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October 4, 2003 Volume 2, Number 19

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Announcements from Mix
AES New Products
Avatar Studios Special GigAmerica Offer
ProToolsUsers Gets a Face Lift

Expand your studio with SONAR 2.2 XL
Cakewalk's SONAR 2.2 XL is the industry standard for audio and MIDI production with proven performance and reliability. SONAR 2.2 makes a perfect enhancement to your studio through its seamless integration with any ASIO or WDM compatible hardware (including ProTools | HD), and its cross-platform compatibility with OMFI host applications such as Pro Tools, Avid and Logic. XL also includes over $450 in additional tools including superb mastering plug-ins from Sonic Timeworks, and FXpansion's DR-008 drum sampler/synth. You can now purchase version 2.2 XL at your local music retailer. Click below to learn more about SONAR 2.2 XL, and Cakewalk's competitive upgrade offers.


Mix magazine is proud to revitalize our forums with extended topics to create a dialog among our readers. We know how helpful advice and information from fellow audiophiles can be, so we've decided to re-energize our forums page to better serve you. MORE

The 2004 Mix Master Directory is now accepting submissions. The MMD is the complete information resource for businesses in the pro audio industry. Backed by 25 years of industry experience, this definitive guide includes comprehensive national listings of audio manufacturers, audio professionals, facilities and services. Listing deadline: October 22, 2003. MORE

Mackie Control Universal features all of the software support of the original Mackie Control, along with full implementation of Logic Control and Pro Tools control (via HUI), making it the most comprehensive control surface available. This nine-fader MIDI controller provides in-depth mixing, editing, automation, and navigational control for any supported digital audio workstation.

Mackie Control Universal Link:


As the annual TEC Awards approaches, Mix looks back on the winning products and technologies that have shaped the pro audio industry during the past 20 years. MORE

Through the sponsorship support of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the House Ear Institute (HEI) will offer free hearing screenings and hearing health information for attendees and exhibitors at the 115th AES Convention, October 10-13 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The hearing screenings, offered as part of HEI's Sound Partners!" hearing-conservation program, will be available throughout the four-day convention, and same-day appointment times can be scheduled at the HEI information booth. MORE

Remix magazine brings the Remix Hotel to New York City, October 10-12, 2003, for three days of master classes, seminars, workshops and clinics for DJs, music producers, engineers and anyone who's interested in using the latest technologies to produce electronic and urban music. Coinciding with the annual AES Convention and taking place at the new Herald Square facility of the School of Audio Engineering, Remix Hotel NYC will feature the latest gear from Cakewalk, Denon, Digidesign, Edirol, Emagic/Apple, Guitar Center, Ilio, Korg, Roland, Serato, Sirius, Vestax and Yamaha. Each evening, Sirius radio and Remix will host a VIP cocktail reception and DJ event in the Remix Lounge, and you can't beat the price: Its free. All you have to do is sign up here. Keep an eye on the Website for special guest appearance announcements.


The Next Generation of Conditioned Power Distribution Management For Protection of Studio Gear, Software and Telecommunications Signals.
Click on New Product Power Protection in Blue Banner on ETA Home Page
E-mail ETA Requesting Your Nearest Dealer and Receive a $25.00 Rebate Certificate Toward the Purchase of Model PD11VABP.

The 115th AES Convention hits New York City from October 10-13, 2003, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Here are a few products that will be making their AES debut:

API Audio Vision
The new 24-bus Vision Surround Mixing Console features three stereo mix buses, a dedicated 5-channel surround mix bus and 10 aux buses. MORE

This new high-performance, passive, two-way system is suitable for amplifiers of 100 to 300 watts per channel output, is designed for near-field applications and may be shelf- or stand-mounted. MORE

Fairlight Upgrade for DREAM
Version 18.2 software allows new automation functionality on DREAM Satellite, StationPLUS and Console, including the ability for automation data to follow audio clips selected for editing. Version 18.2 supports larger configurations for StationPLUS and Console with up to 144 channels and 48 buses, and provides for the addition of up to 32 mono multitrack buses on both systems. MORE

Genex Accessories for GX Series
Genex Audio will be spotlighting new accessories for the GX Series Multiformat Digital Multitrack Recorders. The additions are designed to enhance the operational flexibility of GX9000 8-Track and GX9048 48-track high-resolution Digital Recording Systems, which provide 192/24 PCM performance, in addition to Direct Stream Digital (DSD).MORE

GML 2032
This mic pre/parametric EQ boasts discrete Class-A design in a single-rackspace unit and provides a front-end solution for recordists. For the first time in GML history, the 2032 features an ultralow-noise internal AC power supply. MORE

NHTPro M-20
The M-20, a mid/near-field mixing monitor offers a groundbreaking cabinet design with a flat, wide baffle across the tweeter and a narrow baffle surrounding the woofer. According to NHTPro, the unorthodox shape of the cabinet provides improved resolution, more even dispersion and improved imaging over an extended listening area. MORE

Pendulum Audio Quartet II Mercenary Edition
Designed as an all-purpose recording tool, the Quartet combines four elements -- dual-transformer mic/DI preamp, µ compressor, passive/aggressive inductor EQ and two-mode JFET/MOSFET peak limiter -- into a fully integrated package to process any source. MORE

PreSonus Eureka!
This Class-A transformer-coupled mic preamp offers a versatile new channel strip device that features variable impedance and a saturation knob for tube-saturation emulation. MORE

Sanken CS-1
Sanken's new CS-1 Short Shotgun Microphone employs the same technology as previous Sanken mics, but in a new, smaller, ultracompact housing. MORE

Soundelux E49
Like the original, the Soundelux E49 condenser microphone is a remote variable-pattern tube mic that uses Soundelux's KK47 large-diaphragm capsule and a unique head grille design that replicates the original's acoustic and mechanical sonic signatures. MORE

Soundfield Surround Zone Plug-In
Surround Zone is a new plug-in for SADiE Series 5 system that decodes and processes the discrete, 4-channel B-format audio output from SoundField's MKV, ST250 and SPS422B surround microphone systems. MORE

SSL C100, C200
The C100TM is a small footprint, assignable console, specifically designed for on-air studio applications, such as news and sports and live-to-tape talk and game shows, while the new C200TM Digital Production Console is a compact in-line digital mixing console designed for multibus production for surround television and DVD-Audio music applications. MORE


Adgil - Surround Monitor & EQ Systems
AGM ESsEX - Stereo to LCR Conversion
Cube - Tec AudioCube 5 - 24 / 192 Workstation
Cube - Tec QUADRIGA - Automated Audio Archival
Cube - Tec CubeDVD-A - DVD-Audio Authoring
Digital Audio Denmark - A/D, D/A, D/D Converters

8 Channel A/D, D/A, D/D
The ADDA 2408 - 96 kHz; Modular; 8/2 Monitor Mixer; 8 high-end mic. pre's; AES, TDIF, ADAT, ProTools Mix 24, and S/P DIF I/O.
www.sascom   info@sascom.com
Ph (905)469-8080


Avatar Studios Special GigAmerica Offer
New York City's legendary recording studio announced a special offer for new artists and members of GigAmerica based on room availability at the last minute. Stop by and make a demo on your stopover to New York. Check out Avatar at avatarstudios.net. For more details, call 212/765-7500 and ask for Tino or send him an e-mail at tino@avatarstudios.net.

ProToolsUsers Gets a Face Lift
ProToolsUsers now has a new look and its own jobs and discussion forums. Users can post their resume on the Jobs forum, as well as advertise for employees. The discussion forum is for general Pro Tools-related discussions, where you can seek advice, share tips and tricks, discuss ProToolsUsers meetings and make feature requests for the software, or comment on another users suggestions. Check it out at protoolsusers.org.

Auralex Acoustics and Terrasonde Form Audio Training Organization
The two companies have formed a strategic alliance, resulting in a new company: Institute for Audio Excellence. The IAE is a professional training organization specializing in the delivery of educational programs for the prediction, measurement and treatment of acoustics and audio systems. MORE

New Site: Loopwise.com
Loopwise.com is run by a music licensing and product-distribution company that represents music artists who wish to license their work to others. The online facility hosts music products and services, as well as a virtual studio where musicians can come together on the site to collaborate on music ventures on a private message board. MORE

New Site: synthjunkyard.com
For those interested in maintaining analog gear, a new Website has been launched for to help keep vintage analog synthesizers operating for years to come and for future generations to hear. MORE


Turn Your Patching Nightmare Into a Dream!
Z-SYS Opti-Patch+ Matrix Router
Patch any combination of Lightpipe and/or optical S/PIDF connections in and/or optical out to any of your mixers, recorders, processors or other boxes. Opti-Patch+ accommodates 15 sets of eight-channel ADAT or two-channel S/PDIF ports, for a total I/O capacity of 120 asynchronous digital channels that can be stored and recalled with a single button.


The 115th AES Convention hits New York City from October 10-13, 2003, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Online registration is now available. Visit aes.org/events/115 for updates. A calendar of events is available as a free download, either as an excel file or as a pdf.

Kick back with Cakewalk's Project5 at the 5-Spot at Remix Hotel NYC (October 10-12, 2003, at 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the new SAE School of Audio Engineering in Herald Square). Project5 will be providing the backdrop for prominent MCs to flow, including performances by DJ Diabolic (featured on Interscope's "The Next," airing December on Showtime), MC/hip hop producer Chris Craft, ID 4 WINDZ of the soulful hip hop trio Scienz of Life, and Wale Oyejide(aka, Science Fiction). Also, convention-goers are invited to attend in-depth presentations that cover the production and performance aspects of Project5, as well as test-drive Project5 at one of the dedicated workstations.

More Events from Berklee College, SRS Labs, SignaSys Inc. and Cakewalk.


Beginning in November, Digidesign's Acceleration Tour, a series of free one-day events held in numerous cities worldwide, the new Pro Tools|HD Accel. Attendees will learn how to tap the speed, performance and precision of Pro Tools|HD Accel with a Windows or Macintosh computer. Tour dates and locations for the Acceleration Tour are available at Digidesign's Website, digidesign.com/tour.

On November 2, 2003, the Whiskeytown Natural Quiet Workshop/Lassen field recording trip is sponsored by NSS and the National Park Service (NPS) to learn about preservation of natural quiet in U.S. parks. On November 1, there will be a field exercise, where participants will learn basic recording techniques, monitoring and data gathering in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, near Redding, Calif. To register, e-mail natursounds@natursounds.org.

MORE NSS events

The Mobile Music Conference: Producing, Protecting and Monetizing Music for the Mobile Market, will be held on November 14 at The Beach House (Miami). MobileMusiCon provides for senior music industry executives to network, gain knowledge and find solutions for the development and execution of a long-term mobile business strategy. MORE

More Events from Storage Visions/Home Gateway Conference, Musikmesse and NAB.


Save up to $100: The early-bird deadline for Streaming Media CA (October 14,16,2003, in Santa Clara, Calif.) has been extended to Wednesday, October 8, 2003. MORE

Disc Makers is kicking off its latest installment of the Independent Music World Series (IMWS), a music showcase series for independent musicians in the country. The Southwest showcase finals will be held at The Knitting Factory on January 15, 2004, and will feature the top six acts as selected by Billboard magazine performing for $35,000 in music gear and prizes. Bands and artists can log onto discmakers.com/imws to register for the Southwest showcase and find out more information about the IMWS. The competition is open to all musicians not currently signed to a major record label and to all styles and genres of music. To be eligible for the Southwest showcase at least one bandmember must reside in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Submissions must be postmarked by November 13, 2003. Each artist that submits an entry will receive a free copy of Billboard's Musician's Guide to Touring and Promotion and Electronic Musician and Remix magazines.

November 30, 2003: final contest deadline for songwriters entering the 4th Annual CMT/CMT.com NSAI Song Contest. For more, visit nashvillesongwriters.com.


He was the original engineer, an artist, a designer, a studio owner, a builder/acoustician and the list goes on. Spoken with true reverence in Part 1, author Jim Cogan takes us into the world of Bill Putnam. On the other side of the studio, Mix looks at the bigger corporate media picture as computer/video companies are buying up audio companies and what this means for our industry. Mix speaks candidly with TEC Hall of Fame inductee Eddie Kramer. Get a backstage pass to Metallica's Summer Sanitarium tour, Eminem's two-night return to Detroit and LeAnn Rimes. MORE

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