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March 19, 2010

Thorium: The key to cheap, clean nuclear power?
Thorium-based liquid reactors could be more efficient and create less waste than today’s uranium-based generating plants. Liquid fuel has significant theoretical advantages in operation, control, and processing over solid fuel, but a basic question had to be answered: “Will it work?”


Ringfeder Power Transmission’s Gerwah RING-flex® Couplings

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION's full line of Gerwah RING-flex® couplings are available in single or double and close-coupled flexing designs for torques up to 500,000 lb-ft and shafts up to 11” in diameter. Completely maintenance free and no lubrication required, these long-lasting, torsionally rigid disc couplings operate without wear in high temperature environments. RING-flex® couplings are available in four, six, and eight-bolt designs to accommodate a wide variety of connections in pumps, conveyors, printing presses, fans and generators, or anywhere else a backlash-free connection is required. Unique designs are available including: flange-mounted, close-coupled, high-speed, and extra-long couplings.
Please contact us for information on RING-flex® couplings and other Gerwah products.

Ringfeder Power Transmission USA Corporation

Tips for choosing the best mechanical coupling
Mechanical couplings connect and transfer rotary motion and torque between rotating shafts. Although the concept is elementary, selecting the right coupling may not be. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.



Lee Spring‘s 2010 Stock and Custom Catalog offers two innovative product lines featuring technically advanced corrosion-resistant materials and unique designs: LeeP™ Plastic Composite Springs and Bantam™ Mini Compression Springs. Lee has also added smaller diameter REDUX™ Wave Springs and Compression Instrument Springs and an expanded selection of Lee’s Standard Stock Compression Springs. Lee’s Catalog is available both online and in print featuring over 17,000 distinct designs. Custom products are available, supported by Lee’s experienced engineering team.

A simple way to measure shaft rpms
Engineers often want to monitor a shaft’s rotational speed but get bogged down trying to get sensors, signal conditioners, cabling, and bulky housings to work together. A new shaft tachometer solves these problems.


100 years of aircraft engines
A look back at some of the most important aircraft engines of the past century.

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Are you the world's smartest design engineer?
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New Products

Linear actuator for lighter loads
The HepcoMotion PSD80 Profile screw-driven linear actuator features high-efficiency Herculane wheels, which mount to an adjustable carriage. The unit can have single or multiple carriages and handle loads to 500 N. Actuation is provided by a stainless-steel leadscrew with pitch ranges of 4, 15, 25, and 70 mm. The 25-mm lead is useful in Z-axis applications, while the 70-mm screw pitch handles higher speed pick-and-place requirements and allows speeds to 1 m/sec and thrust loads to 300 N. Available in left and right-hand threads, the leadscrew offers smooth, strong, and precise actuation. For greater positioning accuracy, a ball screw is available.
The PSD80 comes as a closed or open format, depending on application requirements. The closed unit is rugged, tolerant of debris, and has many mounting options while the open version is compact, light, and has low friction.
Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.

Safety couplings provide overload protection
Mechanically operated Torq Tender overload safety couplings disengage loads when torque exceeds preset ratings. The couplings protect motor and drive systems from jam ups and excessive loading. Models are available for torques from 2 to 3,000 lb-in. A 12-page catalog covers selection and ordering information.

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