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EM, Mix and Remix Editors' Show Picks
Hot Videos From Winter NAMM
Benchmark Media Systems DAC1 PRE
METAlliance Goes Pro

EM, Mix and Remix Editors' Show Picks
Violet Audio had an answer for studios looking for an AV audio solution. The ADP61 preamp/decoder allows monitoring and decoding for all signals from stereo to 6.1 surround audio. It offers XLR outs and an infra-red remote control for quick switching between multiple sources like CD and video players, DVD player/recorders, or TV systems. Decoding is provided for digitally connected devices compatible with Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS, DTS ES, DTS ES Matrix, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo, and more. The price is $1,199.

A mic of a different color came from the Violet Design booth (no relation). The Wedge cardioid condenser offers Class A fully discrete transformerless circuit, gold plated XLR pins, a red body and a sleek looking housing for the capsule.

SLS was showing a bi-amped high output loudspeaker. The 2806H goes for $2375 and features a planar ribbon transducer mounted on an 80 degree waveguide to match the dispersion of the midrange at crossover.

Sony's ECM-957PRO one-point stereo mic was turning heads, mostly because of its turning capsule. The M/S mic features two elements, one which can be rotated to make the mic either front or side address and changing the directivity from 90 to 12 degrees. The built in M/S decoder and AA battery assures this will be a popular item for field recording. It goes for $449.95.

Burl unveiled the B2 Bomber Analog to Digital converter. It operates up to 192kHz and features one word clock in and two outs, high def metering, AES dual or single wire operation, S/PDIF out and is Class A all the way. It goes for $3999.
--Kevin Becka, Mix magazine


POD(R) X3 is essential for recording guitar, bass and vocals. This full-featured, easy to use USB 2.0-based multi-channel digital recording interface offers unmatched sonic flexibility. Record two instruments or microphones simultaneously -- or record two separate tracks from one signal -- and send ultra-clear audio to your DAW with the S/PDIF stereo digital out. For more information, visit Line 6

Hot Videos From Winter NAMM
The Arturia Analog Factory Experience
Get inside Arturia's analog factory experience, straight from the showfloor at Winter NAMM 2008! MORE

Moog Music Voyager Old School Synthesizer
It's back to basics with this new analog synthesizer from Moog Music, which brings its Voyager product line to a more affordable price point by eliminating presets and memories. Tweak those knobs! MORE

Euphonix Artist Series Controllers
Euphonix provides an advanced look at the company's affordable new Artist Series MC line of products for DAW control. MORE

Lectrosonics/Heil Sound UTPR20 Wireless Mic
Live sound pioneer/inventor Bob Heil and Karl Winkler from Lectrosonics offer a sneak preview of the company's new collaboration, creating a wireless system with a Heil PR20 dynamic mic capsule. MORE

Benchmark Media Systems DAC1 PRE
The DAC1 PRE stereo playback preamplifier is designed to interface directly with digital media devices, as well as interface with traditional analog sources. Features of include four digital inputs, a USB computer input, a stereo analog input, two stereo analog outputs, two headphone outputs and a true analog master volume control; proprietary features include the company's jitter-immune UltraLock clock system, HPA2 0-ohm headphone amplifier, AdvancedUSB 24-bit native USB computer audio interface and DAC1 conversion system. NAMM Booth #1671.

SSL Pro-Convert
Solid State Logic's Pro-Convert, the digital audio project translator application for moving sessions from one DAW environment to another, is now shipping worldwide. Features include compatibility with more than 40 apps, converts to/from Pro Tools 7.x, Audio Tool audio file-format batch converter, frame-accurate offset feature, "housekeeping" features, fade-curve translation control, pan/volume automation curve conversion, track markers and PQ data, search-and-replace missing audio file functions and rapid offline conversion process. NAMM Booth #6907, Hall A

Steinberg SDK for VST3
Steinberg released the Software Development Kit (SDK) for VST3, the latest generation of its VST platform, and is already implemented in Cubase and Nuendo. Features include unique silence detection feature that automatically switches off the plug-in if no audio signal is being received; plug-ins are fully surround-capable, and can be configured to receive from and output to any I/O configuration, including any surround format; output buses can be reassigned at any time; sample-accurate automation; resizable editing windows; VSTXML for remote controllers; and more.

Digidesign Mix Rack
Mix Rack is a new hardware option for the Digidesign VENUE systems that combines all stage, local audio I/O and DSP processing into a single, compact 11-space rack, and is fully compatible with both D-Show and D-Show Profile. The base configuration comes with two Mix Engine cards (expandable to three for additional TDM plug-in processing), D-Show 2.7 software, VENUEPack 3 plug-in bundle, a built-in ECx Ethernet port for remote control and a full complement of primary and ancillary audio I/O (analog XLR mic/line ins, XLR line outs, TRS line-level, 2-track analog and digital I/Os, 1x1 MIDI I/O, word clock I/O, com/aux input). A modular card slot system allows users to choose from a selection of analog or digital outputs and Aviom A-Net personal monitoring options. Mix Rack supports full integration with Pro Tools via an optional HDx or FWx interface card, allowing recording and playback of up to 64 tracks with Pro Tools HD or 18 tracks with Pro Tools LE, respectively. Mix Rack is planned for release in the first quarter of 2008 as part of the D-Show Profile Mix Rack System. NAMM Booth #6606


METAlliance Goes Pro
METAlliance today announced a Pro Partner program, inviting professional audio manufacturers to join the founding Board of Directors in recognizing quality and high-resolution in the recording arts. The first group of manufacturers, Audio-Technica, Cakewalk, GML, JBL Pro, Lexicon, Manley Labs, Millennia Media, Royer Labs, Sanken and Universal Audio, have joined METAlliance founding members Ed Cherney, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Phil Ramone, Elliot Scheiner and Al Schmitt to recognize the call for quality in the recording arts. "We're living in an era where formats are reduced in resolution,"Frank Filipetti said. "There are high-res formats in video and film, but we're going backwards in audio." MORE

Tell plosives to hiss off with Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser plug-in
Sonnox has introduced its first plug-in since becoming an independent company in April 2007. With the new SuprEsser plug-in, it is attempting to fill the void of a professional quality de-esser in plug-in form. The highly featured SuprEsser includes a Simple mode for fast fixes, but also effectively doubles as a linear phase dynamic EQ when used in Advanced mode. Employing three listening modes and an intuitive visual waveform display, users can locate the problem frequencies quickly. MORE

MSR Adds to Studio Acoustics
Well, we're in the midst of day 3 here at Winter NAMM and just got back from the MSR booth -- way down in Hall E among the majority of the musical instruments -- and they've got some exciting innovations coming. In addition to their complete line of acoustical products for the brick-and-mortar studios, MSR also takes a tiered approach to working with studio owners -- from mobile units to the project studio in your house -- developing three separate lines of acoustical materials based on the studio owner's space, project and needs. MORE

Sunrise Surprise
At NAMM today the most exciting thing I saw and heard was a synthesizer called the Solaris. It's a work-in-progress by veteran synth and sound designer John Bowen. What began as a soft-synth project outgrew the confines of John's computer, so he brought it to life as a living, breathing (okay, not really) keyboard instrument with lots of knobs and big, bright displays. It uses a variety of synthesis algorithms, from sample playback to FM to wavetable and more, and it gives you eight envelopes, five LFOs, and more types of filters than you ever imagined you might need. And the sound! It's a beautiful thing, and it will be April (or so) when John hopes to begin shipping the Solaris. I don't know about you, but I can't wait! But don't take my word for it; head on over to and hear what I mean. MORE

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