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From Mix Magazine | A Penton Media Publication    January 9, 2008  
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'Tis the Season of the Club
A Long-Awaited Upgrade
MEYER MM4-XP Miniature Speaker
Live Nation Forges Ticketeting Deal

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'Tis the Season of the Club
So we're in the middle of club touring season—the time when you have to make sure that your rider is just right. What's on your wish list for a club's sound system? Let us know by e-mailing us at

A Long-Awaited Upgrade
Except for some piece-meal repairs over the years, since 1984 the Memorial Auditorium (Pittsburg, Ks.) has had the same audio system. But when patrons started complaining that the system was noisy and hard to comprehend, the owners had to bring in rental systems for some visiting performers.

However, due to city funding through a capital improvements plan, technical director Jason Huffman and the rest of the theater management were able to scratch the old system and bring the auditorium to the current state of the art. MSM Systems (Lawrence, Ks.; was brought in to design and install the audio gear, which comprises a Yamaha M7CL-48 using CobraNet digital transport (which reduces ground noise between the console and amp room on the second floor, as well as lower costs of cable runs) to feed QSC Basis signal processors and Nexo NX242, with 16 Nexo GEO S 8 line array speakers powered by three QSC PL380 amps (two for main L/R and one for existing subs).

The main speaker system, arrayed in a stereo left/right pair, comprises seven 5-degree vertical cabinets with a horizontal pattern of either 80- or 120 degrees. One 30-degree horizontal with 120-degree horizontal pattern cabinet provides downfill.

The theater only experienced two weeks of dark time for the improvements, which included installing the sound system and moving the front-of-house control booth to center of the floor.

"The system is very rider-friendly," Huffman says. "Our first concert was Restless Heart; everyone from the band and their soundman to my staff and the crowd were so impressed by the sound system and how it performed."


MEYER MM4-XP Miniature Speaker
Only four inches square, the MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker from Meyer Sound is the powered version of the company's MM-4. The MM-4XP has all amplification and corrective processing onboard, and receives 48 VDC from an external power supply on a 5-pin EN3 connector that also carries balanced audio. The unit's high intelligibility and flat phase/frequency response is well suited for limited space or where visibility is a factor (such as fill and spot coverage), for installation in steps and other hidden locations, and for stage-lip front-fill and as a small portable P.A. Its 4-inch driver is capable of 113dB max peak SPLs with a 120-18k Hz response.

RF Central RFX-RMR-II Receiver

Hosa Technology Little Bro Sub-Snakes



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Hey, Metallica fans! Listen to front-of-house engineer Big Mick explain how he sets up drum "underheads," gate triggers and other secret tricks to capture Lars' signature sound onstage.

LISTEN: Must Play
Setting Up Drum Underheads


Live Nation Forges Ticketeting Deal
As reported by, Live Nation is entering the global ticketing business with the signing of a deal with German ticketing giant CTS Eventim. MORE
According to, The Police, Kenny Chesney, Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion and Van Halen led the list of the 20 top-grossing tours in North America last year. The Police reunion tour earned the group $131.9 million over 54 shows, with an average ticket price of $114.32. Chesney grossed $71.1 million, followed by Timberlake with $70.6 million, Dion with $65.3 million and Van Halen at $56.7 million.

Visit for the rest of the 20.

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