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From Mix Magazine | A Prism Business Media Publication    August 18, 2006  
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CAD Trion 6000, 7000 and 8000
Last Chance for 2006 AES New Products Guide
Digidesign Announces Upcoming Support for Intel Macs
Shelby Lynne, Willie Nelson at The Village

We are proud to announce that the SPL DMC has been nominated for a TEC Award 2006. Running on SPL's unique 120V rails, this Dual-channel Mastering Console sets an industry benchmark in audio performance while providing I/O trimming, sources and returns connectivity, master fader and monitor level setting, and speaker management. Get detailed information at

CAD Trion 6000, 7000 and 8000
The Trion 8000 (pictured) is a multi-pattern, externally biased, large dual-diaphragm studio tube condenser mic. It incorporates a precision-machined, hand-assembled capsule with low-mass 1.12-inch gold-vapor--deposited, hand-dampened diaphragms for producing a warm, rich and open classic tube sound. A three-position polar pattern switch provides selection of omnidirectional, cardioid or figure-8. The Trion 8000 also features discrete Class-A electronics. MORE

Digidesign Strike
Digidesign's Advanced Instrument Research (AIR) group is following the launches of Xpand! and Hybrid by shipping Strike ($299), the third in its new line of RTAS instrument plug-ins for Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems running Pro Tools Version 7 or higher software. MORE

VirtuosoWorks Saxophone Sound Expansion Kit
VirtuosoWorks has released the Saxophone Sound Expansion Kit ($69), the sixth title in the company's library of sounds that expand on the standard orchestra provided for Notion software. MORE

MXL Microphones MXL.006
MXL Microphones introduces the MXL.006 ($169.95), a cardioid condenser microphone that connects directly to a Mac or PC via USB and supports USB 1.1 and USB 2. MORE

CME Bitstream 3X
CME, based in China and distributed in the U.S. by Yamaha Corporation of America, announces the Bitstream 3X ($399.99) desktop MIDI controller. The unit offers a 3-axis (X, Y and Z) controller and includes 35 knobs, eight sliders, 16 buttons, a joystick, a cross-fader and an infrared controller. MORE

Stephen Arnold Music Box of Rocks: Video Music
Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) has released a new promo library collection, Box of Rocks: Video Music, which comprises seven CDs of original music for the broadcasting industry and was produced by Stephen Arnold and Chad Cook. MORE


Rupert Neve Designs Portico™ 5042 Two Channel "True Tape" Emulation and Line Driver unit provides the nostalgic rounding and compression by incorporating an actual tape drive circuit that feeds tiny magnetic record and replay "heads". Find out why the 5042 is nominated for a 2006 TEC award on our website., (1)512-847-3013

Last Chance for 2006 AES New Products Guide
Today is the last day to submit your new products for our 2006 AES New Products Guide. Click here to submit!

Mix Presents: eDeals!
Get first dibs on hot gear deals with eDeals, the new bi-weekly e-newsletter from Mix, Electronic Musician and Remix. eDeals brings you product updates and blowout deals on manufacturer overstock equipment, demo gear, discounted products and more. Click here.


MEGASONICS is a boldly creative and original sound design toolkit for post production featuring more than 1200 production elements and effects - all conveniently organized in a 4-disc set plus DVD-Rom containing 24-bit/48kHz WAV files of the entire package. Check out audio & video samples at or call 888-MEGA-555.

Digidesign Announces Upcoming Support for Intel Macs
Digidesign announces that ICON, Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems will soon be compatible with the new Mac Pro computer introduced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). MORE

Tony Shepperd Uses A-Designs' REDDI and Pacifica on Recent Projects
Los Angeles--based producer and engineer Tony Shepperd (pictured) has recorded and mixed artists such as Kenny Loggins, Take 6, Whitney Houston and the Backstreet Boys in his project studio, Tonysound, a converted garage in the San Fernando Valley that Shepperd designed and built. Shepperd's album credits span more than 20 years, and Tonysound is widely regarded in Southern California as one of the best home studios in the Los Angeles area. MORE

Eventide Announces Anthology II Special Upgrade Offer
Eventide announced that its special Anthology II upgrade offer for Eventide plug-in users will be available through September 23, 2006. The upgrade program affords Anthology owners the chance to upgrade to Anthology II for $249 (regularly $299). Clockworks Legacy owners may upgrade to Anthology II for $429 (regularly $499), and any MassivePack, Octavox, Eventide Reverb or H3000 Band Delays owner may upgrade to Anthology II for $699 (regularly $799). MORE

JT Studios Completes Major Expansion
JT, a former Neville Brothers Band keyboardist and a seasoned engineer, contracted with Elite Multimedia of Memphis to redesign his project studio. Auralex and RealTraps provided fabric panels, wood diffusers, stand-mounted traps and membrane absorbers. Auralex also provided CAD design services for the new control room and live room. MORE

Audio-Technica Invites Users to Audition 40 Series Microphones Online
Audio-Technica announces the launch of its 40 Series: Unmasked interactive online demo. This new Website feature is designed to provide visitors access to comprehensive technical specifications while auditioning the company's line of 40 Series side-address condenser microphones. MORE

Symetrix Ships Lucid GENx192 Master Clock
Symetrix announces the official release and first shipments of the Lucid GENx192 ultra-low jitter master Clock. The GENx192 provides low-jitter clock via its internal oscillator. It can also distribute an external word clock or AES (clock and/or audio) signal via its 14 outputs. MORE

MOTU Ships Universal Digital Performer Version
Digital Performer is now available as a Universal application for Mac OS X Version 10.4 to work with both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. MORE


Finally. The CD and poster offer our customers have been asking for. Get 1,000 CDs in full-color jackets for $990. Now add 300 posters for $99 more. Plus, get 60 extra discs - FREE - if you place your order during 2006.

Shelby Lynne, Willie Nelson at The Village
Shelby Lynne and Willie Nelson visited The Village (West L.A.) to collaborate on a Barbara Mandrel tribute album for the Sony label. Brian Harrison engineered, with The Village's Jason Wormer taking over tracking duties when Harrison moved to the other side of the glass to play bass. Also assisting with the session was Jim Monti. MORE

Recent Sessions in Avatar Studios
Avatar Studios in New York City hosted several notable sessions during the month of June. In Studio A, which features a Neve 8068 console, David Foster worked with engineer Humberto Gatica doing additional recording with Peter Cincotti; Peter Doris served as Pro Tools operator/assistant engineer. MORE

POP Sound Mixes Cinema Spots for Xbox 360
POP Sound in Santa Monica, Calif., prepared Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mixes for two cinema spots promoting Microsoft's new game platform, Xbox 360. Peter Rincon helmed the recording and mix sessions for the two ads, which preview some of the game titles available for the new system from the point of view of diehard gamers. MORE

NASCAR Images Records 'Dale' Score at StarCity
The score for upcoming documentary Dale, about the life of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, was recently completed at StarCity Recording Company in Bethlehem, Pa. The film was written by NASCAR Images and is scheduled to air in 2007 on Country Music Television (CMT). MORE

Full Compass Records Wisconsin Children's Choir
Recognized internationally for its mastery of diverse and challenging choral music, the Wisconsin Children's Choir launched its annual summer touring season this year with a stop at Full Compass Systems (Middleton, Wisc.), where members of its advanced chorale choir recorded nine songs. The performance's audio and video were captured entirely within the digital domain using Sony Vegas, Pro Tools, a Canon XL-H1 camera and microphones from Earthworks, RØDE and Crown. MORE

Threshold Mastering Hosts Sessions for Los Lobos, Wolfmother
Threshold Mastering in Los Angeles recently hosted mixing and mastering sessions for a new Los Lobos DVD that was captured live at House of Blues Sunset Strip with a high-definition camera and in 24-bit/96kHz surround. It features a complete live performance of Los Lobos' 1992 release, Kiko. MORE


Five hot new session-proven plug-ins from Roger Nichols Digital

DYNAM-IZER™, FREQUAL-IZER™, UNIQUEL-IZER™, FINIS™ and INSPECTOR XL™ available in RTAS/VST/AU for Mac OSX and RTAS/VST for Windows®. Pro Tools TDM and Intel Dual-Core versions in the works.

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