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Every month, HPAC Engineering's Product Spotlight delivers product and service information qualified designers and specifiers need to make decisions on sources of supply. If this issue was forwarded to you, you can request your own FREE subscription.

AP Coilflex® Duct Liner from Armacell
is the conformable elastomeric thermal insulation manufactured without the use of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs and made with Microban® antimicrobial protection. AP Coilflex Duct Liner is ideal for air handling systems, VAV units, ducts and other air system components requiring condensation control and resistance to moisture, damage or heat gain. AP Coilflex also reduces noise generated by fans and air movement as well as the rattle of sheet metal air ducts. AP Coilflex is especially effective in areas like schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial and public buildings. www.armacell.us

Energy-Saving, State-of-the-art "RadiCal" Impellers
RadiCal impellers feature an aerodynamically optimized hybrid construction that reduces noise by up to 50% while consuming 50% less energy compared to conventional AC fans. The RadiCal is extremely compact allowing for integration into tight spaces. RadiCal impellers can be purchased as ready-to-go install modules and are suitable for most ventilation, air-conditioning and critical applications. Impellers range in diameters of 133mm to 500mm (5.24 in to 19.69 in) with EC technology driven motors. www.ebmpapst.us

No Pop. No Sag. No Wrinkles.
DuctSox has found the solution to fabric duct droop! SkeleCore is a Cylindrical Tensioning Device (CTD) for fabric ductwork systems made up of a lightweight metallic ring and tubing system that puts the fabric in tension. While in the deflated mode, SkeleCore maximizes the open shape and does not deflate. This allows for smoother and quieter inflation upon equipment start up and gives an increased aesthetic appearance when deflated. SkeleCore. It puts the backbone in fabric duct! 866-382-8769 or www.ductsox.com

Stop the chatter…Protect Valves from Turbulent Flow…Free White Paper
Installations routinely do NOT provide enough distance between pump discharge and important piping components, such as valves. As a result, valves are subjected to turbulent flow that can cause premature wear and reduce system efficiency. Vane Flex flow condition joint tames turbulent flow directly out of the discharge side of the pump, presenting smooth flow to your valve.…Download the free whitepaper

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