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From Mix Magazine | A Penton Media Publication    March 7, 2008  
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Will your wireless mics work next year? No need to worry about that with Sabine's 2.4 GHz Wireless. Immune from TV interference and any "White Space" issues, this system provides 70 simultaneous channels that work everywhere in the world. Find out why this is the only wireless mic with a future at

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'Tis the Season of the Club
Shure Offers More Info on "White Spaces"
Allen & Heath iDR0
NAB New Products Guide
Gavin DeGraw Promotes Music Therapy
Whose Out With What
Sennheiser's MKH 8000 series has top audio professionals smiling. With its incredible accuracy and tremendous range of accessories, it's adaptable to any requirement-from live sound to studio recording to score-mixing. Bob Fernandez and Claudia Engelhart talk more about the MKH the video.

'Tis the Season of the Club
So we're in the middle of club touring season -- the time when you have to make sure that your rider is just right. What's on your wish list for a club's sound system? Let us know by e-mailing us at

Shure Offers More Info on "White Spaces"
In continuing its work to educate our industry on the upcoming sale of certain wireless frequencies, Shure announced today that while the UHF television band may become more crowded, it is not going away by any means. MORE
Allen & Heath iDR0
Allen & Heath's iDR0 (£4999) is a new 2RU processing unit that provides all the processing features of the iLive system for networked audio systems. Instead of slots for I/O modules, the iDR0 offers two EtherSound ports, which provide all the audio inputs and outputs of the system. The unit uses the same processing PCBs as the iDR10, the "mix rack" that provides I/O and all processing and mixing functions with the current iLive system. Processing for 64 inputs, with full dynamics and EQ into 32 mixes with dynamics, EQ and graphic EQ is provided, and can be controlled by any of the iLive surfaces over Ethernet. Provision is also made for the backup power supply unit, iPS10, if required.

In other news, Allen & Heath's iLive Version 1.2 software, which is pre-installed in the iDR0 unit, has also been released. This new version provides many new tools for the user, including a range of new effects, such as delays, reverbs, ADT Doubler, Flanger (which emulates old classic flangers) and chorus. Also included in the new software suite is a 4-band parametric EQ on FX returns, the option to insert an FX engine into a channel as if it were an external device (plug-in style) and a patchbay extension making external inputs available for matrices, groups, aux and mains. Visit for a full list of features and download the software for free. A full list of all the additional features is available on the iLive website, where the new software is available as a free download.


NAB New Products Guide
Get your products into this online-only NAB "New Products Guide"—part of our larger NAB microsite. For information, contact

Register Today for Remix Hotel Miami 2008!
Remix Hotel Miami is heading to the National Hotel in South Beach March 27-30. Get all the latest news and updates at, and don't forget to register!

New NEXO Loudspeaker Listening Event in New England March 6-7
Acoustical consultants and sound system engineers in the New England area are invited to listen to and critique the new NEXO GEO S 1210/1230 Series compact loudspeaker array on Thursday, March 6 (from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.) and Friday, March 7 (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.). The event will be hosted by New England Audio Tech and Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Inc. on behalf of NEXO, and will take place at 11 Industrial Way in Atkinson, N.H. For more information and to register, contact Yamaha district manager Martin Dombey at or 800/322-4322 x9718.

Game Audio Digital Magazine
This new monthly mag brings you behind the scenes on creating sounds for today's hottest titles, from Guitar Hero to Splinter Cell and Call of Duty, plus hot gear news, tech pages and spotlights on audio pros like you who've made it big. And if that's not enough to make you look, we've thrown in some cool giveaways, if you can find 'em! To check out the current issue, click here!


Monitor engineer Dave Guerin recently road-tested the DiGiCo D5 Version 4 upgrade for The Pogues' Christmas tour. Entec Sound and Light supplied the console, along with the rest of the monitor gear.

[With the upgrade,] now you can easily see the graphic that is inserted on the selected output and it's immediately available. As soon as you select the output, the graphic's there. You can also be listening to one output, but select a different mix to the one you are listening to, which means you can adjust the reverb send while listening to where the reverb is returning to. Guitarist James Walbourne has a full mix of drums, accordion, banjo and main vocal, plus his vocal and acoustic. [Guest vocalist] Ella Finer uses the same wedges but with a totally different mix of just her vocal and a bit of the main vocal. On an analog desk, there would be lots of buttons having to be turned off. On the D5, with one fader I can change between the mix for James and the mix for Ella in the same set of wedges.


Gavin DeGraw Promotes Music Therapy
Singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw has partnered with online auction site CharityFolks to use his upcoming tour to draw attention to the charity Musicians on Call.

Efforts Under Way to Organize Benefit Concert for Organic Farmers
It's to be a celebration of rural culture, sustainable agriculture and the family farm. But the music and food festival planned for July 25-27 at the Vincent Spies farm east of Ashkum can accomplish even more, said the Spies youngest child, Vickie, a professional concert sound technician now living in Shelbyville, Tenn. MORE

Long Center Opening: Sound Takes Center Stage
A pre-opening concert set the stage for what will be the sights and sounds of the Long Center for the Performing Arts. At its heart is the Michael and Susan Dell Hall. The 2,000 plus seats and cherry wood trim are a sight to see, but first comes the sound. MORE


Whose Out With What
Killswitch Engage
Sound Company: Rat Sound
FOH Board/Engineer: Digidesign VENUE/Jordan Coopersmith
Monitor Board/Engineer: Yamaha PM5DRH/Bob Strakele
P.A./Amps: L-Acoustics V-DOSC, dV-DOSC, ARCs; Rat Dual 18-inch subwoofer/L-Acoustics LA48A, Crest 7001/4801, Crown 2400 and 3600, Chevin Q6
Monitors: ARC speakers, Rat Dual 18-inch subwoofer, L-Acoustics HI-Q
Outboard Gear: XTA DP428, TC Electronic D-Two/2290, Summit Audio DCL200
Mics: Sennheiser e609, e904; Shure SM58, SM57, Beta 52, 91, 98d/s, 58, 57; Neumann KSM109, KSM32; Audix OM7; Audio-Technica AT 4050; Radial J48V
Additional Crew: tour manager Jimmy P., production manager Jordan Coopersmith

Iron Maiden
Sound Company: ML Executives Group (Fort Lauderdale)
FOH Board/Engineer: Doug Hall/Soundcraft Vi6
Monitor Board/Engineer: Steve “Gonzo†Smith/DiGiCo D5 Live
P.A./Amps: EAW KF760, KF300z, KF761, SB1000z/Lab.gruppen FP7000, FP6400
Monitors: EAW SM200iH, KF850z; Turbosound TMS3, 2x15; EML 2x15; HK Audio 2x18
Outboard Gear: EAW Smaart Version 6, XTA DP226, AudioCore wireless, AMS RMS15, Smart c2 compressor, dbx 1066, Eventide H3000 DSE, Yamaha SPX2000
Mics: Shure UHF Series with Beta 87C element, wireless and wired mics
Additional Crew: system designer Gary Marks, line array system tech Michael Hackman, monitor/stage tech Squid Walsh


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