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September 20, 2004 Volume 3, Number 18

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Announcements from Mix
Blair's Blog
Cakewalk Sonar 4
Online Auction Scams: Caveat Emptor!
Blue Sky ProDesk Keeps ESPN Sports on the Extreme


With over 10 years experience, Healey Music Inc, is recognized throughout North America as a top flight provider of graphic arts and CD/DVD replication and packaging.

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The Liquid Channel Starts Flowing...
The talk of the show during its launch at last year's AES, Focusrite's Liquid Channel is now shipping. To find out why this advanced channel strip -- with its replicas of 40 classic mic preamps and 40 compressors, combined with Focusrite digital EQ and sparking 192kHz clarity -- is turning heads, click here.

Audio Production Seminars On Demand are an exciting new medium for presenting new products, applications and techniques to those interested in audio and music production. Streaming video, audio and narrated presentation tools teamed with downloadable files, live links and supplemental info make a complete online demo viewable on your own time. Find the Seminars On Demand at mixonline.com/sod.

Where can you find great sushi at 1 a.m. in San Francisco? Find out by logging on to Mix's AES Survival Guide, our special Website designed to help you navigate the city by the Bay like a true insider. P.S. Don't call it "Frisco"! Details to be announced soon.

Mix eClassifieds, a user-friendly, affordable way to connect buyers, sellers, job seekers and employers is now live. Check it out!

New Online Production Courses Now Available From Berkleemusic.com

Berkleemusic, the online extension school of Berklee College of Music, has announced the addition of six new online music production courses available for our Fall semester, enrolling now for September 16th. Courses include Desktop Music Production for PC, Digital Performer 101, Making Music with GarageBand, Recording and Producing in the Home Studio, and Producing Music with Reason. Learn the Berklee techniques for producing great-sounding music at home, using a variety of different software applications. Courses are filling up quickly.

For more information on our online courses or our new college credit certificate programs, please call Berkleemusic¹s admissions advisor at 1-866-BERKLEE, or visit the Website at:



Maybe it's because I'm an admitted left-wing pinko, but I seem to be on an awful lot of friends' e-mail lists who regularly send out political screeds of one type or another. If there's a 5,000-word analysis of where the Bush administration went wrong in Iraq that was published in some obscure journal (or online blog!), chances are, it's arrived in my e-mailbox in triplicate already. That's okay -- I read the ones that look interesting; I trash the rest. I've forwarded my share to friends and work associates, too.

Of course, the best ones are the funny, creative ones. Just yesterday, I got one from a Mix writer called "The Bush Campaign's TV Commercial If He Was Running Against Jesus." Close-up on Jesus' face, with a quote across it:"Do not resist one who is evil. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other." Below the quote: "Can we trust Jesus to fight the war on terror?" And so on, distorting several of Jesus' other teachings for political gain. More disturbing (but even funnier) was one I received from another friend over the weekend that depicted Bush, Kerry, Cheney and Edwards as nattily dressed women -- their faces had been expertly transplanted onto some existing photographs. The results were not pretty. Dick Cheney looked vaguely like Billie Jean King, for better or worse. Most of you have probably seen"This Land" on jibjab.com: It's an extremely clever photo-animated song that skewers Bush and Kerry to the tune of Woody Guthrie's classic song. MORE


Cakewalk Sonar 4
Cakewalk has announced Sonar 4 Producer Edition, which is scheduled to ship September 28, 2004. The new version contains added recording, editing, comping and navigation tools, as well as innovative surround and A/V capabilities. MORE

Dynaudio AIR Base Subwoofers
Dynaudio Acoustics introduces two new active subwoofers, the AIR Base 12 ($3,595 MSRP) and 24 ($4,995), which are scheduled to ship this month. MORE

Now Shipping: Great River EQ-2NV
Great River Electronics is now shipping the EQ-2NV, a companion equalizer based on the topology of vintage 1081 and 1083s. MORE

Phonic Upgrades PAA2 Interface
This fall, Phonic upgraded the PAA2 handheld audio analyzer with several new features, including a built-in miniature omni direction condenser microphone; XLR jacks for line input and output; data port; 3.5mm mini stereo phone jack for RS232; 30 to 130dB SPL; -50 to +40dBu line input; -52 to +38dBV line input; 5mV to 80V voltage; quick-touch shut down; a simplified scroll menu; seven-hour battery life; and more. MORE

RealTraps Debuts MondoTraps
Real Traps is now shipping MondoTraps, an acoustical treatment product that reportedly absorbs frequencies well below the 100Hz range. MORE


Online Auction Scams: Caveat Emptor!
A recent item on eBay brings up the need to be careful when buying gear online. Some overseas seller (surprise: It was the UK this time... they must be getting wise to the fact that Indonesian sellers are a tip-off) was offering a mastering version of a Manley SLAM! limiter with a way-too-cheap price. MORE

Allstars Return to Upgraded Ardent
Just in time for a return visit from North Mississippi Allstars, who were tracking material for their next ATO Records release, Ardent Studios (Memphis) added three Digidesign Pro Tools|HD3 Accel systems, one for each main studio. MORE

Cakewalk Announces Studio Precision & Power Tour
Cakewalk has announced the Studio Precision & Power Tour featuring the Sonar 4 Producer Edition. MORE

Surround Music Award Honorees Herbie Hancock and BT Broadcast Online
Coding Technologies, a provider of audio compression software for broadcast, mobile and Internet, announced that 5.1 broadcasts featuring artists BT and Herbie Hancock are now streamed on the Internet, launched with the recent Surround Sound 2004 conference. MORE

OBie O'Brien Joins Manhattan Center Productions
Industry vet OBie O'Brien has joined Manhattan Center Productions as studio manager, reporting to president Peter Ross. MORE

TerraSonde Offers Toolbox Upgrade
TerraSonde has created Trade Your Toolbox in for a Rocket Ship, an upgrade program for current Audio Toolbox users. MORE


Blue Sky ProDesk Keeps ESPN Sports on the Extreme
As a senior audio consultant for ESPN, Ron Scalise oversees major sports broadcasts in standard and high-definition audio formats, including the NBA, the NHL Finals, Sunday Night Baseball, NCAA College Basketball Conferences and ESPN's multi-award-winning Sunday Night Football, as well as the recent Emmy-winning Great Outdoor Games. MORE

Mercer Media Posts "Film School" for IFC
Mercer Media (New York City) has just completed work on the Independent Film Channel's original docu-series Film School, which began airing September 10 and continues for nine consecutive weeks. MORE

Dylan Dresdow Wraps Two Projects With A Designs
Engineer Dylan Dresdow, who was nominated for three Grammys and two TEC Awards for his work on the Black Eyed Peas' Elephunk, recently wrapped up new albums for R&B artist Tweet and San Francisco-based trio The Lovemakers using an arsenal of mics and A Designs mic pre's and EQs. MORE

Brockman "Gets Even" at NuMedia NY
Bob Brockmann and partner Yaron Fuchs, co-owners of the NuMedia NY Studios and Flatbush Records, regularly develop and produce new acts...MORE

Danetracks Revvs Up "Hulk 2" Video Game
The sound design team at Danetracks recently completed work on the Hulk 2 video game for Vivendi Universal using HHB's PDR-2000 Portadrive to record cars crashing to the ground and other effects. MORE

Echo Boys Speeds Into Buell Motorcycles
After teaming with Buell Motorcycles last year on the Mine spot, the Echo Boys post house has reunited with Buell and its ad agency, Laughlin Constable/Chicago, to contribute sound design and audio post to a fast-paced music video-type spot titled Do It Again. MORE

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