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In this November 7, 2011 Issue:

Top Stories Today

Oklahoma and Texas wheat looks better than expected

Kim Anderson, Oklahoma State University
Given that most of the hard red winter wheat planted in Oklahoma and Texas is located in Exceptional Drought (D4, the highest category) areas, the 2012 wheat crop is in better condition than expected.
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Simplify refuge with Optimum® AcreMax® 1 insect protection
Pioneer was first to offer growers a simple, one-product-per-field option for corn rootworm refuge management: Optimum® AcreMax®1 insect protection. It lets you plant a field without stopping, then plant the required corn borer refuge in a separate field up to half a mile away. Simple.

Uncertain future has Texas rice growers praying for rain

Logan Hawkes
South Texas rice farmers are looking to the sky in hopes of unexpected rain now that a drought response compromise has been reached with the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) that provides a little more time before irrigation gates on the Colorado River are closed if substantial rainfall doesn’t increase reservoir storage levels at two Highland Lakes in Central Texas.
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JGrowers who make the right choice become big fans. It’s easy to see why with the performance of PhytoGen® cottonseed. PhytoGen varieties deliver strong emergence and excellent vigoracross a range of conditions. The result: high yield and high quality, yearafter year. Learn more at PhytoGenYields.com.

Texas A&M center confronts antibiotic crisis with potential new bacterial treatment

Kathleen Phillips, Texas AgriLife
It’s been called “the trots,” “Montezuma’s Revenge,” “the runs” and worse. But no matter the name, when it strikes, victims wish for a medicine that could go straight to the offending bacteria to quickly knock it dead.
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Cotton industry leaders meet with key trade officials

From the National Cotton Council
National Cotton Council President/CEO Mark Lange and Senior Vice-President, Washington Operations, John Maguire visited with key trade officials in Geneva ahead of the next World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial in mid-December.
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Express Links

From the Field
Cotton Photo Contest: Vote for your favorite
Vote for your favorite cotton photo!! Voting begins November 2, 2011 and will end at 5 PM CST November 9, 2011.
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Research News
NMSU grazing research could influence wildfire management strategies
According to NMSU rangeland expert Derek Bailey, overgrazing and 20th century fire-suppression strategies have laid the groundwork for some of today's "catastrophic" wildfires.
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CE Courses
Utilizing Potassium Nitrate as a Specialty Plant Nutritional Product that Protects Against Disease Organisms and Plant Stresses
Potassium nitrate has a positive effect in controlling plant pests and diseases when applied as an additive to crop protection agrochemicals. This course also has a section on the role of nutrients in IPM.
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New Mode of Action Chemistry for Vegetable Production
Integration of a new mode of action compound like Coragen into IPM and IRM programs to control Lepidoptera in leafy greens, fruiting vegetables, peppers and brassica or cole crops is always welcome.
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