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November 4, 2002

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Genelec Intros Multichannel Monitoring System
38 Greene Opens in Manhattan
Apogee Converts Yamaha Sound
Brauner, Drawmer Mics Help Vocals Blossom
GoGirlsMusicFest "Get Hip To Hep C"
Audio Education Directory 2002

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From Mix's Daily News Service
Genelec Intros Multichannel Monitoring System
Genelec (Natick, Mass.) is showing a new comprehensive multichannel monitoring system, the 1029.LSE PowerPak, specifically designed for post-production suites and recording studios with control rooms measuring less than 3,000 cubic feet. Existing stereo-monitoring systems can also be upgraded to 5.1 surround. MORE

38 Greene Opens in Manhattan
38 Greene, a new 10,000-square-foot sound studio, opened this month at 38 Greene Street in Manhattan's SoHo District. Highlights include Pro Tools|HD 5.1, surround sound A/V option for video, and sound design and mix-to-picture studios, as well as a host of veteran staffers and award-winning talent. MORE

Kirkland Media to Build Entertainment Complex in Southeast
Atlanta-based Kirkland Media (www.kirklandmedia.com) announced plans to create a $35 million entertainment complex in the Southeast. KM has teamed up with Thacker Operating Company (TOC) and Comprehensive Technical Group (CTG), whereby TOC and CTG will conduct a market search over the next month to find a suitable site for this project. MORE

M-Audio Releases Free Guidebooks
M-Audio (Arcadia, Calif.) announced the Record Now Series of free guidebooks, which are designed to help musicians make informed choices on music technology, as well as provide tips and techniques on how to get the most out of today's gear. MORE

Mackie Extends Soundscape Upgrade
Mackie Designs (Woodinville, Wash.) extended its special upgrade program that allows Soundscape SSHDR-1 and E-mu Ensoniq Paris users to switch to Soundscape 32. The upgrade program, announced last April, was originally scheduled to run through September, but will now run until April 30, 2003. MORE

AMD Supplies DAWs to Top Producers
AMD (Sunnyvale, Calif.) has teamed up with Steinberg to provide its Athlon MP processor-based digital audio workstations for Steinberg Producer Group members, including top producers Rory Kaplan, Greg Ladanyi, Fred Maher and Elliot Scheiner. MORE

Products and Installs
Apogee Converts Yamaha Sound
The latest Yamaha digital audio products -- such as the DM2000 digital-production console, 02R, etc. -- now support Apogee's AP8 A/D and D/A YGDAI conversion cards at the 96kHz sample rate. Existing card owners should contact Apogee's support department for a free upgrade EPROM. MORE

Brauner, Drawmer Mics Help Vocals Blossom
Nashville-based recording engineer Mark Conley relied on the Brauner VM1 large-diaphragm, variable-pattern tube mic and Drawmer 1969 Mercenary Edition tube mic preamp/compressor to capture Kathy Mattea's vocals on her latest CD, Roses. MORE

Lucky Number 16
Microboards Technology is now shipping CopyWriter Pro, which features high-speed recorders and can be expanded to carry up to 16 CD-R recorders. CopyWriter Pro can be configured from two to 16 drives; a DVD version is also available. Full specs can be found at www.microboards.com.

Soundweb Checks Into Hyatt Hotels
RAW Media Technologies' operation manager Ed Gonzalez has been busy specifying and programming BSS Audio components via Soundweb Designer software for installs into several Hyatt Hotel locations. Just completed, Hyatt's Jersey City and Blackhawk Casino (Blackhawk, Colo.) now house a BSS 9000ii hub and at least five 9088ii DSP units. Visit www.bss.co.uk to check out current installs, such as Hyatt Regency Orlando Resort and Convention Center.

AKG Finds Luxury in Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Most new E-Class vehicles leave the factory equipped with an AKG array microphone to generate optimized voice signals for the car phone and the voice-control system. The mic module is installed in the rear-view mirror with the control unit containing the electronic circuitry and software for digital signal processing and interfacing with the rest of the vehicle electronics. MORE

Olympic-Sized Console
Olympic Studios (London; www.olympicstudios.co.uk) has just installed a Solid State Logic 80-channel XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue Console in its Studio 1 -- enabling the studio to offer both stereo and 5.1 surround sound recording and mixing. This is the first XL console to be installed in the UK. MORE

Feature Events
GoGirlsMusicFest "Get Hip To Hep C"
GoGirlsMusic.com, Onstage magazine and The American Liver Foundation present the GoGirlsMusicFest "Get Hip To Hep C," a series of concerts across the country to raise awareness of Hepatitis C. The event is set for October 3 to December 8 and will take place in at least 20 cities from Los Angeles to New York. MORE

This Month
The Euphonix Max Air U.S. Broadcast tour is currently on the road. Visit the specially commissioned truck -- outfitted with a 96-channel Max Air mixing system to recreate a realistic state-of-the-art digital broadcast environment -- in a city near you.

Digidesign and Intel have teamed up to present the "LE Studio Tour" to showcase the Pro Tools LE family of workstations (Digi 002, Digi 001 and Mbox). Free to attendees in over 150 cities in the U.S., Canada and the UK, all dates and locations are provided on Digidesign's Website, www.digidesign.com.

Sonic "Burn & Earn" Seminar Series on authoring DVDs with Sonic products, running up to December. For a city near you, visit www.sonic.com/seminars.

M3/Replitech dates: November 6-8, 2002, in Bangkok; and February 4-6, 2003, in San Jose, Calif.

CD+DVD Institute announced "The CD Volume and File Structure Seminar," November 6-8, at Media Sciences (Marlborough, Mass.)

West L.A. Music's free event: "The All-New Pro Tools Digi 002," November 11 and November 19.

The Recording Academy's Los Angeles chapter, in conjunction with the Producers & Engineers Wing and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, presents Sound Production with panelists such as Ed Cherney and Steve Vai. November 11, 2002, at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino from 7-9 p.m.

Inter BEE 2002: November 20-22, 2002, at the Nippon Convention Center (Makuhari Messe) in Chiba City, Japan.

SBES 2002, November 20-21, 2002, in Birmingham, UK, at Hall II NEC.

Looking Ahead
Replication Expo 2002, December 4-5, 2002, in Washington, D.C.

Pro Production 2003, "The Live Event Marketplace," will take place January 10-12, 2003 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego.

Digital Content Delivery (DCD) Expo (Replitech's Expanded Marketplace), February 4-6, 2002, at the San Jose (Calif.) Convention Center.

Sony DMX-R100 Digital Audio Mixer Operations Training: March 4, 2003 (Oradell, N.J.), July 29, 2003 (San Jose, Calif.), and November 11, 2003 (Oradell, N.J.) Each one-day training session costs $400 per person. Call 408/955-4231 or e-mail training@am.sony.com.

Sony DMX-R100 Advanced Operations Training: March 5, 2003 (Oradell, N.J.), July 30, 2003 (San Jose, Calif.), and November 12, 2003 (Oradell, N.J.). Each one-day training session costs $475 per person. Call 408/955-4231 or e-mail training@am.sony.com.

Hi-Speed CD Duplicators
The EZDiscopy™ is the latest in high speed CD, stand alone duplication technology. Our line of duplicators can copy one master CD to 1, 3, 5, or 7 blank CDs at speeds of 24X or 40X. At $1,990, our 1:7, 40X CD Duplicator is priced right.
Easy, online ordering available at www.ezdiscopy.com.

Attn. Musicians/Producers/DJs! Remix has partnered with V2, MTA Records and Cakewalk for the "Remix Aphrodite Contest." Entrants download loops from DJ Aphrodite's latest release entitled "Aftershock" and remix them using a free download of Cakewalk's new Plasma Express remixing software. V2/MTA Records' A&R staff will judge Aphrodite remix submissions.
Why stop at just one remix? Enter your track in the "Best Production" category for Diesel-U-Music competition, co-sponsored by Remix, Digidesign and Transmat Records. Applications are now being accepted. MORE

Attn. Manufacturers! NAMM 2003 (January 16-19, 2003, in Anaheim, Calif.) deadlines: Free badge pre-registration deadline is December 6. After the deadline, the cost of each badge is $25. Get listed for free in the PLAYback Supplement, a guide of what to see, artist appearances and concert events. Just fill out the form included in the registration mailing and fax/e-mail the info by November 13. Call 800/767-6266 for more. After you have finished registering, check out namm.com for discount airfare/rental car codes.

Register now for your free pass to the DV Expo West, December 9-12, 2002, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

In Mix Magazine This Month
Audio Education Directory 2002
So, you want a career in the professional audio world, but you don't know where to begin? Whether you're the next hitmaking producer, a potential Oscar-winning editor or a pioneer in creating sonic soundscapes to stream over the Web, this year's directory of audio education programs includes more schools and programs than ever before. MORE And read Paul Lehrman's "Insider Audio" about a unique recording program at a Connecticut conservatory. MORE

NFL Films
Forget for a moment that they do football. NFL Films has built the largest ground-up production facility in the past five years, accommodating everything from weekly shows on ESPN to specials for the History Channel and A&E. On this month's cover is its crown jewel, Studio A. MORE

Recording Vocals
It takes much more than just knowing where to place the mic to record rich, full vocals. In fact, it takes a bit of imagination and a desire for sonic perfection to record rock titan David Bowie, up-and-coming chart-topper Avril Lavigne, the incomparable soul group Boyz II Men and the talented and sophisticated Duncan Sheik. Read about their engineers' tips and techniques. MORE

AES Show Report
In case you've been sitting under a rock the past month, exciting new products and technology breakthroughs have been reported every where you turn. Check out all of the goodies that the Mix editors brought home. And while you're at it, flip the proverbial page and see if your picks for the 2002 TEC Awards winners matches up with the real thing. MORE

Studio Monitors 2002
In the market for a new studio monitor, but have found way too many options to pick from? Mix takes out the work (but not the fun) in picking out the newest addition to your equipment arsenal in this extensive roundup. MORE

Tips from Inside Mix
Dave Natale on FOH mixing for Lenny Kravitz live: "[Kravitz] wanted all of the effects and balances reproduced from the records, so I had to sit down and work out how to re-create all of the reverbs, delays and other studio sounds. Every song has a program number, so if an effect is not being used on the song, I have the output gain programmed to zero; that way, I don't have to turn stuff up and down." MORE

Producer Lloyd Maines on taking the digital leap for the Dixie Chicks' Home: "It sounds like we A/B'd stuff, because the first time we came in, we laid stuff down in analog, and then we did the same stuff in digital and everyone picked digital. Before, analog was a warmer format, but now they've developed digital converters to where you don't lose the warmth. I listened to the upright bass through the board and after the fact, and it sounds the same." MORE


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