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April 18, 2003 Volume 2, Number 8

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Free Contractor Listings in S&VC
AES Hosts Design Competition
NAB Audio Products Guide
Tascam Intros Control Surface/Interface at NAB
Audio-Technica Shows Subminiature Lavalier
Recording Tip From George Petersen

Do you work with Pro Tools, Nuendo, GigaStudio or any of the other leading DAW or synth/sampling environments? Sweetwater has been the leader in computers for music applications for years, configuring thousands of systems for our clients. Let us put our expertise in computer-based audio production to work for you! Whether you work on PC or Mac, a custom-configured computer-based audio production system from Sweetwater will let you take your music as far as you want to go -- and at a price you'll love! CALL US at (800) 222-4700 and let Sweetwater put together a pro audio system dedicated specifically to your needs!

News You Can Use
Free Contractor Listings in S&VC
Sound & Video Contractor is now accepting FREE listings for its 2003 Buyers Guide. Deadline for your free listing is April 18, 2003 (published in June). Go to www.emaildelivery.net/ to submit your company.

AES Hosts Design Competition
At the 115th AES Convention in New York City, the Audio Engineering Society will sponsor a competition for audio projects made by students at any university or recording school. Entries will be judged by a panel of industry experts in design and manufacturing. Projects that may be submitted include loudspeaker designs, electronic circuits, audio/music software, microphones, musical instruments or anything else that can be made for use in the audio field. Application deadline is September 13, 2003; visit www.aes.org for an entry form.

Sennheiser Repairs It as You Track It
Sennheiser has launched an online repair-service registration and tracking Web site at www.sennheiserusa.com/service. The Sennheiser Service System allows customers to enter information into the company's service database to return faulty equipment and track repair status. Users can register, enter pertinent information and receive shipping instructions through a three-stage process. Customers may subsequently log on using their ID and password to track the progress of their item through the company's service department.

Free SoundField 5.1 DVD-V Demo Disc
Visit www.transaudiogroup.com to register for your free 5.1 demo disc, which was made with a SoundField microphone recording various sources, including live concerts, sound effects and local bar bands. Also included is an overview of the entire SoundField microphone product line.

Attention Songwriters!
INDEBASEMENT Records has signed "Canada's Idol" contest winner, Steve Richer. The male pop/R&B singer will be recording his debut album with producer/engineer Jimmy Graham this summer. The label is currently looking for pop/R&B material. Inquiries about submitting material may be sent to irecords@cogeco.ca.

Update Your Phone Book!
The Warehouse Recording Studio (North Miami) has changed its phone number to 305/945-0222. Visit it online at www.miamirecording.com.

Mackie Control is now Pro Tools(tm) enabled!

With 100mm optical touch faders, a full sized backlit LCD, V-Pots for fast tweaking of effects and plug-ins, and shortcut navigation and editing for all major software including Pro Tools, this is the first and last desktop controller you will ever need.

NAB Audio Products Guide
Coinciding with the NAB convention in Las Vegas, April 5-10, 2003, Mix's first NAB Audio Products Directory features products that have been launched since NAB 2002. Didn't pick up a copy at the show? Check it out at www.mixonline.com. While you're there, click on the NSCA and AES show reports for hot products brought to you from the show floor.

Tascam Intros Control Surface/Interface at NAB
Co-designed with Frontier Design Group, Tascam showed its new FW-1884, a DAW control surface and audio/MIDI interface that uses FireWire to interface with computers and DAW parameters via eight 100mm motorized, touch-sensitive channel faders, one master fader, and controls for pan, solo, mute and select functions on each channel. Other features include control of four bands of parametric EQ, weighted jog wheel and a variety of shortcut keys for various software apps. MORE

Audio-Technica Shows Subminiature Lavalier
At NSCA, Audio-Technica unveiled its AT899 Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone. Intended for high-quality, unobtrustive operation, the AT899 is a mere 5 mm in diameter and operates on battery or phantom power. A complete accessory kit (single and double mounts, clothing clip, viper clip, magnetic clip, two open-pore foam windscreens and two metal-mesh element covers) and carrying case are included for the MSRP of $299. A wireless version ranges from $179 to $249. MORE

Cool Edit Pro Now 5.1-Capable
Version 2.1 of Syntrillium Software's Cool Edit Pro digital audio recording and editing software includes 5.1 functionality, as well as WMA 9 support, improved noise reduction and support for Mackie Control, Tascam US-224 and Event EZbus. Users can create a surround mix by taking it from Cool Edit Pro's multitrack view and panning the tracks and buses for surround. Users can also preview the surround mix on any sound card that has a DirectSound multichannel driver, and export the mix as a single 5.1 WMA file, an interleaved 6-channel .WAV file or six individual mono .WAV files. MORE

Drawmer Releases Master Clock Generator
The Drawmer M-Clock incorporates four channels of sample-rate conversion, with full up/down conversion, all locked to one master clock, eliminating the need to switch between internal and external sync as equipment is repatched. M-Clock provides eight output channels supporting 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz sample frequencies, with two channels supporting 176.4 and 192 kHz, and an additional two channels offering 256Fs or Superclock sync. M-Clock also features four AES11 blank-frame sync outputs (44.1 kHz to 96 kHz). MSRP: $1,500. MORE

Free PowerFX Sample CD With LIVE 2 Purchase
Ableton and PowerFX (www.powerfx.com) will be enclosing a specially compiled PowerFX Sample CD with Ableton's LIVE 2 audio software. The sample CD contains over 500 MB of free samples and loops, plus an online account and 10 free downloads with PowerFX library. LIVE 2 is currently shipping with the PowerFX CD. MORE


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Recording Tip from George Petersen

The Ultimate Demo!
If you're plugging songs, then you want to put your best foot forward. These days, the cassette demo is passé, and CD-R is definitely the way to go, especially with the improved sound quality, convenience and ease of creating CDs. But when doing demos, take the next step: Create a mixed mode (audio and data) disc with PDFs of your lead sheets and text files of your lyrics, and note these on your printed CD label. And to go with your demo's audio mix, include an instrumental (no vocal) version as a second track--also marked clearly on your CD label--so artists can easily "try on" your song without having to record a new version, just to see if it fits!

Join Entertainment Design and Lighting Dimensions for the Broadway Sound Master Classes (BSMC) and the EDDY Awards!

Join us for the prestigious EDDY Awards at John Jay College in NYC on June 27th. The experience continues, with BSMC on June 28th and 29th, led by sound designer and BSMC creative consultant, Abe Jacob. Arrive early and attend "Gypsy" on June 26th. To register visit:

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