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Tales From the Editors
AES Product Debuts
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Tales From the Editors
There was so much to hear and see the first day of the AES show, but here's some pieces of gear that caught our eye. For additional news, visit the blog a Stay tuned to for podcasts and videos.

The Remix world shook today when Ableton, just when you thought they were taking it easy, introduced Live 7. The update, as company rep David Cross explained "may not be sexy, but it's what the users wanted." Live 7 is in beta, and should be going to public beta soon. It includes an improved audio engine and improved MIDI engine to minimize jitter. A new compressor effect integrates three compression models, and integrates a side-chain. The Gate and Auto Filter effects now also include side-chaining. The EQ Eight plug-in has an improved user interface and a 64-bit mode for increased accuracy. Also a new Spectrum analyzer provides visual feedback for any audio. Live 7 comes as a download ($499) or a boxed version, which includes the Essential Instrument Collection 2 ($599).

Tascam also brought a full load of new goodies to AES this year. Most notably, Gigastudio 4 is now a virtual instrument workstation, with the new ability to load VSTi and GVI instruments alongside a the Giga Sample libraries. It supports 64-bit OS's, including Vista.

Toni Fishman from Telefunken was showing their R-F-T M216 Matrix Stereo Mic. It's a transducer with a twist in that the signal from the front and back of both capsules can be split to four outputs letting the user steer the pattern after the recording. The mic is expected to be about $3500. Another mic company, CharterOak has gone to the output side of things by bowing their SP-1 Studio Headphone. The comfortable unit is based on a design by Germany-based MB Quort and ranges from 14Hz up to 24kHz. Sony has come up with a smaller-lighter-cheaper version of their PCM-D1 high end recorder titled the PCM-D50. The unit eats less power than its big brother giving the user 14 hours of recording time. Also notable is the price, $599, and the added hard switches for pad and rolloff on the back.

For additional news, visit the blog a Stay tuned to for podcasts and videos.


AES Product Debuts

Digidesign ICON D-Control ES
Digidesign expands its ICON integrated console family. The new large-format ICON D-Control™ ES features a stylish darker color scheme, with higher contrast text and graphics for improved legibility in low light, and a new switch LED color layout to further refine ergonomics. Digidesign will continue to offer the award-winning D-Control in its original blue color scheme, so users can choose between the two. In addition, current ICON D-Control owners will be able to obtain a kit to convert their D-Control into a D-Control ES. AES booth #701.

Roger Nichols Digital SPL-IZER
This adjustable 3-band 24dB/octave FIR frequency splitter allows three bands to be isolated/routed to aux or instrument tracks for separate processing. Applications include reverb auxes, for no reverb on the low end, the original reverb on the mids and the same reverb but with reduced decay on the high end, or an acoustic guitar with the low end muted, mids unaffected and a short echo/chorus only on the highs. Spl-izer is available in RTAS, VST and AU for Mac platforms and RTAS and VST for Windows XP and Vista. Retail: $129. AES booth #776.

Designed to provide low-cost/high quality performance, the cardioid M3 is suitable for both live and studiouse, while internal shock mounting and low handling noise make it suitable for location recording and sample/sound effects gathering. Other features include: a switchable high-pass filter, 3-stage (0/10/20dB) pad, 142dB SPL handling, 48 VDC phantom or 9 VDC battery powering, molded flight case and foam windscreen. Retail is $249. AES booth #1112.

Turbosound TA-500T/TA-500TDP
The TA-500t is a trapezoidal, bi-amp/tri-amp 3-way enclosure with a 1-inch HF driver on a Polyhorn™ device, 10-inch MF on a Polyhorn and a Turbo-loaded 15-inch LF for a 60Hz to 20kHz response from a 125-pound cabinet. Its 50°H x 25°V dispersion focuses with minimum overspill. The powered, networkable TA-500tDPs offer real-time control and monitoring of operating parameters with a PC and TurboDrive™ software over a BVNet network or remotely. AES booth #136.

Equator Audio Q Series Reference Monitors
The Q Series line of reference monitors offers bi-amplified, extreme SPL, zero-point reference™ in 10/12/15-inch coaxial systems and an 18-inch subwoofer with reproduction below 20 Hz. Each unit incorporates a dedicated internal CPU and our proprietary Digitally Controlled Transducers™ to correct for driver variances and compensate for room acoustic anomalies, including secondary reflections from video screens and consoles. Hear them at AES demo room 2D13.

Soundfield DSF-1 Music Surround Mic System
The DSF-1 music srround mic system incorporates SoundField's unique technology that enables high-resolution recordings to be output in a variety of delivery formats -- from traditional stereo to esoteric multichannel formats -- all without leaving the digital domain. The DSF-1 is a variant of the DSF-2 broadcast surround mic system that is tuned for optimal pickup of musical events. All of the dimensional information it captures can be adjusted in post-production. MSRP: $13,950. AES booth #851.
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Check Out the Special AES Website!
Survival Guide, Blogs, Podcasts, Video, New Products Guide and so much more is now live at Bookmark this site for all of your AES 2007 N.Y. needs!

MIX AES PANEL: Is Your Job Killing You? (Or Just Making you Deaf?)
Attention, workaholics! You love your job, and you give it everything you've got. But how much is too much? At what point is extreme dedication hazardous to your health? Mix editor Sarah Jones brings together top producers and experts from HEAR, the House Ear Institute and Musicares for a frank discussion about the hazardous effects of all of those long hours in the studio or on the road. Learn how to strike that elusive balance between work success and well-being, while protecting your most valuable tool -- your ears. Monday, Oct. 8: 11-1 Room 1E10. Panelists include Andy Vermiglio, House Ear Institute; Kathy Peck, Hearing Awareness and Education for Rockers; DeeDee Acquisto, Musicares; Dave Hampton, engineer/producer (Herbie Hancock, Prince); and Craig Schumacher, studio owner/producer/founder, TapeOpCon.

Paul Lehrman Book Signings at AES Convention
Mix consulting editor and "Insider Audio" columnist Paul Lehrman will visit the Penton Media booth at the AES convention in New York City to sign copies of his book, The Insider Audio Bathroom Reader, on Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Be sure to stop by! For more information on the book, click here.

House Ear Institute will provide free hearing screenings and education (Booth #576) through its Sound Partners (TM) hearing conservation program, and H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) will offer free ear impressions/hearing protection (Booth #947) during conference exhibit hours.

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