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Management Metrics
In this February 3, 2012 Issue:
MSCNEW IndustryWeek Online Training: A World-Class Safety System

Learn the fundamental strategies behind the safety culture at Milliken & Co., a manufacturer that has 90% fewer safety incidents than the national average. Explore the details during this 3-hour IndustryWeek online training on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

This online training program applies to CEOs, COOs, VPs, site management, corporate safety directors, and other managers. Through real-world examples from Milliken practitioners, you'll learn about the role of leadership in the safety process, how to create and train safety sub-committees, and how to keep driving safety improvements. Just $199 trains your whole team! Learn more now!

This Week's Features

GE Barometer: Executives Believe Innovation and Growth Go Hand-in-Hand

However, uncertainty in the global economy is curbing their companies' appetites for risk and making it harder for them to find capital.
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Emerging Market M&A: Getting It Right

Several steps can help boost the chances of success when doing M&A deals in emerging markets.
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Straight Talk: Avoid the Con of Quick and Easy Lean

Lean is a strategic initiative that requires at least three to five years for any organization of size. It is a lifestyle change, not a diet.
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Why You Need Internal Audit at the Table

Internal auditors can provide their companies with advice on how to implement automated monitoring of controls and transactions.
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China's Trade Practices Hurting Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Suppliers

The reports point to the need for government intervention 'to challenge these abuses before they completely undermine the job recovery underway in the U.S. auto industry.'
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Global Processes Require a Global Outlook

Global service delivery (GSD) models offer a way to gain cost efficiencies by leveraging a global pool of resources, processes, and technologies.
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Research/Case Studies

Free Guide: Repair the Last Mile of Finance

Learn about the gaps that currently exist at the end of the financial process -- and more importantly, how to fix them. Read this free Business Finance guide to learn why the worst performers are lagging way behind -- and find out more about tools that can repair your company's last mile of finance, like financial performance management, integrated reporting, and XBRL. Read the free guide now!
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5 Proven Ways to Cut Costs with Records Management Efficiencies

Finding new ways to cut costs is a top concern for businesses of all sizes, especially in this economic climate. This report identifies five proven ways you can significantly reduce your costs while delivering the records management capabilities your business really needs. Each of them is backed by real-world examples and statistics -- and accompanied by specific steps you can take to start saving.
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