Editor

Waveform Analyzer Module Chracterizies 32-Gbits/s Designs

 Test Trends· David Maliniak, EDA/Test Editor

When Heat Is On, Thermal Characterization Keeps Things Cool

 EDA· David Maliniak, EDA/Test Editor

Ideas For Design

Contestant Controller Is Simple And Easy To Expand

 Ideas For Design· Richard Bedell, Georgia Institute of Technology

Simple Circuit Turns PWM Into A Digitally Adjustable Precision Reference

 Ideas For Design· Rick Mally, Independent Designs

Electronic Design Products

Is A High-Power LED The Best Choice For Your Application?

 Product Feature· Yasoob Ahmed, Lumex

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