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October 19, 2004

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2005 Mix Master Directory
AES New Product Highlights
Alcons Audio U.S. Debut at AES
Chicks With Attitude

The TEC Award-nominated Martin Audio W8LC is a compact three-way, all-horn line array system offering truly exceptional audio, consistent coverage, high efficiency, and rapid set-up time. This "true midsized" system is ideal for small arenas, theaters, clubs, and AV rental installations.

For more information call 519.747.5853, mail rhofkamp@martin-audio.com, or visit www.martin-audio.com

2005 Mix Master Directory
As the ultimate resource for music and audio professionals, the Mix Master Directory presents your information to prospective customers at the exact moment they're ready to buy. Make sure your company is listed! Deadline is October 26, 2004.

AES San Francisco: Surviving the City, the Convention in Style
Where can you find great sushi at 1 a.m. in San Francisco? Find out by logging on to Mix's AES Survival Guide, our special Website designed to help you navigate the city by the Bay like a true insider. P.S. Don't call it "Frisco!" To check it all out, go to mixonline.com/aes2004guide.

Plan to visit the Remix Hotel during AES SF? Haven't booked your room yet? Host hotel the W San Francisco is offering discounted rooms to RHSF attendees. Rooms are available on a first-come basis and can be booked here.

TEC: Don't Forget to Vote!
If you are a Mix subscriber in the U.S. or Canada, your September issue should have arrived with a TEC Voter's Ballot attached to the cover. Follow the TEC Voter's Guide inside the issue or find out more at www.mixfoundation.org.

Audio Production Seminars On Demand!
Audio Production Seminars On Demand are an exciting new medium for presenting new products, applications and techniques to those interested in audio and music production. Currently Live: Taylor Guitars' Rupert Neve Expression System and K4 Preamp and Mix Presents Drum Miking Techniques. Find the Seminars On Demand at www.mixonline.com/sod, www.emusician.com/sod or www.remixmag.com/sod.

Now Available: Mix eClassifieds!
Mix magazine eClassifieds will provide Mix's readers and the pro audio community with an efficient way to buy and sell gear, find employment and much more. For more information, go to www.mixonline.com/emarketplace.


Hear Technologies announces the launch of their new Talk Back 600 MV that adds talk back, monitor master volume, monitor switching, and monitor dimming capability to recording consoles, digital hard disc recording systems, and portable audio workstations. The 600 MV replaces the successful Talk Back model 600. Intended applications include professional and project recording studios and post-production facilities.


AES New Product Highlights
The 117th AES Convention hits San Francisco from October 28-31, 2004. Here are some new products that will be unveiled or displayed at the show.

Allen & Heath's Xone VF-1 DJ Mixer Filter Module
Allen & Heath will be introduce a new product inspired by Xone DJ mix products at the 117th AES Convention, booth #919. The new Xone VF-1 is a single-rackspace, universal analog stereo filter intended for live and studio use that creates and manipulates audio filtering. MORE

InnovaSon Sy48 Digital Console
InnovaSon will showcase the compact, lightweight digital mixing console, Sy48, at AES, booth #1010. A variant of the Sy40 console, the Sy48 is suited for mixing front of house or monitors, and in fixed installations, such as broadcast trucks, radio studios, theaters or houses of worship. MORE

Neumann Capsule for Sennheiser SKM5000-N Hybrid System
Neumann will introduce the cardioid KK104-S microphone capsule for Sennheiser's SKM5000-N wireless system at AES, booth #1010. MORE

Soundcraft GB4
Soundcraft's GB4 is a dual-mode, 4-bus mixing console that uses the GB30 mic preamps and EQ designed by founder Graham Blyth for the company's 30th anniversary in 2003, and will be on display at Harman Professional Group's booth, #909. The desk was built for mid-sized fixed installations, such as clubs, theaters and houses of worship, as well as regional touring sound systems.MORE

Sennheiser 900 Series
Sennheiser Electronics Corporation will introduce the Evolution Wired Microphone Performance 900 Series at AES, booth #1010. Intended for vocal and instrumental applications, the Evolution 900 Series comprises seven new backline mics, and three previously introduced 900 Series models, including the cardioid 935, supercardioid 945 and 903 instrumental mics. Sennheiser has also designed seven additional backline mics to augment the line, including the Evolution 901, 902, 904, 905, 906, 908 and 914. MORE

Studer Vista 8
Studer (AES booth #909) will show its new Vista 8 digital live production console at AES. Based on the platform of the Vista 6 and 7, the Vista 8 incorporates Studer's Vistonics™ user interface, expanding the concept to provide output metering and control in addition to a host of other features. MORE

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The Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio has announced that it will present the TEC Awards Music and Sound Auction on eBay, starting on October 21 and running through November 2. The auction will coincide with the 20th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, to be held on Saturday, October 30 at the San Francisco Marriott.

The online auction will be managed by H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) a nonprofit dedicated to informing musicians and the public about the prevention of hearing impairment in the music environment. Proceeds will benefit H.E.A.R.(R), as well as the Sound Partners™ campaign of the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles, a hearing conservation program co-founded by the Mix Foundation in 1997.

Alcons Audio U.S. Debut at AES
Alcons Audio announced their debut in the United States with participation in the AES Convention this year in San Francisco, and the appointment of Transmission Lines Marketing & Distribution as the official U.S. distributor of their systems, amplifiers, controllers and components. MORE

Crossgrade Offered for Minilyzer ML1 Applications
NTI AG, a manufacturer of audio measurement equipment, announced the availability of the ML1-AL1 cross-grade option for all Minilyzer customers. The new firmware crossgrade enables all ML1 owners to benefit from the latest developments implemented in the Acoustilyzer AL1, including the ability to conduct fast and robust speech-intelligibility measurements using STI-PA. MORE

BlueWater Audio Ensures P.A. Doesn't Drown in Blue Angels
San Diego, Calif.-based BlueWater Audio, an audio integration business co-owned by partners Paul Svenson and Steve Manno, regularly takes on serious sonic challenges for the U.S. Marines all over Southern California. MORE

BSS Reduces Pricing for Soundweb
BSS Audio USA announces that it has reduced the retail prices of all of its Soundweb DSP models by an average of 15 percent. MORE

Meyer Sound Vs. MythBusters
Meyer Sound products and personnel were central to a new episode of MythBusters, the popular weekly television show appearing on the Discovery Channel. The quirky series, produced by Australia's Beyond Productions, combines hard science and wacky humor as its two hosts, seasoned special effects wizards and all-around gadgetry freaks Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, debunk or, occasionally, confirm various urban legends. Topics investigated by MythBusters have ranged from getting stuck on a flushing airplane toilet to removing bloodstains with Coca-Cola. MORE

Shure, Full Compass, Audio Biz Jam at Annual Rib Chick Event
Every year in Madison, Wis., Full Compass's employees and family hold the annual Battle of the Bands event, known fondly as Rib Chick. As he has for the past 13 years, Rib Chick has been hosted and MC'd by Randy Stenson of Audio Biz. MORE

Chicks With Attitude
Liz Phair Hit the Stage With dbx
Singer/songwriter Liz Phair is the headliner on the current leg of the Maybelline New York Presents Chicks With Attitude tour, and her onstage monitoring has been taken care of by dbx Professional Products technologies. Monitor mixer Kevin Glendinning uses the dbx IEM In-Ear-Monitor Processor as the main processing system for Phair's in-ear mix monitoring. In addition, the flexibility of the IEM system allows Glendinning to utilize the dbx DriveRack(R) 480 Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Management System for very specific applications, creating a combined all-dbx system. Components of the tour's sound system were provided by dB Sound. MORE

Sonia Dada Engineer Scott Steiner Tours With Yamaha PM5D
Sonia Dada's front-of-house engineer Scott Steiner had no idea mixing on a new Yamaha PM5D would happen so quickly. "We were loading out to our semi from a private show on Thursday night in San Francisco when my production manager introduced me to Joseph Lopez, applications specialist from Yamaha, and Ralph Tolson, Yamaha Commercial Audio dealer from Hi-Tech Audio. They had just happened by after having dinner down the street." What ensued was one of those moments when coincidences began to pop-up. MORE

R.E.M. Tours With EAW KF760 Line Arrays
R.E.M began the U.S. leg of their 2004 world tour with an EAW KF760 line array system supplied by Seattle-based Carlson Audio Systems, who have been contracted to provide the house sound system for all 30 shows of the tour. MORE

Sennheiser Mikes Simpson's World
Ashlee Simpson jumped into the spotlight with her debut album Autobiography, which shot to the top of the Billboard album chart. Three weeks later, Simpson took her Sennheiser SKM5000 RF microphone and EW300IEM-G2 on a tour of TV shows worldwide. MORE

Shure Takes on Ozzfest
Guitarist Kerry King of metal band Slayer was one of the hardcore Shure devotees giving life to this year's Ozzfest, with gear provided by the Niles, Ill.-based manufacturer. Reuniting the talents of Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Terence "Geezer" Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums), Black Sabbath entrusted lead vocals to a wireless U24D/Beta 58 system, while its trademark guitar and bass attack was shouldered by ULX wireless. MORE

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