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November 24, 2010

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Plan to attend the 2011 Iowa Pork Congress on January 26-27
Honda HS-101V
EZ PregCheckers - The BEST Value in Swine Ultrasound
Proven Pit and Lagoon Treatment
Health issues/Tail-enders/Non-response to vaccine

Welcome to the November issue of Pork Industry Express, produced by Penton Media and the sales team at National Hog Farmer. This issue features a variety of exciting new product and technology offerings. The following information is provided by advertisers. For more information about the products listed below, contact the companies or visit the company Web sites.
Read about pork industry trends and see more new products at

The COMPOST-A-MAT is new innovative way to improve pre-wean mortality. Made from at least 50% corn stalks that are heated over 375 degrees providing a pig pathogen free mat for piglets to lie on. One mat is designed to provide laying room between two crates. The new lightweight, disposable mat is easier to manage than the heavy, labor-intensive rubber mat. Works absolutely great on scours! Contact us at: or 320-363-7554

Plan to attend the 2011 Iowa Pork Congress on January 26-27

Who Should Attend?
Producers, contract feeders, employees, consultants, students…. Anyone with an interest in the swine industry.


Honda HS-101V
Introducing the economical Honda HS-101V veterinary ultra-portable ultrasound scanner for swine. This powerful scanner is under 5 pounds. It comes with a 2-hour battery pack and shoulder strap. It runs linear, convex and rectal probes and has great image quality. Use the flash memory and USB port for easy image and data transfer to your computer.

click here for more information.

EZ PregCheckers - The BEST Value in Swine Ultrasound
Ultrasound Preg Checkers are now durable and affordable. We offer units starting at $2295 and have “hand held” or “wrist mount” units (some with goggles). You can select the low cost VSS100 for herds under 300 or the industrial VSS700 for larger herds. These units have become the "industry standard" for affordable, high quality ultrasound preg checking.
Call us to receive your free Preg Checker gestation age poster!

Visit or call 800-617-0503 for more information.

Proven Pit and Lagoon Treatment

Anaerobic and toxic conditions exist in all lagoons. BactZyme is an all natural blend of microorganisms, enzymes and nutrients used to reduce odors and solids in lagoons by breaking down these anaerobic and toxic conditions.

Learn more about BactZyme

Health issues/Tail-enders/Non-response to vaccine

“Cleaning the gut”
AntHealth’s proprietary blends provide a nutritional mechanism used by the animal’s body to clean the “gut” and a trace mineral package to rebuild the villi.

“Building the blood”
AntHealth provides a nutritional recipe that causes an action inside the blood that balances the three main elements. The proprietary blend of trace minerals work in conjunction to “build the blood”

A.N.T. Health
Phone: 712-470-0945
P.O. Box 171 * Rock Valley, IA 51247

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