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Daikin Water Cooled VRV®-WIII
Daikin's VRV®-WIII is a compact water cooled condensing unit designed for use in hotel, office or any size commercial building. It provides exceptional energy and cost savings as well as providing a solution for geothermal applications which also qualifies for a possible business investment tax credit. Daikin's modular design allows access to a wide range of applications in spaces where traditional centralized plants are not suitable or cost-effective. At only 330 lbs. and less than 40” high per module, the VRV-WIII can be transported in a standard elevator and allows for a double stacked installation. Flexibility is Everything. Visit www.daikinac.com

AAON RQ Series light commercial
rooftop units

AAON RQ series rooftop units (2 to 6 tons) are engineered for performance, flexibility, and serviceability. RQ units are available as air-cooled or water-cooled condenser packaged rooftop units, air-source, water-source, or geothermal heat pumps, 100% outside air units, and chilled water or non-compressorized air handlers. Heating is available in high performance hot water, steam, electric, and gas heating configurations. Options include high efficiency variable speed fans and variable capacity compressors, energy recovery wheels, and economizers with efficiencies up to 19 SEER. Click here for more info.

Mini DVM
Samsung presents the Mini DVM Multi Zone Heat Pump. Available in 38,000 and 48,000 Btu/h capacities these multi zone systems can support up to 8 Indoor units of varying capacities. Indoor units available include Vivace and Neo Forte High Wall units, 1 Way, Mini 4 Way and 4 Way Ceiling Cassettes, plus the Slim and Medium Static Pressure Ducted units. Multiple control systems, wireless, wired remotes up to a full BMS can be installed on the Mini DVM system. Visit www.samsungsystemac.com for more info.

Drive package
Yaskawa Electric America Inc. announces the new E7S Slim Configured Drive Package, which provides an E7 drive in a space-saving NEMA 1 package that can accommodate several options, such as circuit breakers, filters, and reactors. The new package includes an input disconnect. E7S ratings include a 208-v three-phase unit with 1 to 40 hp and a 480-v three-phase unit with 1 to 100 hp. Available options include a 65 kA circuit-breaker disconnect, a 100 kA circuit-breaker disconnect, an input filter, a 3-percent or 5-percent line impedance, an engraved nameplate, a pneumatic pressure transducer at 3 to 15 psi, and 4-20mA analog outputs. Visit www.yaskawa.com for more info.

How to make tighter pipe runs
Click here to see how to be more creative and more efficient in your pipe runs. Metraloop expansion joints let you make pipe runs more compact and protect piping from 360º movement. You can use the Metraloop’s compact profile to squeeze into places other where other joints can’t. Use Metraloops for seismic applications, gas connections, steam piping, water and chemical pipes. Click here make a more efficient pipe run.

Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter
ONICON’s F-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter is engineered to excel in demanding water flow measurement applications. With no moving parts, the F-3500 is reliable even in challenging open loop applications. The hand insertable hot tap design provides quick, easy installation, and every meter is individually wet calibrated, programmed for your application, and accurate to within 1% of rate. Contact ONICON Incorporated at 727-447-6140 or www.onicon.com for more information.

Goodway’s ScaleBreak, a biodegradable cleaner, will quickly dissolve calcium, lime, rust, lithium carbonate and other deposits from water passages in water cooled or heated equipment. It is safe for use on steel, iron, brass, copper, plastic and rubber. ScaleBreak is ideal for use on boilers, chillers, condensers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, cooling towers, furnaces and water piping systems. So the next time you need to clean your HVAC equipment – clean it the good way.

The Trouble with Outdoor Humidity Measurement
NEW Vaisala Application Note; Choice of outdoor humidity sensors critical to economical free cooling. Topics covered include; 'What is Wet-bulb temperature', 'Recommended Specifications for Outdoor Humidity Sensor', 'Optimize Free Cooling Systems with Accurate Measurements'. Download the Vaisala Application Note.

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