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September 18, 2002

Table of Contents
And the Emmy Goes to Apple's Final Cut Pro
Skywalker Sound Invests in Neve 88R
Sheffield's Glory Days With the Boss
TC Works Updates Master X3, TC Tools
Meet Steve Pearce: netStudio across the Atlantic
113th AES Convention, October 5-8, 2002, at the Los Angeles Convention Center
18th Annual TEC Awards, Monday, October 7, 2002, at the Wilshire Grand Hotel


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And the Emmy Goes to Apple's Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro, Apple's (Cupertino, Calif.) professional video and film-editing software, was awarded a 2002 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award for its impact on the television industry by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. MORE

Skywalker Sound Invests in Neve 88R
Skywalker Sound (Marin County, Calif.) will be installing a Neve 88R console on the Scoring Stage for both film scoring and music recording/mixing projects. Skywalker Sound will debut the console in October. MORE

Kid Rock Back Out With Evolution Wireless
Independent monitor engineer Doug Deems is once again taking Sennheiser Evolution Wireless 500 Series microphone and in-ear monitor systems on the road with Kid Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker Band, who are touring with Aerosmith. Deems has been mixing Kid Rock for the past three years. MORE

Henninger Media Services Unveils Second Composition Suite
Arlington, Va.-based Henninger Media Services (www.henninger.com) has installed a second music composition suite at Henninger Arlington for resident composers Todd Hahn and Mike Wolpe of Invisible Players Inc. MORE

Allen&Heath Changes U.S. Distribution
Allen&Heath is now represented in the U.S. by a new company, North American Pro Audio (NAPA), ending the company's business relationship with Utah-based Harman Music Group. Allen&Heath left Harman International Industries Limited Group following a management buyout in June 2001 but had continued to distribute its products through Harman Music Group until July 31, 2002. MORE

Big Sound in Little Nashville
The Little Nashville Opry (Nashville, Ind.) has installed a 56-channel Soundcraft SM20 console to run its monitor system. The new desk replaces a 48-channel board from a different manufacturer. MORE

Products and Installs
Sheffield's Glory Days With the Boss
Sheffield Audio Video Productions was out with the SSL Axiom-MT digital console for Bruce Springsteen's concert in Asbury, N.J., and appearance on The Tonight Show. MORE

TC Works Updates Master X3, TC Tools
TC Works announced that Version 3.5 of its TDM plug-ins, Master X3 and TC Tools, now support Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools|24, allowing operation of sample rates up to 96 kHz. Master X3 is available for Mac OS 9.x and Windows, while TC Tools is only available for Mac OS 9.x; both versions will be available at the end of this month. MORE

Shure Adds to SM Line
Announcing the first model to join its SM line in over 10 years, Shure introduces the SM86 handheld vocal microphone (MSRP: $300). The SM86 is currently shipping at all authorized Shure dealers. MORE

Mackie Hard Disk Recorders Updated Once Again
Mackie has released an operating system upgrade for its HDR24/96 and MDR24/96 hard disk recorders, which implements Broadcast .WAV as the native recording format, as well as compatibility with the recently announced OPT*24 and Serial*9 cards. The update is free to Mackie customers. MORE

Steinberg, Wolfgang Palm Introduce PLEX
Wolfgang Palm and co-developer Steinberg announced PLEX, a new VST Instrument that uses a unique form of "restructuring" synthesis for manipulating instruments to create original soundscapes. PLEX is available for a retail price of $249.99. MORE

Primera Technology Unveils Bravo Disc Publisher
Primera Technology introduces its all-in-one CD/DVD duplication and printing system, Bravo Disc Publisher. This system was designed for hands-free, automated production of up to 25 CDs or DVDs per job with the built-in 40x CD-R recorder ($1,995) or optional Pioneer combo DVD-R/CD-R recorder ($2,495). MORE


Now Available! Sonic Implants Symphonic String Collection
20 CD-ROM Sample Library for Gigasampler. Absolutely the most gorgeous, playable, string library available.
"WOW! THANK YOU! Will use them on my next project, Making of the Lord of Rings. Wish I had them last year for the FOX TV Special!" -Michael Plowman, Composer
Demos, Clinics and Info at www.sonicimplants.com/strings/mix

netStudio Notes
Meet Steve Pearce: netStudio across the Atlantic

Steve Pearce, a Mix netStudio regular, resides in South Staffordshire, UK. Steve is probably netStudio's most active user -- he initiates several public sessions every week, and can always be found contributing tracks to others.
As a player and producer, Steve has rung up an impressive list of credits, from Yes's Jon Anderson to '70s heartthrob David Cassidy. He's recently been working with Moody Blues founding bassist Clint Warwick, with players contributing tracks from all over the world via Rocket Networks and Mix netStudio.
Steve is currently finishing up his first CD. Many of the tunes on the disk are the result of collaborations over Rocket Networks using netStudio. "The beauty of Rocket Network is that there is no other place in the world that a song can assemble such a wealth of world class musicians", he says, "Whatever style you are or however insignificant you think your ideas maybe, the guys are here to help you develop it to whatever level you desire, in whatever style you desire."
He goes on to say, "Ultimately, Rocket is really a way of life that you have to experience firsthand. A saying we have here is 'You're never alone with Rocket'".
Steve's music can be heard at www.liveartists.com.

Listen to netStudio!
Robb Scott, netStudio's sysadmin and resident music-maker, has posted three netStudio sessions in MP3 format that anyone can listen to. This means you can hear some of the excitement and creativity that's happening on Mix's Rocket-powered collaboration network. Check them out: Blowzabella, Mighty Fall, and Hot Edit.

Feature Events
113th AES Convention, October 5-8, 2002, at the Los Angeles Convention Center

18th Annual TEC Awards, Monday, October 7, 2002, at the Wilshire Grand Hotel
Tickets are now available online for the 18th Annual TEC Awards, Monday, October 7, 2002, at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles.

September 2002
The SONAR Axis of Audio music retail clinic tour kicks off September 2002 at key music retailers in California and New York, and runs through October. To find a store near your, visit www.cakewalk.com.

Syn-Aud-Con Seminars: "System Optimization" and "System Design" seminar: September 16-20, Providence, R.I.; October 14-18, Chicago; and November 18-22, Seattle.

Fits & Starts Productions presents "5.1 Advanced Techniques" road tour with audio engineer/surround guru Mike Sokol. Six regional tours are planned, with each tour visiting six sites. Tours start September 16, 2002, and continue every four to six weeks until May 2003. Visit www.modernrecording.com to find a site near you.

IRMA Technology & Manufacturing Conference, September 25-27, 2002, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Looking Ahead
Streaming Media East 2002 Conference & Exhibition at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, October 1-3.

CEA Industry Forum and Fall Conference, October 14-16, 2002, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

The AES Los Angeles Section monthly meeting on October 29 will focus on alternative loudspeaker technology, to be held at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City.

MUSICWORKS, October 31-November 2 at The Lighthouse and selected venues in Glasgow, Scotland.

M3/Replitech dates: November 6-8, 2002, in Bangkok; and February 4-6, 2003, in San Jose, Calif.

Inter BEE 2002: November 20-22, 2002, at the Nippon Convention Center (Makuhari Messe) in Chiba City, Japan.

SBES 2002, November 20-21, 2002, in Birmingham, UK, at Hall II NEC.

Replication Expo 2002, December 4-5, 2002, in Washington, D.C.

Pro Production 2003, "The Live Event Marketplace," will take place January 10-12, 2003 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego.

Bargain Bin
Retailers, manufacturers: Contact sbenzuly@primediabusiness.com to suggest an item for future "Bargain Bin" listings.

Recording Tip from George Petersen,
   Mix's editorial director

Weird Ribbon Mic Tricks
A ribbon mic in front of a kick drum is a recipe for disaster, as the drum's enormous air pressure can instantly distort/destroy the mic's sensitive ribbon. However, you can often get a huge -- yet safe -- kick sound by laying a ribbon mic on a pillow inside the drum, with the mic's element pointing straight up toward the ceiling so that the air flows across (and not into) the mic. For guitar overdubs, try putting a ribbon (or other figure-8 mic) between two 4x12 cabinets that face each other. As the back side of a figure-8 mic is out of phase with the front, wire one of the 4x12s out of phase, experiment a bit with mic-to-cabinet distances, and you've got a massive guitar sound like no other!

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