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June 18, 2003 Volume 2, Number 12

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JBL ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker Technology Receives Patent
ICIA Revises A/V Industry Resource
Apple Releases Final Cut Pro 4
Mackie Delivers UAD-1 Version 3.1, Cambridge EQ Plug-In
Recording Tip from George Petersen


SPL's MMC1 Multichannel Mastering Console and PQ Mastering Equalizer have both been nominated for the 2003 TEC Award.
The discrete, all-analog MMC1 is the first DVD-A- and SACD-compatible 5.1/6.1/7.1 surround mastering console.

The innovative dual-channel PQ features Class A five-band parametric equalization plus total recall.


Coming in August, Mix pays tribute to the innovative products and companies that have shaped audio history. Join us as we recognize the leaders of the industry when Mix spotlights breakthrough technologies in microphones and preamps, monitors and amplifiers, consoles and controllers, recorders and DAWs, outboard gear, software and essential equipment.

Mix's George Petersen points out the milestones from the past 100 years of technology innovations. We'll focus on the standard-bearers that have changed all of our lives, from SSL on the high-end to Tascam who revolutionized home recording with the PortaStudio.

Don't miss this special Mix online supplement, which will be up and ready in time for the annual TEC Awards voting issue this August.

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Using Mackie Active powered studio monitors, Danetracks finishes post production sound editorial and design on The Matrix Reloaded and turns attention to The Matrix Revolutions. Click here for the full story.

News You Can Use
JBL ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker Technology Receives Patent
JBL has garnered U.S. Patent protection on its ScreenArray cinema loudspeaker technology, which features patented Screen Spreading Compensation that corrects for high-frequency dispersion through perforated screens. MORE

ICIA Revises A/V Industry Resource
The International Communications Industries Association has released the revised edition to The Basics of Audio and Visual Systems Design, covering physics, ergonomics and design. MORE

Audio Courses Extends Distance Learning Programs
Audio Courses has enrollment opportunities for sound engineering qualification to students anywhere in the world. MORE

Film Music Society Beefs Up Preservation Program
The Film Music Society and the Society of Composers & Lyricists have teamed up to preserve film and television music. MORE

Copyright Office Offers Alternative Methods to File Satellite Royalty Claims
Beginning next month, the Library of Congress' Copyright Office will offer an e-filing option to file 2002 cable and satellite royalty claims in addition to mail delivery. MORE


Adgil - Surround Monitor & EQ Systems
AGM ESsEX - Stereo to LCR Conversion
Cube - Tec AudioCube 5 - 24 / 192 Workstation
Cube - Tec QUADRIGA - Automated Audio Archival
Cube - Tec CubeDVD-A - DVD-Audio Authoring
Digital Audio Denmark - A/D, D/A, D/D Converters

8 Channel A/D, D/A, D/D
The ADDA 2408 - 96 kHz; Modular; 8/2 Monitor Mixer; 8 high-end mic. pre's; AES, TDIF, ADAT, ProTools Mix 24, and S/P DIF I/O.

www.sascom.com   info@sascom.com

Ph (905)469-8080

Apple Releases Final Cut Pro 4
On Saturday, June 14, at 4 p.m., Apple will begin selling its Final Cut Pro 4 at Apple-authorized resellers and retail stores. MORE

Mackie Delivers UAD-1 Version 3.1, Cambridge EQ Plug-In
Mackie's UAD-1 Version 3.1 offers multicard support on the Mac platform and compatibility with the new Cambridge EQ Powered Plug-In for both Mac- and Windows-based systems. MORE

PreSonus FIREstation is Mac OS X-Compatible
For Mac OS X.2.5 and higher, the OS comes equipped with FIREstation drivers already installed in the Audio MIDI Setup menu; currently, the FIREstation is approved for use in OS X with Cubase SX, Nuendo 2.0, Deck, Peak and Logic software. MORE

UA Offers Bomb Factory Rebate
As a special launch promotion for Universal Audio's 1176 and LA-2A TDM plug-ins, the company is offering existing users of Bomb Factory's Classic Compressors a $50 rebate on either the 1176 or LA-2A and a $100 rebate on the 1176/LA-2A bundle. MORE

New Connector Line From Molex
Molex's modular Power Dock connector system is a board-to-board interconnect that offers vertical/right-angle board orientations, up to three separate power-mating sequences, self-aligning capabilities and much more. MORE

XM has a rare opportunity for an Audio Animator. Someone to take radio sound to a higher, more cerebral and ear stunning level. Voice irrelevant. Radio experience not especially desirable. Storytelling, sonic headmasters who think in Technicolor are wanted. Someone who realizes that VW ads SOUND cooler than radio promos. Seeking a mad scientist with Pro Tools. Send CD and anything else convincing to Dan Turner, VP Programming Services at XM Satellite Radio, 1500 Eckington Pl. , NE, Washington DC 20002 or email to dan.turner@xmradio.com. No phone calls please! You may visit our Web site at:

XMRadio.com is EOE and a launching pad to revolutionize the SOUND of radio.

Recording Tip from George Petersen
The "Phantom" Soundcheck
In the studio, there's always time to check gain/levels before tracking. However going live - whether recording or sound reinforcement - the soundcheck doesn't always materialize due to truck breakdowns, missed planes or the reality that you were simply lied to about getting a soundcheck. In such cases, you need either the Hollywood, European or New York soundcheck (depending on where you live). Essentially, the band performs a short song (an instrumental is best) that starts off with kick drum, followed by the rest of the kit, and then the bass joins in and vamps for a while before the guitars and keys kick in. After the song, the vocalist should do a short welcome speech. This way, the FOH engineer at least has a chance of getting things right before the real music starts.

- George Petersen

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