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May 18, 2002

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Paul W. Klipsch 1904-2002
SSL Announces Financing Plan, Leasing Program
JBL To Sponsor Upcoming Who Tour
Product Hits of NSCA Expo 2002
Steinberg Cubase SX on Tour at Guitar Centers
Pro Tools HD Plug-Infusion Tour from Digidesign
George P's Recording Tip of the Month


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From Mix's Daily News Service
Paul W. Klipsch 1904-2002
The founder of Klipsch Audio Technologies passed away on May 5, 2002, at the age of 98. MORE

SSL Announces Financing Plan, Leasing Program
Solid State Logic Inc. (New York City) is offering a lease-purchase package for the XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue Console and the Avant Plus TVP Digital Post/Film Console. MORE

JBL To Sponsor Upcoming Who Tour
JBL (Woodbury, N.Y.) announced that it is the official sponsor of the upcoming U.S. summer tour for The Who. MORE

Digidesign Launches Training, Education Program

NPR Purchases 25 Neumann U87AI’s For New L.A. Facility

Midman Begins Shipment of Groove Tubes Mics

Feature Products
Product Hits of NSCA Expo 2002
From April 25 to 27, NSCA Expo 2002 swung into Denver. MORE

Digital Audio Field Testing—NTI's Digilyzer

Midiman Ships New Line of Groove Tubes Studio Mics

Shure P4800 System Processor Now Shipping

Lettin’ Loose—Meyer Sound M2D Loudspeakers Rock Oscar&s After Party

Not Just PC Anymore—Native Instruments’ Absynth Available for Mac


For 22 years, Wallmate has been the choice of studio owners and designers for acoustic wall covering. Currently used in the acclaimed Enterprise Studios and LA's Staples Center, Wallmate is a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing acoustic wall covering for any sized environment from small home theaters to large commercial facilities. The system is easy to install and service and can be reopened and reused for great flexibility. Sold direct. Please visit www.wallmate.net for more information.

Feature Events
Steinberg Cubase SX on Tour at Guitar Centers
throughout the country from May 1 to June 13. MORE

Pro Tools HD Plug-Infusion Tour from Digidesign
held at dealer locations around the country. MORE

Avid Technology's eight-city tour: May 16, Washington, D.C.; May 21, Chicago; June 5, Atlanta; June 17, New York City; June 10, Miami; June 26, Dallas; July 10, San Francisco; July 16; Seattle. MORE

Digidesign announces the DigiWorld "Loud and Clear in Los Angeles" on the Avid "Start to Finish" tour on Friday, May 31 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday, June 1, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Universal Studios. MORE

Akai Professional Demo Tour 2002: At Sam Ash in Tampa, June 4; and at Sam Ash in Miami on June 6. MORE

Apple Seminar on Final Cut Pro. Visit Apple for a location near you.

DVLine, Avid and Matrox Seminar: For show locations and additional information, click here.

Syn-Aud-Con update: "Sound System Optimization Seminars in Santiago, Chile, June 10-11, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 13-14; "Sound System Design Seminars" in Lima, Peru, June 17-18, and Monterey, Mexico, June 20-21. MORE

The Indie Sessions (sponsored by Mix's sister publications Electronic Musician, Remix and Onstage): New York City at The Puck Building, August 17; Los Angeles at The Radisson Hotel, September 7; and Nashville at The Radisson Hotel Opryland, August 24. MORE

DVD Entertainment 2002 Conference, August 21-22 in Universal City, Calif. MORE

Music China, the China International Trade Fair for Musical Instruments & Services, October 16-19, 2002, in Shanghai, China. MORE

M3/Replitech dates: June 24-26, 2002 in Amsterdam; November 6-8, 2002 in Bangkok; and February 4-6, 2003 in San Jose, Calif.

Recording Tip
George P's Recording Tip of the Month
by George Petersen, Mix Editorial Director

When recording bass guitar—combining a direct box with a miked amplifier—a time delay occurs, because the direct box signal arrives sooner than the signal going through the amp, out of the speaker and into the mic. Summing these usually results in a muddy sound. Adding a slight delay (a couple milliseconds or so) to the direct box signal improves the sound immensely, making it full and powerful. The same technique can be applied to guitar tracks, but using two guitar mics—one right in front of the amp, the other 15 feet away in the back of the room. Apply a 15ms delay to the close mic track, and the result is a massive sound where the room reverb of the ambient mic occurs simultaneously with the sharp attack of the close mic. Guitarists love this one!

Suite and event space request forms for Summer NAMM (July 19-21 in Nashville) are now due. Check your mailboxes! Summer NAMM exhibitor manuals will be mailed out on April 19.

The CEDAR Awards 2002 will be accepting nominees until June 30, 2002.


There's a lot more to TransAmerica Audio Group than gear.
We are a group of those misfit rebel types who are foolish enough to believe that our business is not about money, but really helping you. If we earn your respect and friendship, you will come back to us again for years to come. We are a Distributor of professional audio to the American market. We are a wholesale business to the "trade" (stores). We represent the following group of companies:
AEA , APC, Brauner, Drawmer, GML, FMR Audio, Sequerra, Soundelux, SoundField , ZSYS

Bargain Bin

Apogee Digital has a number of used, demo and refurbished AD-8000 conversion systems available at low, never-to-be-repeated prices. Also available are AudioScope 3000 Series audio analyzers, DA-2000 consumer D/A converters and certain other items. Call 310/915-1000, ext. 55, or e-mail sales@apogeedigital.com for full details. (Offer available in North America only.)

Purchase a WAVES Y56K effects processor card for your Yamaha AW4416 or AW2816 and receive a $75 rebate, until August 31. MORE

Purchase a Yamaha DG Stomp between November 1, 2001 and August 31, 2002, and get $50 back from Yamaha. MORE

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