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From Mix Magazine | A Penton Media Publication    October 27, 2009  
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Want industry professionals to hear YOUR songs? Then you need connections! And that’s exactly what sets the 10th Anniversary of the NSAI Song Contest Presented by CMT apart from all the others. The contest runs from August 1 through October 31, 2009. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a mentoring session from The Valory Music Co. recording artist and hit songwriter, Jewel! Learn More

Table Of Contents
Three Things You Didn’t Know About the U2 360º Tour
The Yamaha Rolling Showroom
New Column: Confessions of a Small Working Studio
Slate Pro Audio Dragon Analog Dynamics Processor
Shape Your Mix with Sidechain Effects
Westlake Village Firm's Mics Help Novices Record Music Like Pros
GameSoundCon Announces San Francisco Conference for November 13-14
Audio Education

Three Things You Didn’t Know About the U2 360º Tour
Mix technical editor Kevin Becka recently attended U2's tour stop in Phoenix, Ariz., for an upcoming 'Tour Profile" in the December issue of Mix. Click here to read some of Kevin's observations about the tour's massive technical setup.

Click here to see the latest TechTicker blogs.


The Yamaha Rolling Showroom
At the recent 2009 AES show in New York, Yamaha unveiled its "Rolling Showroom," a 53-foot, double-expanding trailer that will make appearances at national tradeshows and events throughout North America. The unit is loaded with the latest pro audio gear from Yamaha and NEXO, and Yamaha's Marc Lopez gives us an exclusive tour. Watch the video now!

Video: Solid State Logic Duality SE
At AES 2009, Solid State Logic unveiled its new console, the Duality SE, and SSL's Dan Duffell gives us a quick tour. Watch the video now!

Video: Dangerous Music Mastering Gear
At AES 2009, Dangerous Music showed a full line of mastering hardware solutions, including the new BAX equalizer, based on the classic Baxandall filter circuits. Watch the video now!

Check out more new product demo videos from the 127th AES Convention show floor made by the editors of Mix and Electronic Musician on Mix's AES Videos page!


New Column: Confessions of a Small Working Studio
Editor’s Note: We kick off a new online series written by and for mid-level studio owners. On a monthly basis, Studio Unknown owner Kevin Hill and creative director Lisa Horan (pictured) will be calling around the country and bringing their own expertise to the issues that matter most to a successful studio life. Let’s face it, the middle has been hit hard in the economic downturn…but it’s also the middle that is most likely to come roaring back. In this first installment, they talk about interns…

Click here to read the debut column, "The Hidden Value of Interns."

Mix Announces ‘Certified Hits’ of AES
This year’s Audio Engineering Society show may have seemed small, but it was certainly mighty, with 18,162 attendees making the trek to New York City’s Javits Center. There was plenty to see, with a whole lot of innovation crammed into the booth spaces of the 321 exhibitors. Choosing a few from hundreds of great debuts was tough, but here (listed alphabetically) are our selections of Certified Hits—the Top-20 new products from AES, chosen by the editors of Mix.

Click here to see Mix's Certified Hit products from the 2009 AES Convention.


Slate Pro Audio Dragon Analog Dynamics Processor
Vintage King Audio, a leading dealer of high-end new and vintage recording equipment based in Detroit, has added the Slate Pro Audio Dragon Analog Dynamics Processor ($1,995) to its exclusive product line. Created by producer/mixer Steven Slate, the Dragon is a compressor, limiter and sound-shaping tool offering combinations of settings. It has a classic FET compressor circuit and a mastering grade signal path, including Class-A output section based around a custom made transformer.

The Dragon offers three "character" settings: Boom (for adding sub-bass harmonics), Bite (a gentle "forward" characteristic) and Sheen (which adds adds "an airy gloss" to the source). The unit's "Vintage" button enables circuitry for "more harmonics, a bit of 'grit' and an overall more aggressive tone." The Dragon also contains a 2-inch tape saturation emulation with three distinct drive settings, a highpass detection filter, an "all buttons in" squash mode, a gentle 2:1 setting for mix bus and mastering duties, and a wet/dry Mix Ratio knob.

Vintage King Audio states that it will begin shipping the Dragon in November 2009. For more information, visit or Vintage King Audio.

GC Pro Announces New Ocean Way Impact Monitor System

MusicBoxMobile iPhone App Developed By Production Music Publishing Company


Shape Your Mix with Sidechain Effects
Sidechain compression is an industry staple for cleaning up the bottom end of bass tracks. It uses a kick drum as the sidechain input to a compressor applied to the bass channels, which reduces bass peaks without affecting the perceived level or weight of the bass.

To clean up the bass without ducking, use a highpass filter on the bass track and use the kick on the sidechain input to trigger the filter envelope. Set the cut-off frequency as low as possible and use a fast attack (10 ms or so) and a long decay (about 500 ms), and then adjust the envelope depth by ear. This will reduce the low frequencies of the bass when the sidechain triggers—an effect similar to ducking that can sometimes feel more subtle.

If your noise gate offers positive gain reduction, use this as an alternative to a compressor for that ducking-pad sound. Use the kick as the sidechain input, set the reduction level to a positive value (+8 dB is a good starting point) and then set a fast attack (10 ms or so) and a medium release (about 150 ms). Next, adjust the threshold level until you get the required depth of effect. Depending on the sound of the kick drum, you may need to adjust the sidechain input filters (highpass and lowpass) to get the desired effect.

—Simon Langford; excerpted from "Sound Design Workshop: Bottom's Up" in Electronic Musician's November 2009 issue.

Westlake Village Firm's Mics Help Novices Record Music Like Pros
That iPhone sure does a lot of amazing stuff. But one thing it, or its sister device the iPod, couldn't do for a long time was record live music well enough to sound like, well, music. But Blue Microphones has changed that. A leader in developing high-end equipment for musicians and audio professionals, the Westlake Village-based company recently released the Mikey, a small, very powerful microphone that enables anyone to capture studio quality sound on Apple's pocket-sized portables. Read the entire story.

Recording Studio in Your Pocket
When the band The 88 decided to record a song on their iPhone they never knew it would become their best-selling single. The CyberGuy gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the technology that is transforming the music industry and giving bands a recession proof way to top the charts. Watch the video.

Google to Blend Search, Music in One Box
Google will soon launch a music initiative, which the company at this point is calling a One Box for music, to offer song previews, artist bios, graphics and video. The search engine, however, will not be selling downloads or offering subscriptions. TechCrunch reported on Tuesday night that Google is entering the music business but said the search engine would launch a music service. That's not really what the One Box for music is, said sources familiar with the deal. Read the entire story.

Music Industry Signs Online Distribution Agreement With EU
The European Commission has signed an agreement with the online music industry designed to improve consumers' access to online music across the 27-nation European Union, it said Tuesday. Online music retailers including and Apple, Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia, royalty rights collecting societies, consumer groups and the record labels EMI and Universal Music Group struck the deal with E.U. Commissioner for competition Neelie Kroes. Read the entire story.

GameSoundCon Announces San Francisco Conference for November 13-14
Multiple award-winning film and game composer Chance Thomas will present the keynote address at GameSoundCon 2009 SF, to be held on November 13 and 14 at Pyramind in San Francisco. GameSoundCon features seminars and panels on videogame music composition and sound design, focusing on the challenges of working in the videogame industry, and offers networking opportunities with game audio professionals. Plus, GameSoundCon will offer two days of training sessions on how musicians can create and publish original music in the Rock Band Network. To learn more, visit

SPL Giving Away Attacker MicroPlug Until November 15
Until November 15, 2009, German manufacturer SPL is celebrating the first anniversary of its software division by giving away for free a MicroPlug from its Analog Code Series: the Attacker, which provides the Transient Designer's attack enhancement function. The promotion is limited to one full-version download of the Attacker MicroPlug (worth approximately $88 excluding VAT) per computer. To learn more, go to

Bruce Swedien Offers Critical Listening Workshop in November
Ten students will be selected to attend Bruce Swedien’s Critical Listening Workshop, to be held November 16-21, 2009, at his private home studio in Central Florida. The workshop will explore all phases of world-class, state-of-the-art music recording right up to and including the final mix. For more information, visit

SF MusicTech Summit Takes Place December 7
The fifth SF MusicTech Summit will take place Monday, December 7, 2009 at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. This growing international music, entertainment and technology culture and commerce conference brings together close to 700 prominent and influential visionaries and leaders, including developers, entrepreneurs, musicians, investors, labels, attorneys, managers, service providers, press and organizations in an unparalleled deal-making environment. Tickets can be ordered at

Mix Remembers Les Paul
In remembrance of Les Paul, who passed away on August 13, 2009 in White Plains, N.Y., the editors of Mix created a special page featuring videos and podcasts, including podcasts with Stevie Wonder and Steve Miller. Click here to visit Mix magazine's special Les Paul tribute page.

Get Listed for Free in the 2009 Mix Master Directory
The MMD is the audio industry's premier listing of professional services! Get listed for free in this essential guide!

Coverage of the Fab Four from Mix and Electronic Musician
Welcome to BeatleTech, where you will find Fab Four-related articles and interviews from the pages of Mix and Electronic Musician magazines, as well as exclusive video content with artists and engineers who have worked with The Beatles. Check Out the BeatleTech Site!

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Audio Education
Next month, we look at audio education—both in the classroom and online. What advice would you give to a student looking for the right audio program? E-mail us at

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