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Every month, Hydraulics & Pneumatics Product Source delivers offers for manufacturers' products. Several of these manufacturers also offer product samples. If this issue was forwarded to you, you can request your own FREE subscription.

Bird Precision offers a unique series of laser drilled, wire lapped Ruby and Sapphire orifices. Orifices and filters are packaged in a huge variety of stainless, brass and plastic fittings, connectors and inserts. With extreme chemical and wear resistance these products insure precise dependable control of even the most harsh liquids and gas. We also offer a number of Swagelok, Parker, Smc and Value Plastic Retrofits. www.birdprecision.com

VELJAN is a focused Fluid Power Product Manufacturer with more than 40 years of manufacturing experience. Our multiple facilities are equipped with state of the art manufacturing machinery supported by ISO processes, inspection and test facilities, as well as a large R&D group dedicated to product improvement and development.
Veljan Hydrair Limited

Stainless steel valves
A new "X" line of directional and pressure controls, in stainless steel execution for corrosive environments and special fluids. Rugged inoxidizable design, suitable for use with mineral oils, water glycol, special synthetic fluids or just pure water. Download these 2 technical tables for more information:
Stainless steel valves for corrosive environments & water base fluids and
Stainless steel valves for water base fluids

Chemical resistance and flexibility all in one tube
Our new Liquiflex-POE™ has many of the qualities of polyethylene tubing, including a low price. What’s different though is that it’s flexible like polyurethane! It makes a great coil and can be bonded with other tubes. Worry-free Freelin-Wade plastic tubing.

AutoSense Coolant Union
A new catalog is available for designers and users of coolant unions for machine tool, machining center, and transfer line applications. This comprehensive reference guide offers detailed information for rotating union selection, installation, and maintenance, along with expanded product information.
Deublin www.deublin.com

Until now, many actuators in our standard line have been limited to 5000 rpm. But with advancements in technology we are now providing units for applications of 10,000 rpm and beyond. In a rotating actuator the design and construction are similar to standard actuators, but the rotating actuator revolves in application. www.micromaticllc.com

Laser Particle Counter System
The STAUFF LasPaC II is an 8-channel laser particle counter for monitoring contamination in hydraulic fluid. Fully contained in a protective carrying case and featuring a large LCD display, QWERTY keyboard, integrated printer and rechargeable battery the unit is capable of taking measurements in the field with no external power supply.

  • Pressure Range to 6,000 PSI
  • Calibrated to ISO 11171:1999
  • Download data to PC
  • Sensor is cleaned after each test using integrated flush valve
  • suitable for mineral based hydraulic fluid; compatibility with other media on request
For more information on Stauff LasPac Particle Counters visit www.stauff.com

Your Fitting "Leak-Free", Guaranteed!
The Flaretite Seal is a metal stamping, designed with multiple, concentric sealing rings. The entire seal is coated with a dry-to-the-touch, baked-on Loctite™ sealant. When inserted into a fitting, the concentric rings form multiple seals down the face of the flare, while the Loctite coating fills minor imperfections, dramatically increasing the integrity of the fitting. New ISO and NFPA standards strongly recommend seals for all fittings.

The sealing rings prevent environmental debris and aggressive cleaning solvents from attacking the sealing face while the Loctite™ protects the face from fretting, galling and over-tightening. And unlike ORFS fittings, the Flaretite Seal will not fail during a fire, allowing atomized hydraulic oil to fuel the fire. www.flaretite.com

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