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Every month, HPAC Engineering's Product Spotlight delivers product and service information qualified designers and specifiers need to make decisions on sources of supply. If this issue was forwarded to you, you can request your own FREE subscription.

Hot Ideas. Cool Savings.
The new Z1000 variable frequency drives for HVAC applications from Yaskawa will provide you with a lot of ideas on how to save on energy costs and increase system performance. As the world's leading manufacturer of VFDs with over 30 years of Building Automation System (BAS) and HVAC experience, Yaskawa’s high quality drives are designed to provide excellent performance in air handlers, cooling towers and pumps. Want a high performance drive that will deliver energy savings? Learn more.

Introducing Atherion, by Modine.
In mythology, the name refers to the clean air only the gods could breathe. In reality, it's the way Modine brings the fresh air from outside into your workplace. Designed for ease of installation, energy efficiency and durability, the Atherion provides customers with a state-of-the-art solution for their dehumidification and ventilation needs. It is available in 15-30 ton sizes with optional energy recovery and meets the latest ASHRAE 189.1 and 62.1 standards for efficiency and indoor air quality. To find out more, go to www.modinehvac.com/atherion.

Renewable energy for commercial HVAC
The SunSource® Commercial Energy System from Lennox is the first and only HVAC commercial HVAC system to integrate directly with solar power. The SunSource system collects free, clean energy from the sun and feeds it directly into Lennox' solar-ready Energence® rooftop unit; excess electricity is used to power other electric devices or is sent back to the power grid. Designed to reduce energy spending and emissions, the SunSource system can provide effective efficiency levels of up to 34 SEER and beyond. Click here for more info.

Total Installed Costs (TIC) - A More Complete Way To Compare HVAC Systems.
A truly comprehensive comparison of upfront HVAC costs includes equipment plus potential hidden costs like design costs, installation tooling, rigging, building modifications, and controls integration. Talk to Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating, America's #1 selling brand of ductless systems, about how our solutions can save money on a TIC basis and the many advantages of Mitsubishi Electric systems – precise zoning, energy efficiency, simultaneous heating and cooling, low service requirements, and more. Download Mitsubishi Electric's white paper on Total Installed Costs, at www.totalinstalledcosts.com

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