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February 17, 2012
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Service is now the strategy that builds and establishes reputations, sells the product, and creates new business potential for vendors and customers. However, many manufacturers still haven't tapped into the profit potential of post-sales service. Download this free IndustryWeek guide to learn how companies are turbocharging their service. Get it now.


GE's 'American Competitiveness: What Works' Conference Kicks Off with Innovation Talks
Boeing, Dow Chemical, and GE CEOs discuss jobs, global competitiveness, and innovation.
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Manufacturing Technology Orders Up 66.4% in 2011
Beating forecasters' predictions by nearly 20%, 2011 was the strongest year for USMTOs in over a decade.
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Nanotech Innovation Adds New Strength to Rubber Industry
Nanotubes revolutionize the industry by increasing efficiency and productivity of rubber compounds.
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HMI Operator Interfaces

Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP), the manufacturer of marine-grade sunlight readable displays, flow instrumentation, industrial displays and HMI software, announced today its line of HMI Operator Interfaces, the KEP MMI Series. A truly affordable human-machine interface, KEP's new line offers a variety of full-featured graphic touchscreen display panel sizes that are designed to fit a variety of operational needs. Backed by a three-year warranty, the KEP MMI Series of Operator Interfaces is an economical yet robust solution for any organization's HMI needs.

Ideal for integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers who want to reduce cost without sacrificing functionality and reliability, KEP MMI operator interfaces are designed for use in a wide range of industrial and process applications. Full-featured, graphic, touchscreen display panels, the KEP MMI Series displays interface with automated equipment using programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and deliver impressive performance at a cost that is less expensive than most competitive products. "KEP's MMI Series products are ideal for companies who are looking to save money but are held back by the premium prices demanded by many HMI vendors," said Frank Colucci, project manager, Kessler-Ellis Products. "KEP is the 'go to' company for anyone interested in a complete HMI solution. Our product line offers the most cost effective solutions and provides customers all of the features they need at an extremely competitive price.

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The Benefits of Lean IT in Manufacturing

A conversation with Ryan King is peppered with terms like kanban, kaizen, process improvement and cycle count. Not unusual for a plant manager, but King is director of information technology at ARPAC, a packaging machinery manufacturer based in Schiller Park, Ill. And like his counterparts on the shop floor, King is intent on using lean concepts to improve ARPAC's performance.

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Industrial Robotics Expands Beyond the Automotive Industry

Chris Bailey can't emphasize it enough: Lincoln Electric Co. in recent months has been "barraged" with inquiries about the company's robotic welding systems.

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A Framework for IT Investment for Manufacturing Executives

Information technology is changing the competitive dynamics in the manufacturing industry. For example, manufacturers are using technology to improve their operational efficiency and use it to put pricing pressure on their competition; or significantly improve customer service and use it to steal market share from the competition; or identify new business opportunities before anyone else and use it to grow their topline.

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Webinar: Manufacturing Forecasts for Sales, Employment, Capital Spending in 2012

Hear a presentation by Chad Moutray, chief economist for the National Association of Manufacturers. Moutray will share data on manufacturers' sales, employment, and capital spending plans for 2012. You'll learn about the biggest challenges manufacturers say they're currently facing, and what companies' primary drivers of future growth will be. This free IndustryWeek webinar on Feb. 28 will also discuss tools that are helping companies create competitive advantage. Sign up now.


Don't Miss Out On Your Plant Tour

Plant tours are one of the highlights of IndustryWeek's annual Best Plants Conference. See first-hand how others are implementing continuous improvement in their facilities and learn ideas to implement at your facility. We recommend registering now to also get your first choice of plant tour; they go fast! Once they're full, they're full. This year's lineup includes
  • Allison Transmission
  • Carlisle Brake & Friction Bloomington -- FULL
  • Clabber Girl Corporation
  • Cummins, Inc. Columbus Mid-Range Engine Plant
  • Endress+Hauser
  • General Cable, Indianapolis Compounds
  • Nucor Steel Crawfordsville
  • Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.
  • Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing -- FULL
  • Wabash National Corporation
Read more about each tour and reserve your spot today.

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