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Management Metrics
In this March 16, 2012 Issue:
MSCSave with MSC Industrial Vending Solutions

MSC is a leader in industrial vending, routinely saving our customer 20% OR MORE in inventory costs. Our solutions use advanced dispensing, tracking and reporting technology to drive down costs, decrease consumption, improve tracking and reduce redundant, obsolete and excess stock. These benefits give you an advantage over the competition and help you stay profitable, flexible and competitive in a tight economy. See how your business can benefit with a FREE industrial vending assessment today.

This Week's Features

Welcome Back, Raises

Pay increases return in the 2012 IndustryWeek Salary Survey. Even more, data reveal a remedy for the manufacturing talent shortage -- and it's within your own four walls.
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Risk Intelligence and the Emerging Role of Internal Audit

The chief audit executive is becoming a key player in a company's risk management strategy.
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Sticking to the Facts Helps Thule Improve Budget Process

Analytics provides a single version of the truth for financial planning.
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Employers Are Investing More Heavily in Wellness

Companies need to monitor their wellness spending to make sure the value of outcomes outweighs the amount invested in these programs.
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Is Talent on the Move in 2012?

Companies need to treat their best employees like customers to ensure they don't take their talents elsewhere.
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Why Does China Like 'Made in America?'

In 2010, China spent $2.16 billion on goods from S.C. -- a 200% increase over the past five years.
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Upcoming Webinar

Webinar: The Financial Impact of Lean Maintenance

Take a deep dive into the real ROI of a Lean maintenance program. Analyze key metrics and hear case studies about how the shift from reactive to proactive maintenance can dramatically increase manufacturing and financial results. During this free IndustryWeek webinar on Mar. 27 you'll hear from Bill Lutz, CFO of ATS, as he describes the profit producing areas of improved manufacturing performance. Register now!
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Research/Case Studies

In-depth economic forecasts to give you a competitive edge

How much different would your business be if you could predict the future?

Strategically position your company for changes in the business cycle. Thanks to IndustryWeek's partnership with ITR, an economic research firm with a 94.7% accuracy rate, you can receive a 60-plus page economic report each month. You'll get long-term views for key market sectors, detailed forecasts, action suggestions, and even phone access with ITR's economic analysts. See into the future for less than $75 each month. Click here to learn more and download a sample report.
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