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February 15, 2012
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download_now Manufacturers Profit From Post-Sales Service

Service is now the strategy that builds and establishes reputations, sells the product, and creates new business potential for vendors and customers. However, many manufacturers still haven't tapped into the profit potential of post-sales service. Download this free IndustryWeek guide to learn how companies are turbocharging their service. Get it now.


Trade Wars: Could Lessons Learned From Japan in the 1980s Apply to China Today?
Japan Inc. didn’t kill U.S. manufacturing, but did the United States learn from that competitive era?

Three decades ago, an economic behemoth from the Far East was poised to crush U.S. manufacturing with cheap goods, undervalued currency and policies that significantly tilted trade in its favor. Back then, that fast-expanding economy became known as Japan Inc. At the time, many trade groups, academics and politicians warned that without government intervention Japanese businesses would soon control much of the U.S. economy.Fast forward to today, and a similar story of unfair competition is playing out, but this time with China. Japan, though still the world's third-largest economy, has been largely cast to the shadows. While there are significant differences between the economic systems of China and Japan, the United States' experience with Japan in the 1980s and early 1990s may offer manufacturing and policy lessons for dealing with today's emerging markets. Click to continue.

Continuous Improvement

GE Opens Hybrid Electric Water Heater Plant, Says 'Lean' Helps Make U.S. Manufacturing Competitive
General Electric's Appliance Park celebrates first new manufacturing operation at Louisville site in more than 50 years.

TPM Delivers a Maintenance Fix
Laminations saw an opportunity to improve its maintenance activities. Total Productive Maintenance provided the solution.

Six Keys to an Effective Lubrication Program
Following these steps will help drive down equipment failures.

U.S. Policy

Lessons from Decades of Global Competition
Learning to live with -- and compete against -- state-supported industry.

Blakey: Pentagon Budget Would Be a 'Direct Hit' to Aerospace and Defense Industry
Some 350,000 jobs hang in the balance, asserts the head of the Aerospace Industries Association.

Accelerating Opportunities in the Auto Industry
Prepare now to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges that will be part of the auto industry in 2012.

Supply Chain

Going in Reverse Can Be the Right Direction
Returns management can offer significant cost savings for manufacturers.

Apple's China Inspections Begin
Fair Labor Association assessment will cover facilities where more than 90% of Apple products are assembled.

One Good Return Deserves Another
Preparing for seasonal returns.

Web Events

Manufacturing Outlook Positive for 2012: Best Practices to Create Competitive Advantage
The manufacturing outlook for 2012 is positive, as companies become more confident in the economy. Hear about manufacturers' forecasts for sales, employment, and capital spending in 2012 from NAM's chief economist, Chad Moutray. During this free IndustryWeek webinar on Feb. 28, he will share data from the quarterly NAM/IW Survey of Manufacturers. You'll also learn about tools that are helping companies create competitive advantage. Register now!

On-Demand: The Lean Implementation Journey: Next Steps for Small and Midsize Businesses
Implementing a few Lean tools is easy, but the key is keeping them going over time. What are the next steps on your Lean journey? How can your small or midsize company implement Lean tools, and how do you sustain the improvements? Hear from Toyota Production System veteran John Veatch, who has helped Toyota's Georgetown, Kentucky facility -- as well as hundreds of small and midsize businesses -- embrace Lean concepts. View now.


Attract, Retain and Grow Foreign and Domestic Business Investment
Meet one-on-one with SelectUSA speaker, Tazeem Pasha at the Expansion Management Roundtable in the Rockies

Tazeem Pasha serves as Manager, Business Retention and Expansion at SelectUSA. Established by Executive Order of the President, SelectUSA is a government-wide initiative to attract, retain and grow business investment in the United States by foreign and domestic firms. In this role, she is responsible for managing outreach to U.S. state, regional and local economic development agencies, foreign governments and investors to promote investment in the United States. Read more...

Manufacturing Poll

Is Manufacturing Dead in America?
In a recent article for, Michael Newkirk asks: "Is manufacturing dead in America?" What do you think?
  • Yes
  • No
  • It's on life support
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After you have voted, discuss this topic in the forums.

See the results of the last poll: If elected (or re-elected), which presidential candidate would provide the most support to American manufacturing?

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