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Weekly UpdateMarch 6, 2012
Your purchasing decisions just got easier!
The redesigned Foundry M&T Online Buyers' Guide is intuitive, feature-rich and interactive. This exceptional reference tool provides a vital link between foundries and vendor partners designed for the way your business leverages the Internet. With this fundamental directory you can easily search alloys & metals, safety equipment, refractories, shakeouts, heat treating, and so much more.
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If your company is not listed in the Foundry M&T Buyers Guide or you need to make a change, please contact Kathy Savage at or (205) 669-7161.

This Week's Metalcasting News Review

Bodine to Add Capacity for Cases, Housings
Bodine Aluminum, wholly owned by Toyota Motor Corp., will increase capacity at its Jackson, TN, foundry to produce an additional 120,000 transmission cases and 120,000 transmission housings annually, in line with Toyota’s plan to raise capacity for six-speed automotive transmissions. The increases are described as an extension of an expansion plan reported in February 2011, in support of a $64-million program to raise output of six-speed transmissions at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia Inc. Read more

Quaker City Castings Credited for Expansion
Quaker City Castings in Salem, OH, was granted a six-year, 36% tax credit by the Ohio Department of Development recently, which will support the ferrous foundry’s ongoing expansion program. The foundry’s plans will increase its workspace from 110,000 ft2 to almost 280,000 ft2, and may lead to as many as 30 new jobs. Read more

GIFA Organizers Set Schedule for 2015
GIFA, the quadrennial trade show for metalcasting equipment and products, has set a mid-June schedule for the next staging of the event in 2015. GIFA is presented simultaneously with three related events: METEC, an exhibition of equipment and products for primary metal production; THERMPROCESS, covering thermal processing equipment and products; and NEWCAST, which presents advanced designs and capabilities in cast products. Read more

Featured This Week

SaaS Empowers Metalcasters to Do More with Less
For years, metalcasters have been working to take cost out of the price of a casting. Most efforts to do this have been directed at the manufacturing process; mostly through labor reduction, playing the metal market, and other methods (e.g., lean) but still using mostly the same old tools in the office and on the shop floor. Why do we do the same things over and over again, and hope for a different result? Software-as-a-service is a way to get technology for the office and shop floor to change the cycle, and the key to SaaS is “service.” Read more

Forums And Blogs

REB Blog: Gassing up
Oil and gas are not in short supply, and keeping consumers from getting what they need at realistic prices will end up choking the recovery that manufacturers have worked hard to get started. Read more

New Products

Simulation Software Adds Iron Solidification Modeling
Flow Science Inc. released version 3.5 of its FLOW-3D Cast simulation software, introducing new capabilities to model iron solidification and shrinkage, cavitation potential, prediction of core-gas generation, sand core blowing, and core and mold drying. A new permeable mold model is available to model air escape during filling. Also, users can make use of temperature-dependent material properties to predict solidification-related defects more accurately. Read more

Improved Diecasting Product Line
DME Co., a manufacturer of diecasting assemblies and components, is offering a wider range of products, including plates, die blocks, retainer sets, ejector pins, and other die components. “We’ve taken all of our resources and applied them to providing more efficient, time-saving solutions for our diecasting customers,” a source there said. Read more

Stay Cool & Productive with a Personal Air Conditioner
The Personal Air Conditioner by Vortec uses compressed air to generate a cold air stream 60 degF below ambient. The cold air circulates through a Diffuse Air Vest to keep you cool. Can be worn under other PPE. Available in 3 sizes.

Learn more

Upcoming Events

MIM 2012
San Diego — March 19-20 Read more

AFS Northwest Regional Conference
Seattle — March 22-24 Read more

AFS Southeast Regional Conference
March 28 — Birmingham Read more

AFS 116th Metalcasting Congress
April 17-20 — Columbus Read more

13th World Conference on Investment Casting
April 13-15 — Kyoto, Japan Read more

Metef-Foundeq 2012
Verona, Italy — April 18-21 Read more

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