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July 29, 2009

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Note From The Publisher
Pfizer Animal Health Virtual Walking the Pens Simulation
Absolute AMG Series (Absolute Mega Generation) Catheters
Sensible Feed Processing And Handling Solutions
From An Industry Leader

Vanberg Metal Coating Systems


Note From The Publisher
Welcome to the July issue of Pork Industry Express , produced by Penton Media and the sales team at National Hog Farmer. This issue features a variety of exciting new product and technology offerings. The following information is provided by advertisers. For more information about the products listed below, contact the companies or visit the company web sites.
Read about pork industry trends and see more new products at

Pfizer Animal Health Virtual Walking the Pens Simulation
Introducing Virtual Walking the Pens, a 3-D simulation of a pig barn! Pfizer Animal Health is proud to present, Virtual Walking the Pens, an innovative 3-D game simulation for you to play and learn.

Connect anytime at Keep an eye out, a new scenario will be released each month!

Learn more at

Absolute AMG Series (Absolute Mega Generation) Catheters
Profitability in these tough times requires the ultimate in breeding and production efficiencies! Learn how to “safely” improve your fecundity index by using hydraulic DIUI technology. Improve conception and farrowing percentages, plus increase your farm’s live-born numbers.

Please visit, and/or request one of our free tutorial CDs by emailing Call 1-866-493-ASIC (2742).

Sensible Feed Processing And Handling Solutions
From An Industry Leader

Sudenga Industries, Inc. offers batch system controllers with Windows-based technology with the ease of use and features customers need. Their systems controllers provide smart solutions to grinding, loadout and material routing functions. Commercial micro-batching systems offer the flexibility and reliability today’s managers rely on. Horizontal mixers with dual ribbon/paddle combination provide quick, uniform mixing in sizes ranging from 1 ton to 3 tons. Individual components can be incorporated into complete batching systems. In addition to the mill line of products, Sudenga is also well known for their bulk feed transports and complete line of grain handling equipment.

Visit Call 888-783-3642, ext. 235, or email

Vanberg Metal Coating Systems
Vanberg Specialized Coatings (VSC ) metal repair and protection products are designed to quickly and easily repair, coat and protect deteriorating metal surfaces, providing a cost-effective way to extend the useful life of metal. They are formulated to withstand corrosive and tough environments found in pork facilities. VSC offers a complete system for metal repair and protection. VSC Rust Converter will stop existing rust, while VSC Seam Tape will durably cover holes, splits and seams. V-Thane Urethane is a high-performance, color-stable and chemical-resistant coating. Armorcoat 65 Epoxy is tough wearing, economical and chemically resistant. Acrylic Membrane is a high-build, flexible, water and mold-resistant coating.

Learn more at Call 913-599-5939 or email

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