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Every month, HPAC Engineering's Product Spotlight delivers product and service information qualified designers and specifiers need to make decisions on sources of supply. If this issue was forwarded to you, you can request your own FREE subscription.

The i-maxx by ebm-papst– Intelligent fans for smart savings
Most axial fans of the "compact class" still use the old shaded-pole motor AC technology, despite the very poor efficiency of these motors compared to DC technology. Until recently, the main barrier to improvement has been that DC technology could not be operated directly from the AC mains supply. A solution is now available with i-Maxx technology from ebm-papst. The i-Maxx retains the mounting dimensions of the equivalent AC fans and provides the capability to operate on AC mains power around the world, while reaching efficiencies of up to 30%! Read more at the ebm-papst website!

Effinity93 with Conservicore™ Technology from Modine
Modine continues to raise its customers' comfort level with the most efficient gas-fired unit heater line in North America…the Effinity93. With six models available from 135,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr, each operating at 93% efficiency, end users can begin saving today. Click here for more information.

Total Installed Costs (TIC) - A More Complete Way To Compare HVAC Systems.
A truly comprehensive comparison of upfront HVAC costs includes equipment plus potential hidden costs like design costs, installation tooling, rigging, building modifications, and controls integration. Talk to Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating, America's #1 selling brand of ductless systems, about how our solutions can save money on a TIC basis and the many advantages of Mitsubishi Electric systems – precise zoning, energy efficiency, simultaneous heating and cooling, low service requirements, and more. Download Mitsubishi Electric's white paper on Total Installed Costs, at www.totalinstalledcosts.com

Polypropylene-random (PP-R) Piping Systems
For nearly 40 years, Aquatherm has produced the most advanced and environmentally friendly piping systems in the world. Now Aquatherm Greenpipe®, Climatherm®, and Lilac systems and are available – and widely code approved – throughout North America. These truly highly engineered polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping systems are formed using a quick and seamless heat fusion welding method, creating joints that last a lifetime. The present and future of HVAC, plumbing, and industrial piping applications is here – Aquatherm. www.aquathermpipe.com

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