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January 18, 2003

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Winter NAMM 2003 Products
FamilyLife Today Begins Construction
Hear Mic/Mic Preamps MP3s
Recording Tip

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Winter NAMM 2003 Products
Winter NAMM 2003 is finally here, boasting numerous halls and too-many-to-count product debuts. Here is a snippet of products making their pro-audio debut:

Ableton (booth #6704) is showing LIVE 2 for the first time.

AKG Acoustics (booth #6690, Hall A) will give away seven C 900 gold microphones; product drawings are held twice daily at noon and 5 p.m., except Sunday, January 19, when there will only be one at noon.

Bag End (booth #4378) introduces the M6, a 6-inch near-field monitor for project and home studios.

CreamWare (booth #6900, Hall A) is hosting live performances by keyboardist Geoff Downes, who will be jamming on the company's new Noah hardware synthesizer. CreamWare also presents Six-String, a virtual instrument for SCOPE Fusion Platform systems.

Cycling '74 (booth #6404) is showing Radial and Max/MSP/Jitter for OS X.

Digidesign (booth #6606, Hall A) is showing Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools 5.3.3 for Windows XP and Pro Tools 6.0 for Mac OS X; new Pro Tools LE-based products include Digi 002, Mbox. Also check out Pro Tools|HD-compatible plug-ins, and a slew of new Focusrite products (Platinum VoiceMaster PRO, VoiceMaster PRO/Blue Baby Bottle Bundle, ISA 428 Pre Pack, Platinum Series Compounder Stereo Compressor, ISA 220 and OctoPre).

Meet Hartmann's (booth #6203, hall A) Neuron synthesizer and its MODELmaker Software.

Check out these new products from distributor HHB (booth #4268): Ashdown Engineering launches 40- and 60-watt Fallen Angel amp combos, the 60- and 180-watt Fallen Angel heads, the fifth-anniversary, limited-edition 500-watt bass head and cabinets, and three low-cost bass rehearsal combos; new in the TL Audio booth are the 5052 Dual-Tube Processor (part of the Ivory 2 Series) and the VTC and M3 TubeTracker; check out Lynx Studio Technology's two Lstream expansion cards for the LynxTWO and L22 interfaces; HHB introduces six high-performance DVD-R discs and three DVD-RAM discs; and Rosendahl features its V3 Nanosync, which combines audio clock and video sync capabilities.

Mackie Designs (booth #6766) is presenting its UAD-1 3.0 software, UAD-8 I/O and the new Cambridge EQ and DreamVerb plug-ins.

Check out the fruits of Native Instruments' (booth #6520, Hall A) collaboration with EAST WEST and Zero-G on a series of sample-based software instruments.

Peavey Electronics' (booth #5740, Hall B) brand-new exhibit will host appearances by Eddie Van Halen, Stu Hamm and Frank Serafine.

Primera Technology's (booth #6849) Bravo Disc Publisher (a CD duplicator and printer) will be on display.

During Propellerhead's (booth #6704) annual trip to the States from Sweden, attendees will see the latest version of its Reason software.

In conjunction with Future Sonics, a licensed audiologist will be making free ear impressions at Sennheiser's booth. Visit booth #6555 every other hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during regular trade show hours; this is offered on a first come, first served basis. Also, on Sunday, January 19, at 11 a.m., female drummers Gina Schock, Roxy Petrucci and Gayelynn McKinney will be at the booth signing autographs. Later that day, multi-instrumentalist and composer Edgar Winter will giving away his John Hancock.

Steinberg (booth # 6524, Hall A) features its V-STACK, VSL 2020, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, HALion String Edition and Nuendo 2.0. Visitors can also meet Peter Gorges, who created The Grand, Virtual Guitarist and HALion String Edition.

TC Electronic (booth #6844) showcases its Reverb 4000, a stereo version of the System 6000, as well as a special Reverb 6000 bundle (which consists of a Reverb 6000, Icon Mac/PC Editor and a universal digital-format converter). TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies will release two new vocal-harmony processors: VoiceWorks and Quintet.

TC Works (booth #6840/6844) debuts a Mac OS X driver for its PowerCore DSP card.

Universal Audio (booth #6909) hosts its new TDM Plug-Ins, the LA-2A, 1176, Pultec EQ and Cambridge EQ at its booth, as well as at the Digidesign booth (#6606, Hall A). UA will also show the 2192, a dual-AD/DA converter, and the newly released 6176 channel strip.

News You Can Use
FamilyLife Today Begins Construction
FamilyLife Today (Little Rock, Ark.) began construction on its new Russ Berger-designed production facility, slated to open in September 2003. Project coordinator Keith Lynch says that he is looking for microphones, studio furniture, KVM systems, SAN, etc. Contact STUDIOA@familylife.com.

Hear Mic/Mic Preamps MP3s
Visit The Listening Sessions for MP3 clips of microphones and mic preamps at www.thelisteningsessions.com.

Award-winning editor Karen Knowles has opened kk.e (Venice, Calif.), a full-service editorial company offering offline editorial, project management and post-production supervision. Contact 310/392-4848 or visit www.kkeditorial.com.

Creative edit house Northern Lights Post (New York City) launched a Visual Effects Design division, headed by artist/designer Tera Petersen. Visit www.nlpedit.com.

North American customers can continue to rely on service from Thermal Relief (Las Vegas) for their SPL products -- both warranty and non-warranty. Contact Thermal Relief at 4467 Desert Bloom Court, Las Vegas, NV 89129; 702/395-7005; tmarra@prodigy.net.


There's a lot more to TransAmerica Audio Group than gear.
We are a group of those misfit rebel types who are foolish enough to believe that our business is not about money, but really helping you. If we earn your respect and friendship, you will come back to us again for years to come. We are a Distributor of professional audio to the American market. We are a wholesale business to the "trade" (stores). We represent the following group of companies:
AEA , APC, Brauner, Drawmer, GML, FMR Audio, Sequerra, Soundelux, SoundField , ZSYS

Recording Tip from George Petersen

Hey, I'm at NAMM this week, so I'm in a guitar mood. Here's one of those "why didn't I think of that?" mods that costs next to zero, but really comes in handy. Laying a rackmount box on top of a guitar amp offers a convenient location but is problematic, because the amp handle keeps the gear from sitting flat. At best, it's wobbly; at worse, the processor slides off of the amp in a floorward direction. Over the years, several companies have offered various clever piggybacking devices, but the easiest of all is to mount four rubber feet (stick-on or screw-on) on the top of the amp, which levels the rack box, isolates it from vibration and lets air circulate under the processor. Net cost: $1.00. Ease of mind on your next club date? Priceless.


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