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From Mix Magazine | A Penton Media Publication    February 20, 2008  
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'Tis the Season of the Club
RCF TTL31-A Line Array
Register Today for Remix Hotel Miami 2008!
Pollstar Releases Concert Industry Awards Winner
Who's Out With What

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'Tis the Season of the Club
So we're in the middle of club touring season—the time when you have to make sure that your rider is just right. What's on your wish list for a club's sound system? Let us know by e-mailing us at

Here's what David Patterson from Nashville tells us:
1. Lower the volume! This is not a contest.
2. Balance the frequency response. The only time a bass drum should kick me in the gut is if I'm playing the thing!
3. Most important: Spend some serious cash on proper acoustic treatment. You can spend the world on an impressive sound system, but if the space sucks, the sound sucks.


Sennheiser's MKH 8000 series has top audio professionals smiling. With its incredible accuracy and tremendous range of accessories, it's adaptable to any requirement-from live sound to studio recording to score-mixing. Bob Fernandez and Claudia Engelhart talk more about the MKH the video.

RCF TTL31-A Line Array
RCF ( is now shipping its "mini-sized" TTL31-A two-way line array. The bi-amplified system has switching amps (500W LF/250W HF) powering an 8-inch neodymium woofer, and three ND1411-MT neodymium compression drivers in a compact, 12x21x18-inch Baltic Birch--ply cabinet. Onboard 96kHz/32-bit DSP handles system optimization—EQ, driver alignment and crossover—along with hard limiting and clipping protection. A matching 1,000W, 12-inch subwoofer (model TTL12-AS) is optional.

WorxAudio Technologies Introduces M80X5i-P Install Line Array

Lectrosonics Introduces VRM WB Venue Wideband Receiver

Carvin Introduces XD88 Loudspeaker Management System



Register Today for Remix Hotel Miami 2008!
Remix Hotel Miami is heading to the National Hotel in South Beach March 27-30 for its sixth annual weekend of music-technology madness and poolside hysteria. In addition to your favorite Technology Partners and a killer four-day Beatport Pool Party lineup, Paul van Dyk will answer your questions in a kickoff keynote interview. Submit questions for Paul to Get all the latest news and updates at, and don't forget to register!

Celebrate 50 Years of Grammys
Check out for profiles on this year's Grammy nominees! Coming soon: video from the production truck and so much more!

Get All Geared Up for GDC 2008!
Take a look at Mix's new Game Developers Conference 2008 site, where you'll get access to our blogs from the showfloor, videos of hot products and announcements, our special "survival guide" to getting in and around San Francisco, and much more:

Missed Winter NAMM?
Then check out, where you'll find the editors of EM, Mix and Remix's top hits—from video to podcasts, new product announcements to blogs and much more!

Game Audio Digital Magazine
Hey, game lovers! Put that Wii remote down before you sprain a thumb again and check out the latest in Mix's new Game Audio digital magazine. This new monthly mag brings you behind the scenes on creating sounds for today's hottest titles, from Guitar Hero to Splinter Cell and Call of Duty, plus hot gear news, tech pages and spotlights on audio pros like you who've made it big. And if that's not enough to make you look, we've thrown in some cool giveaways, if you can find 'em! To check out the current issue, click here!


Monitor engineer Dave Guerin recently road-tested the DiGiCo D5 Version 4 upgrade for The Pogues Christmas tour. Entec Sound and Light supplied the console, along with the rest of the monitor package (Shure PSM600 in-ears, APW wedges and d&b C7 sidefills).

[With the upgrade,] now you can easily see the graphic that is inserted on the selected output and it's immediately available. As soon as you select the output, the graphic's there. You're listening to the output, seeing the graphic and can get to it immediately. You can also be listening to one output, but select a different mix to the one you are listening to, which means you can adjust the reverb send while listening to where the reverb is returning to. You couldn't do that before; you could only see the faders you were listening to at the time. On "Fairytale of New York," Ella Finer sings the part originally sung by Kirsty MacColl. Guitarist James Walbourne has a full mix of drums, accordion, banjo and main vocal, plus his vocal and acoustic. Ella uses the same wedges but with a totally different mix of just her vocal and a bit of the main vocal. On an analog desk, there would be lots of buttons having to be turned off. On the D5, with one fader I can change between the mix for James and the mix for Ella in the same set of wedges.


Pollstar Releases Concert Industry Awards Winner
The 19th Annual Pollstar Concert Industry Awards took place February 7, 2008, at the Nokia Theater L.A. Live. Taking top honors for Major Tour of the Year was The Police (pictured); check out Mix's "Tour Profile" here. For a complete list of winners, visit

Make Your Tour Go Green
Radiohead has called on Best Foot Forward to look at the carbon and ecological footprints of two of their recent tours. Check out the findings and see how you can make your next gig more eco-friendly. MORE

Is This the Last From the Spice Girls?
According to a news story from Billboard Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) has said that she doesn't expect a sequel to their current sold-out tour, Return of the Spice Girls World Tour, which wraps up in a few days in Toronto. MORE


Who's Out With What
Killswitch Engage
Sound Company: Rat Sound
FOH Engineer/Board:Jordan Coopersmith/Digidesign VENUE
Monitor Engineer/Board:Bob Strakele/Yamaha PM5DRH
P.A./Amps: L-Acoustics V-DOSC, dV-DOSC, ARCs; Rat Dual 18-inch subwoofer/L-Acoustics LA48A, Crest 7001/4801, Crown 2400 and 3600, Chevin Q6
Monitors: ARC speakers, Rat Dual 18-inch subwoofer, L-Acoustics HI-Q
Outboard Gear:XTA DP428, TC Electronic D-Two/2290, Summit Audio DCL200
Microphones: Sennheiser e609, e904; Shure SM58, 57, Beta 52, 91, 98d/s, 58, 57; Neumann KSM109, KSM32; Audix OM7; Audio-Technica AT 4050; Radial J48V
Additional Crew: tour manager Jimmy P., production manager Jordan Coopersmith

Iron Maiden
Sound Company: ML Executives Group (Fort Lauderdale)
FOH Engineer/Board: Doug Hall/Soundcraft Vi6
Monitor Engineer/Board:Steve "Gonzo" Smith/DiGiCo D5 Live
P.A./Amps: EAW KF760, KF300z, KF761, SB1000z/Lab.gruppen FP7000, FP6400
Monitors:EAW SM200iH, KF850z; Turbosound TMS3, 2x15; EML 2x15; HK Audio 2x18
Microphones:Shure UHF Series with Beta 87C element, wireless and wired mics
Outboard Gear: EAW Smaart Version 6, XTA DP226, AudioCore wireless, AMS RMS15, Smart c2 compressor, dbx 1066, Eventide H3000 DSE, Yamaha SPX2000
Additional Crew:system designer Gary Marks, line array system tech Michael Hackman, monitor/stage tech Squid Walsh


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