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August 18, 2005

Beauty is more than skin deep...

The RØDE NT2-A, represents an uncommon
technical achievement.

Many mics today look similar. They all have a 1" capsules, a mesh head and a cylindrical body. It is only when you look a little deeper and listen carefully that you will see and hear that there are major differences. If there weren't we would all buy $50.00 mics, and be very happy! As you know there are also microphones in the same category selling for thousands of dollars each. Why you ask? Well they are made with the best parts and they are engineered, not just thrown together to look the part. While these microphones are superb, they are expensive due to the low volume that is produced. They rely on hand assembly and parts are bought in small quantities. When you make 100 microphones per year, you can't spend $200,000.00 on tooling, or the microphone would end up being $10,000.00.

RØDE has changed the industry by pioneering
high quality volume production. This means we can invest more in design and tooling; use the very finest components and capsules, and still offer the NT2-A at a price that would be impossible using the old techniques and technologies.

Designed and manufactured at RØDE's new $10,000,000.00 facility in Sydney, the NT2-A incorporates the latest innovations in transducer design, coupled to RØDE's surface mount electronics, offering pure signal quality and the lowest noise levels of any microphones with the same features. RØDE are so proud of the NT2-A that we now offer a Full 10 Years Parts And Labour Guarantee.

Peter Freedman, founder of RØDE Microphones on the assembly floor in the Sydney.

Lets have a look inside the NT2-A and
see why it's so special.

· The Australian designed and manufactured "HF1" 1" edge terminated,
  gold sputtered, dual 5 µm diaphragm capsule.
· Precision machined non-resonant substructure.
· 3-position variable polar pattern: Omni, Cardioid &
  Figure 8; all controlled on the mic.
· 3-position variable high-pass filter: Flat, 80 Hz or 40 Hz.
· 3-position variable pad: 0 dB, -5 dB or -10 dB.
· Ultra low noise, transformerless surface mount circuitry. 7 dBA
· Wide dynamic range.
· High strength heat-treated steel mesh head.
· Durable satin nickel finish.
· Internal capsule shock mount.
· Supplied complete with soft pouch and M2 stand mount.
· 10-year warrantee.
· Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

True beauty revealed...

The heart and soul:
The capsule is the heart of any microphone. The NT2-A is built around the same capsule used in the internationally awarded K2 tube microphone. Manufactured to the most exacting tolerances, and hand assembled in RØDE's own laboratory grade clean rooms, the NT2-A's capsule embodies the art and science of the finest transducer technology available today.

The HF-1 precision transducer. Designed and manufactured in Sydney Australia.

A solid foundation:
The computer designed and modelled non-resonant substructure is precision machined using the latest automated systems. While expensive, this attention to detail ensures the NT2-A is free of structural borne vibrations that would otherwise add distortion and seriously degrade the acoustic performance.

The art of electronics:
Audiophile grade surface mount technology as
used in only the finest and most expensive studio microphones. Built at RØDE's own computer controlled robotic surface mount facility, the NT2-A's electronic components are selected not only for their precision specifications, but are also critically tested for their in-circuit sound qualities. This provides you with unsurpassed signal purity, industry recognized lowest self-noise, and the reliability demanded by today's professionals.

Precision surface mount audiophile topology and component selection.

The beauty of structural integrity...

Total control:
All the control and creative freedom you will ever need in a studio microphone.

· 3 Polar Patterns
· 3-position Pad
· 3 High Pass Filters

As we have said, the New NT2-A, represents a major technological advancement. The NT2-A is a worthy evolution over the legend that started a revolution, the NT2.

The NT2 was sold in the hundreds of thousands, and become the tone behind countless recording hits since its release in 1992.

So when you decide to invest in a new studio microphone, please look a little deeper than what is on the surface. When you do, you will see that RØDE stands alone.

No other microphone delivers the same combination of sound quality, engineering excellence and true value for money and backed by the best after sales service in the industry.

The Legend Continues

First impressions can be misleading.
On the surface, many microphones appear to be the same,
it's only when you look deeper you see the truth!

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